My Top 5 "Things to Do" When I Need to Destress

I've been busy with work the past couple of months and although I am extremely thankful for all the opportunities, there are times I feel so worn-out and anxious. This month especially, I nearly had a breakdown. (insert crying emoji haha) Of course, I try not to wallow in these negativities so I try to do things that would take my mind off things. Sometimes when I'm too into the moment I remind myself why I'm here, that it's up to me to turn things around, and as BTS said, "no season is eternal". Whenever I start panicking, I try to empty my mind for a few minutes (detach myself from the situation), breathe deeply, and think of solutions to my problems. It works! When that doesn't work, here are a few more things I do when I badly need to destress or just whenever I have free time...

1. Spending an hour in a nice spot-- eating, drinking coffee & reading a book (even if it's just a few pages)! Bonus if I get to watch the sunset while I'm at it...

In between the chaos, I try to spare a few minutes or an hour to just relax for a bit, read a book (if I can), drink coffee and eat! I choose cozy and pretty places that has a nice ambiance. Sometimes I forget to eat and that adds to my stress coz who wants to work on an empty stomach amirite?! hehe.

Waiting for sunset on our rooftop!

2. Spending time with cousins and friends...

I can't find a recent group photo but whenever I feel stressed I meet up with my cousins/childhood friends + close blog friends and I instantly feel better! We just talk about everything and I always feel lighter afterwards. 

3. Watching BTS videos/content & listening to their music

One thing that really helped me get through this pandemic and now all the bumps in my life-- is BTS!!! I cannot explain how much joy, peace, laughter and good vibes these 7 angels brought in my life. Just seeing or hearing them instantly turn my mood around, I swear. There's just something about them and their songs that is so healing. Wish I found them sooner! <3 

4. Paint!

Paint by numbers, I mean! I'm no Picasso or Monet, okay? Haha! But this activity effectively gets my mind off things-- even social media! I could spend hours just working on a piece, completely immersed in the beautiful image I'm trying to complete. So relaxing!!! Best if you put your favorite playlist on blast too. :D

5. Playing online games

I am addicted to mobile games but sadly I had to delete a few apps coz my phone is almost dying from lack of memory. That's why I'm so thankful there are games I could play online! One of my favorite online games website is https://solitaire.org/I love how there are different games available for FREE, so I could easily jump from one game to another! 

I'm a sucker for solitaire, been playing this since I was young! It might be a simple game but I can play this for hours. Hehe. They don't just have the classic one, but they also have other types of card games!

Enjoyed playing this solitaire pyramid game!

One of my favorite games is Blackjack!

Spent hours playing this too! My competitive self wanted to win badly haha!

This china mahjong game was relaxing too! Rules are simple, just match the characters :)

Aside from card games and mahjong, they also have a game similar to candy crush and a few of my favorites like hidden objects, and those that work out your brain like puzzle games and word games. :) Just choose whichever game you feel like playing from the different categories!

If you love candy crush, then you'll love this! :)

Been so long since I did a crossword puzzle! Enjoyed this one coz I had to rack my brain for the answers haha!

Missed playing minesweeper!

Tetris for the win! 

My favorite-- word search!!!

The website is pretty straightforward. Very user-friendly and easy to navigate. Best part? All of the games are FREE! Also, no need for downloads so your phone memory is safe. It can be addicting though, so play moderately! Or not. Haha. 

Anyway, will share more next time! For now, I have to go pack for an upcoming trip. How about you? What are your favorite things to do to destress? :)

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