My 13-year Journey in Blogging, Content Creation & Digital Media

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about the evolution of digital media and the massive shift I, together with my blogger besties, have witnessed and still witnessing until now. We started from blogging (Blogspot, Tumblr, DeviantArt, WordPress) and then it shifted to Multiply, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and now Tik Tok! Not gonna lie, it scares me (nothing is constant y’all) but it’s also exciting at the same time. However, I cannot discuss these changes without going back from where it all started for me. So let me share with you my personal blogging journey! Let’s go back to 2008, shall we? Read more…

one of my old OOTD photos!

So now we’re back in the year 2008. The month of July to be exact. I’m currently working as a marketing executive for an American promotional products company, in a confusing 2-year long-distance relationship, not enough sleep, always stressed coz of work (and my boss then), obsessed with fashion hence the excessive online shopping & crazy for my crazy friends! As someone who finds writing extremely therapeutic, I have so much to share and write about! I’ve always loved writing about my “feelings” but for some reason, I always lose my diary/journal. So one fine day, on a whim, I decided to open my own Blogspot account (where I thought I could write about anything without losing it this time) and the rest is history! My first blog entry only had 1 photo and I wrote a long post about my trip to Anawangin and Mt. Pundaquit climb with my best friends from UST. Fun times!

a super low-res photo of my bags which I shared on my blog circa 2008!

It started as a personal diary where I constantly shared about my everyday musings, my outfit for the day, my shopping hauls, my days in the office, heartbreaks, rants, raves, poems, songs I love, travels, my online clothing store, and many more. Only a few friends & co-workers knew about it but eventually, as blogging became more popular, I started getting comments from other local blogger friends and friends I made in Chictopia/Lookbook. It was the year 2010-2011 when blogging started gaining attention as another form of advertising & media. That's the time when I started getting featured on different fashion websites and got invites to brand events. I still remember how excited I was! It's through these events that I met some of my BFFs, as well as friends and acquaintances in the fashion & entertainment industry.  Because of that, we started getting together outside events and unconsciously formed a blogging community which eventually birthed one of the most successful blogger events ever-- Bloggers United

It's a semi-annual bazaar where content creators get together to sell their personal stuff and also bond & meet up with their followers/readers! 

I also gained more connections as a freelance fashion stylist (I  studied fashion styling while working for an online SEO firm, blogging & maintaining my online store!) and for some reason, these 2 passions of mine always coincide! So thankful for all the wonderful people I met along the way who helped me in this wonderful journey and helped shape me into the person & professional I am now. 

Joined a clothing brand's campaign as a featured stylist :)

As I mentioned, it was just blogging that was popular back then, but as the years passed the digital media landscape started growing. From blogging, brands started shifting and utilizing other social networking sites & services and from PR kits, bloggers started getting paid for posts. I don't consider myself as a full-time blogger though because for me this is only an extra way to earn. Not all my posts are paid and that's okay! After all, I got into this and am still into this because of my love for writing and the others are just a bonus. :)

So fast forward to now, a lot has really changed in this industry, but I'm happy that blogging is still here! There was a time when I had a discussion about this with some friends, we asked each other if we need to start vlogging too (coz that's what's popular now) cause we noticed that audiences now have a shorter attention span (if you still love reading long blog posts, THANK YOU you're a gem huhu) and visually oriented. To be honest, I can't keep up with the ever-changing digital landscape but as my friends said, adapt adapt adapt! :D

I noticed that although blogging is not the same as before, this particular medium is still thriving! So it will always be my first love. Even if I don't update often unlike before, it will always have a special place in my heart! I also want to mention one of the most important reasons why I stick with blogging: it's because the articles are indexed --meaning it's easy to search or go back to your old photos or posts! And that can be very useful especially when you need photos from past trips, events, or occasions. I also rely on blogs when I research. The other apps don't deliver the same results. So guys, please continue supporting blogs like ours! Hehe. Love you all. :)

Guess I need to work on that travel guide that's been sitting in my drafts for months now! I miss writing but work and life get in the way all the time. For now, you could catch me on Instagram! It's where I post daily videos about random things. See you there? :) 

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