My Love for Computer & Online Games + A Brief Walk Down Memory Lane

I know life could be taxing especially now, so it's really important to take a breather sometimes. When it comes to killing time or whenever I want to relax and destress, I have a list of things I usually do.  It includes reading books, watching BTS videos, writing on my journal, chatting with my friends, watching my favorite TV series or playing comptuer/online games! The latter could be really addicting and I often find myself so immersed that I don't even notice the time. Before I know it, I've already spent hours (or sometimes even half a day) playing haha! Read on to know more...

My love for computer/online games goes way way back-- the 90s to be exact! I know sharing this will expose my age (haha), but I'm feeling quite nostalgic right now and I'm sure a lot of you would be able to relate! I can still remember my struggle with slow & expensive dial-up connection, and the only games stored in our bulky & boxy computer were minesweeper, solitaire and my favorite-- "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego". OMG I still can't get over this game! This will always be my fave. 

How the Carmen Sandiego game looked like!

So basically, you just have to find Carmen and her hunchmen all over the world + arrest the right person based on your investigation by using the clues given! This was so much fun to play because I felt like a real detective solving crimes and saving the world while traveling to beautiful countries/cities on the side. Which reminds me, need to research where to buy/download this game asap so I can play it again! 

I even had a Carmen notebook where I write clues during the game! Hihi

So moving on, during this time, family computer games were also very popular. I spent a lot of time playing games like Super Mario, Contra, Galaga, Bomber Man, Pacman, Donkey Kong, Caveman, Circus Charlie, Popeye, Battle City, Ice Climber and many more! You can still play these games 'til now coz family computers are stilll being sold in stores or online.  Oldies but goodies indeed!

Some of my favorite Family Computer games!

And then I moved on to playstation and also more computer games like Sims, Diablo, Counter-Strike, Tekken, Grand Theft Auto and many more. I can say that that era was really a major turning point in technological advancement and we were right in the midde of it! So cool. Fast forward to a few years, mobile games evolved too. From Nokia's snake to amazing, high definition games now! All these changes still leaves me in awe everytime. 

Mother of mobile games! Do you still remember this?

Games have really come such a long way! From only being able to play at home, to bringing it with you anywhere (via mobile) so you could play anytime you want. When it comes to mobile games, my favorite are time management ones like Diner Dash, Burger Shop, Grand Hotel Mania, My Cafe, you get what I mean hehe. I don't know why, but these games make me so happy. Aside from that, I also usually play and download fashion & interior design games (it's fun coming up with different looks and house designs), card games (like Poker, Slots, Bingo), action/multiplayer games (like Call of Duty & Mobile Legends--where I even joined a mini tournament with bloggers friends!), hidden objects, word games and car racing.  

Right now, I only have a few games on my phone and they're mostly destressing ones like Home Design, BTS World, Super Stylist, My Konami Slots and TapTap Music! I don't download games anymore because of my very limited phone memory. Usually, I just download a game, play for a few minutes/hours and then delete after.

That's why I'm so happy to have discovered this website offering free online video games

It's called Plays.org and they offer hundreds of FREE browser-based games in all genres! All games in their site are unblocked, free HTML games which you can play directly on your web browser or mobile phone with no app downloads. Been playing for 2 months now and I love it because I can play my heart out without worrying about my phone memory haha. Also perfect for gamers with short attention span like me because I can just hop from one game to another, no strings attached! New games are added daily so you won't ever get bored or run out of games to play. They have games for kids too! 

The site is pretty straightforward and easy to navigate. You can choose to play newly added games, random game play, use the entire game catalog at the bottom of the screen or use the search function to look for particular games. I love how I can save my favorite ones for quick and easy access later! 

Had fun playing TMNT Pizza Quest & Powerpuff Girls! You have to strategize on how to defeat villains by not using up all their strengths. I get stuck sometimes haha! Anyway, these brought back my childhood! Cute graphics too.

I've reached Level 43! Can't get past this stage argh halp. I think I need to level up my characters to defeat the enemies haha

Here are more games I played/play on my laptop! Didn't think I'd love this site so much but here I am playing almost everyday! The site basically covered my favorite game categories so I enjoy it so much. And best part? NO ADS! Here are just some of my faves...

My love for cooking games makes up for my lack of cooking skills in real life haha. Enjoyed this simple cook and serve game!

Obsessed with this and the Mafia Billiard Tricks one! So happy I could play online billiards again without downloading anything. Mafia Billiard Tricks is harder though! I stopped playing when I can't get past one stage where I had to shoot several balls at one time! Waah.

Classic solitaire for the win!!! Don't judge me but I spend hours playing this. It's just so relaxing. 

                               Baccarat when I wanna feel challenged & competitive.                                

Their version of Pac-Man! You just have to eat everything without getting caught by the 3 rats =D

I know this game is for kids but idc haha. I play this when I want to practice my typing skills. 

Hidden objects game

And there are still hundreds of other games  on the site that I haven't played! Their wide variety of games will surely keep you occupied for hours, days or months. Remember to play moderately! Hope they add more time management games soon. And maybe a few games about music, style and interior design too? Wish they could also add games inspired by old ones I mentioned earlier. Looking forward to it! :) Such a nice and fun way to unwind and pass time.  How about you? What are your favorite games? :)

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