1-Day in Yesan: Splas Resort, Waterpark & Spa + Naepo Bobu Sangchon + Sudeoksa Temple + Yedangho Suspension Bridge [Sponsored by Trazy.com & K Story Tour]

Here's the 2nd installment of my 2 days/1 night Nonsan & Yesan from Seoul tour sponsored by Trazy.com & K-story! I already shared with you our fun 1-day Nonsan tour, after which we headed straight to Splas Resom in Yesan. We spent the night in this beautiful hotel/resort and then the next day, spent hours just chilling, relaxing & having fun at their waterpark and spa. One of the highlights of my whole Korea trip! We also visited a historic Buddhist temple & watched a water show at the beautiful Yedangho Suspension Bridge. Read on to know more...

After our Nonsan tour, we headed straight to our home for the night in Deoksan, Yesan-- Splas Resom ResortPreviously known as Resom Spa Castle, it is Korea's first membership spa resort and just less than 2 hours away from Seoul.  I already saw photos online, but it was bigger & nicer than I expected! The resort was huge and it has facilities others don't have-- like an arcade, waterpark & spa among others! 

Shot of the resort & waterpark / spa

The hotel also has a large banquet hall, seminar rooms, walking trails, restos inside & outside, convenience store & korean barbecue resto inside the resort complex. 

Got this one-bedroom suite all to myself! Too bad I only got to enjoy it for a night. Had the best sleep!

My super comfy bed! The bathroom also has a shower & tub. :)

After settling in, we met up again for dinner! Our guide Dony invited us to eat at the Korean barbecue resto within the resort compound/complex...

Korean barbecue resto on the right, another bar & resto on the left & a convenience store inside

Price list

      One of the best meals I've ever had during my whole Korea trip! Thanks Dony for the treat!

Enjoyed the resort's breakfast buffet the next morning!

After breakfast, we checked out of our rooms and then headed to the Splas Waterpark & Spa next door! We left all our other things in the van and just brought the things we need. Tracy and I didn't know the dress code, and we didn't have swimwear, so we just followed what our guide Dony told us to bring which are baseball cap, slippers, leggings and t-shirt. It was autumn & freezing, so I also brought my thick polo. 

Waterpark & spa outfit hehe

The waterpark & spa map! So huge!

Okay, so upon entry we were given an electric key for our assigned lockers. We were asked to remove our footwear (no slippers! we had to go barefoot) and then we left all our other things in the indoor spa locker. 

Indoor pool for kids and adults!

The tube slides open 12-1pm 

To be honest, we really had no plans to try the tube slides! Tracy and I just wanted to spend time in the spa's outdoor pools. But after spending an hour just talking in the heated pool, we decided to give it a try, and omg did we enjoy it! We had so much fun that we did it twice! 

Spent an hour here just enjoying the heated pool and talking about everything

The waterpark uses Deoksan natural hot spring water! 

There's also a wave pool which children or even adults would enjoy! (right pool)

Another pool which we didn't see! 

Finally, it was time to experience what we have been waiting & wishing for, the themed spa zone! There are different heated jacuzzi-like pools that guests could relax in. It definitely soothed our tired muscles from all the traveling & walking. Loved this experience so much! One of the highlights of my whole Korea trip. :)

Jazz Spa

Gayageum Spa

Forgot what this is called but it's heated! Super relaxing.

Romantic Spa

We had to cut our spa time short because we had a schedule to follow. Anyway, I wanted to share that it's normal to be naked in their indoor spa, so don't be surprised. Towels are provided (but they're small so they can't cover your body hehe) but I was allowed to wear underwear! So you have an option, don't worry. After washing up & dressing up, met again with the group for our next stop...

2nd Stop: Naepo Bobu Sangchon Traditional Village

Naepo Bobusang Village was built in 2020 in the Deoksan area of Yesan, the center of bobusang culture, for the development & promotion of the history and traditional culture of Naepo Bobusang. The park/traditional village has a Culture Exhibition Center, venues and culture experience centers, back alleys, open markets, etc. for kids & adults to learn & enjoy! You can try food enjoyed by old bobusang, enjoy various exciting shows, participate in arts & crafts, and relax while soaking in the beautiful scenery surrounding the village.

Entrance fee which is already included in the tour package

Dony & Tracy trying an old bobusang wheel game! 

Picturesque view 

3rd Stop: Sudeoksa Temple

Sudeoksa is a typical mountainous type Buddhist temple having three divisions and the stone embankment along the gentle hill of Deoksungsan with Daeungjeon to the uppermost part. The introduction division is Iljumunhwa Hwanghajeongru, a gate to enter the temple out of the mundane world, the development division reaches Joinjeongsa capturing attention by leading rapid changes of the visual range, and the result division is Daeungjeon strengthening its role and functions as a key place.  (source)

Market and restaurants line up the street leading to the temple

They also offer templestays for 80,000 won! Wanna try this next time.


As a Goryeo building built under the influence of the architectural heritage of Baekje, the Daeungjeon Hall of Sudeoksa Temple is widely praised for its architectural beauty, particularly the decorative elements on both sides. In addition to its fine structural merit and beauty, it is also a rare traditional architectural work whose date of construction is clearly recorded, making it a very important part of the Korean architectural heritage. (source)

4th Stop: Yedangho Suspension Bridge & Musical Fountain

Yedangho Suspension Bridge is the longest suspension bridge in Korea (402 meters in length) and a symbol of Yedang Lake (40 km in circumference and 2 km in width), the largest reservoir in Korea. The gently swaying suspension bridge will make you feel as though you are walking on water, and the sight of the water below the pylon platform will give you an instant adrenaline rush. (source)

Watching the 5pm musical fountain show!

Thanks Dony for this shot! :)

Didn't finish the water show coz we had to head home, but it was a very fruitful & amazing day! Thank you again Trazy & K-story for this tour. It's such a fun, unique, and wonderful tour that families, friends, or even solo travelers could truly enjoy. It had everything I wanted -- Hallyu (k-drama), culture, history, architecture, and most of all, relaxation! If you're heading to Korea, I highly recommend this 2-day tour. That's all, thanks again for reading! :)

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