Online Games for De-stressing & Learning!

Since I was a kid, one of my favorite ways to spend my free time and destress was playing online games.  I don't want to reveal my age (haha) but back in the days when technology was not this advanced, I took pleasure in playing games like sudoku, solitaire, Carmen San Diego, etc. I also love playing board games with family& friends! So glad that these games are still very much alive now. Now, I still play online games and I'm glad there are sites that offer both for FREE! Read on to know more...

I am currently obsessed with BTS' mobile game "In the Seom", styling games, music games & other time management games, but now I'm in Korea and my phone almost died because of lack of memory, I deleted them all! Need more memory for my travel photos & videos. So happy that I can still play online games through websites, and one I really enjoy is Calculators.org! It's not just a free online calculator, they also have a wide variety of free exciting games that adults & kids can play! 

They have fun & educational math games for adults & kids alike! It's a great way to practice math for kids & a refresher for adults.

I've always wanted to play UNO (never played this card game in my life but I often see it on BTS' variety shows), so when I saw this game on the site, I tried playing it immediately. Okay, now I get all the hype! It's so much fun and challenging that I didn't realize that I've already spent hours trying to beat my opponent. Haha! Can't wait to play this with family & friends! 

Ever since I was kid, I've always enjoyed playing cashier (as much as I loved playing librarian haha). It may sound corny, but it's fun for me okay? Haha. Anyway, they also have this simple yet fun game on the site. It's also a bit of a challenge since you're required to give change quickly because each round is timed. It's also a great way to familiarize students with addition and giving change on cash purchases.

I already mentioned how I loved playing Sudoku! We even had to create this game during one of our computer classes in high school, or was it college? To be honest, I already forgot how to play it, so it was a nice refresher course for me. Still re-learning the rules & strategies of the game but getting there! :D

And there are still a LOT of other games on the site that I haven't played! Excited to try more! How about you? Would you try this? Let me know which one is your favorite! Maybe we could play together, let me know. Hihi. :)

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