Designer Kirby Cruz Launches The Fashion Hospital

As a fashion/engagement stylist and fashion blogger, I’m always on the lookout for stylish and unique pieces for clients or future events. So even if October 8 was a Sunday, I dressed to the nines and dashed to Manila to witness the re-launch of talented designer Kirby Cruz (his custom couture line) and the launch The Fashion Hospital by Kirby Cruz (his off-the-rack line)! It was truly a night of glamour, pasabogs and beautiful, beautiful clothes with the streets of Manila as our setting. One for the books! Read on to know why…

Upon arrival, I was immediately escorted to Kirby’s showroom which was spacious and beautifully decorated. It’s just one area inside their industrial themed 6-story building, personally decorated by Kirby himself! You won’t miss his atelier because there’s a huge sign outside. 

Love the facade!

 Love this photo booth!

Bloggers with Kirby in his showroom!

 Fast forward to the fashion show, it was held right on the street and it was AMAZING. I expected a normal runway show, but we were all in for a wild surprise! It started with models dancing against a huge glass window on the 2nd floor overlooking the street, followed by a showcase of unique and exquisite pieces and then an explosive ending with Kirby himself singing his heart out as his curtain call! It was such a fun show!

Mamshie Awra so fierce!

Awra Briguela 

 Kirby surprised us all with an amazing performance!

Designer na singer pa! So talented!

Congrats Kirby for a successful launch!

Now let me show you Kirby’s beautiful creations and my personal favorites! I love how his clothes range from streetwear to casual glam to formals. His designs could also go from hip & edgy to elegant & classy. All of his pieces are well-crafted with beautiful details that shows his high level of craftsmanship.

So what is the difference between the Kirby Cruz brand and The Fashion Hospital???

The Kirby Cruz brand provides personalized custom pieces for individual clients. His made-to-order pieces usually has a touch of Kirby’s signature designs such as double collar for men or bold handwritten print for women. On the other hand, his brand The Fashion Hospital by Kirby Cruz offers off-the-rack, ready-to-wear pieces made in standard sizes. But I assure you, even his RTW creations are distinctive, stunning and flattering! It’s nice to invest in quality designer pieces like Kirby’s because you could wear it repeatedly and you could even pass it on! :)

So guys, if you’re having a fashion emergency don’t fret! Just check yourself in at The Fashion Hospital by Kirby Cruz and he’ll take care of the rest. If you’re looking for a wedding gown, a nice outfit for an event or party or for any occasion, just contact him and let him work his magic. Can’t wait to wear one of my own Kirby Cruz pieces in the future! :) 

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