5 Tips to Care Of Your Faux Leather Items

Leather is a classic fabric that many people love. Its durability and versatility makes it an essential piece for many fashionistas. However, because of sustainability and price issues, many resort to faux or vegan leather as a cheaper and cruelty-free alternative.

Whether in the form of jackets, pants, shoes, accessories, or furniture, faux leather is stylish and classic. But since it tends to crack and tear faster than genuine leather, you’ll need to give your faux leather items some extra TLC (tender love and care) to keep them in tip-top shape.

Here are five simple and budget-friendly tips to keep your faux leather goods clean, crack-free, and beautiful...

Keep Them Away From Sunlight

Direct sunlight and heat are the enemies of faux leather goods since these elements dry out the material, making them crack easily. Keep clothes items in your closet to protect them from direct sunlight and heat. If you like to display a few jackets and shoes, place them away from windows or any sunlight source.

For leather seating and tables, place them in not-so-sunny areas in your living or dining room. But if your home receives a lot of natural sunlight, rotate your furniture at least once a month. Doing so doesn’t just give your rooms a new look, but also prolongs the life of your leather furniture. 

Use Microfiber Cloths

Microfiber cloths are excellent for cleaning all surfaces, such as wood, concrete, glass, and window grills in some homes in Urban Deca Homes Tondo. Due to their small and soft fibers, microfiber cloths are also great for wiping away any dirt on your faux leather goods. Use a separate cloth to dry your leather surface. Doing so prevents moisture from damaging your leather items.

For leather couches, dampen your cloth with warm water and gently wipe away the stains. If your sofa needs a deep cleaning, vacuum it first to remove dust, crumbs, and other debris. Apply leather cleaner and wipe it with a microfiber cloth. Then, sprinkle a layer of baking soda to deodorize your leather seating. 

Gently Wash

If you will wash leather clothing by machine, use a gentle detergent and warm water. It is also ideal to put your items in a mesh bag to protect them from wrinkling and tearing. You may also turn your clothes inside-out before placing it in the washing machine. Doing so will deeply clean the insides while also protecting the leather from damage.

For leather footwear, such as boots, you can use unscented liquid soap or baby shampoo for gentle and thorough cleaning. Dip your microfiber cloth in the foam and gently rub it on the dirt in circular motions. Use another cloth dampened with warm water to rinse away the soap. 

Dry Them Thoroughly

Whether you clean your leather clothing by hand or machine, it is crucial to air dry them. Using a machine dryer or a hair blower may cause them to crack and brittle due to the heat. Hang your jackets, pants, vests, and shirts on a hanger to let them dry properly. For shoes, place them in an open area that isn’t too hot and sunny. Use an electric fan or dry your leather goods’ surfaces for faster drying.

Condition With Oil

For extra shine and strength, use a tiny amount of olive or baby oil to condition your leather clothes and furnishings. Polishing them will keep them supple and less likely to wrinkle and become brittle. 

Overall, faux leather may seem challenging to maintain. But with these five simple tips, you can prolong the life of your

leather clothing, shoes, accessories, and home furnishings.






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