New Specs Review: Peculiar Eyewear

Truth be told, I can't live without my eyeglasses. I've always had 20/20 vision but recently I've been experiencing eye fatigue (especially when I'm on my phone or laptop for hours) and sad to admit, I now have "hyperopia" or farsightedness. Signs of aging haha huhu. Recently, I discovered an eyewear brand that not only protects my eyes & helps me with my eye issues, but it's also right up my alley when it comes to fit, style and budget! Read on to know more why you should choose PECULIAR Eyewear...

When buying new specs, what is usually in your checklist? I know we have different needs & preferences but fret not, PECULIAR got us all covered! For me, it should reflect my style, personality & lifestyle, affordable, fits perfectly, lightweight and it should serve its purpose. My purposes would be -- protection for my eyes, reduce eye stress, anti-glare, antiradiation and most importantly IT SHOULD MAKE ME LOOK CUTE! Haha! I often wear glasses when I want to hide my undereye circles and when I'm not wearing makeup. 

Looking Feeling cute with my Peculiar "Ces" style glasses. ;)

I love how eyewear brands like PECULIAR allows versatility for wearers and offers the right protection for the eyes. And whether you wear it plain or with prescription lenses, it's already a fashion statement on its own! Amirite?

You might be thinking, "So out of all the eyewear brands, why should I choose PECULIAR?".  

Here are the reasons why:

1. The glasses have UV400+ lenses equipped with BlueShield and Safe Shield Technology

2. Reduce eye stress because it protects the eyes against harmful light & long exposure to screens

3. Lenses are non-graded but can easily be replaced!

4. Blocks 35% blue light

5. Passed spectrum test for UV400 & anti-radiation blue light filter.

4. They offer different frames, styles and they're very affordable! I myself was surprised. 

4. Partnered with eye doctors at the EyeMD Opthalmology Clinic.

5. Trusted by celebrities, influencers, streamers, bloggers & online gamers

6. Internationally recognized as "Promising Global Business of the Year 2020" in Dubai.

7. Made in the PHILIPPINES!!! Support local! 

Even Nico is obsessed. He even tried the antiradiation test hence the blue light. Hehe.

Anyway, I use my stylish new vintagey pair often which I got from SHOPEE! Especially now I have to work from home. I noticed my eyes are now less strained and I don't have migraines that much too! Also got compliments on how cute it looks hihi. Perfect for those who spend long hours in front of a computer or phone screen or those who reads often! 

They have so many different frames and styles! 

They also have sunnies too!

So go get your own pair of eyeglasses or sunnies on Peculiar's SHOPEE site now! Check out the links below for news, infos and deals! :)




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