Japan 2019 Travel Guide: 2-Day Nagoya Itinerary with Budget

Hello, hello! I'm back with another travel post! Been MIA na naman lately because of a movie I'm working on (as a stylist). Nadelay na naman tuloy my blog posts huhu. Anyway, I'm done with Taiwan, so now I'm gonna take you on an exciting 10-day backpacking adventure in the land of the rising sun-- JAPAN! I will divide my postings per city and will just share one link for all posts below for reference. A lot of you have been asking for the itinerary, budget and details, so here it is! :) Are you ready?! Let's start our journey in what they call "the most boring" (I disagree though!) yet one of the richest and key cities in Japan-- NAGOYA! Read on to know more....

As I mentioned in one of my IG posts, this trip almost didn’t happen. And we have Nico to blame. HAHA! Our original departure date was June 20 but we had to push it back because Nico didn’t renew his passport!!! And he did not forget ha, he just didn't prioritize it huhu. I was so mad and we almost broke up but bumawi naman sha by rebooking our flights. So to make time for his passport renewal and visa application, we moved our trip to Juy 10. Buti nalang the original tickets we got were on promo (just more or less P4,000 each) so d mashado masama sa loob icancel. The new tickets he booked were more expensive (at more or less P12,000 each) but that’s the price he had to pay for not taking responsibility! Huhu. Anyway, all’s well that ends well. It was still an amazing 10 days! :) Moving on...

Waiting for our flight! 1am departure

1. FLIGHTS - Nico booked our flights on Trip.com via Skyscanner (Cebu Pacific) and our return flight via Jetstar. Our Jetstar ticket from MNL to Nagoya was more or less P5,000 and our ticket from Tokyo to MNL was more or less P7,000.

2. ACCOMMODATIONS - Our accommodations we booked via AGODA and Booking.com. We booked the cheapest since mahalia the accommodations in Japan! For Nagoya, we booked a Single Room in Hotel Silk Tree for P2,800 a night. Pwede na din!

3. VISAS - For our visas, we applied via RELI Tours in Megamall. We paid P900 each for our visas. We applied on a Friday and got our approved visas by Tuesday! Bilis! :)

4. POCKET MONEY - For our pocket money, we exchanged PHP to Yen at Sanrys Money Changer in Unimart Greenhills.

Beautiful sunrise

After a 4-hour flight, finally made it to Chubu International Airport! 

"With over two million inhabitants, Nagoya (名古屋) is Japan's fourth most populated city. It is the capital of Aichi Prefecture and the principal city of the Nobi plain, one of Honshu's three large plains and metropolitan and industrial centers. Nagoya has a long history and is the birthplace of three notable feudal lords, Oda Nobunaga, Toyotomi Hideyoshi and Tokugawa Ieyasu. Traditional industries like ceramics and textiles as well as key modern industries like automobiles, aviation and machine tools have also developed in Nagoya, and Nagoya plays an important role in Japan's industrial society. Today, Nagoya continues to draw attention and keeps on developing as a Japanese international city."

Buying our train tickets from the airport to Nagoya station 

I really thought we'd get lost and confused with their train system, but this time we nailed it! Thanks to Google Maps and my TEP portable wifi! From the airport, we bought train tickets going to Nagoya Station for 870 yen each or P420. The train ride took 40 minutes.

 Kahit naka Japanese characters their train maps, I used Google Maps to guide us

When we got to Nagoya Station, we ate breakfast muna sa Family Mart! 

 Took Exit 2 which was nearest the hotel 

Nico booked a 2 nights stay in Hotel Silk Tree since we arrived super early


Checking in! They handed me my package from TEP Wireless (my new 4G device!) upon arrival. So convenient!

 Nico had our bus tickets printed for 10 yen 

 Single Room for 2 people. It's small but pwede na!

 Bed and work desk


After settling in our room, we napped for a few hours and then headed out again to explore. Mga 3pm na din ata kami nakalabas! It's okay though because the sun sets late in Japan, so more time to take photos! :) 

Book a room here:

1ST STOP: Nagoya Science Museum & Planetarium
From our hotel, we just walked going there!

Thanks to the kind stranger who took our pic!

The museum was almost closing na when we got there so pic nalang outside

 Excited on his first day! 

Thanks to the kind grandma who took our photo! 

After visiting the museum, we rode a train going to 'SAKAE' station and took exit 4. We found ourselves in the middle of Oasis 21! It's a complex multi-level "Spaceship Aqua" themed park. There are shops and restos on the ground level, an activity area, a scenic park, bus terminal and an observatory deck.

OOTD muna! Most of the clothes I brought with me were thrifted

There's a Studio Ghibli shop!!! Waah!

Saya ko lang hehe

Anime Shop that made Nico so happy hehe 

Checking out all the cool stuff inside the store

Bet ko sana to ang mahal lang para sa cord! Hehe



Ganda din nitong One Piece na hat if d lang sha P2,000+! Haha

After checking out the stores in Oasis 21, we decided to have dinner someplace else. Nico suggested OSU Shopping Street! From Sakae station, we took a train heading to Kamimeizu station. From the station's exit, the shopping street is just a 500-meter walk. :)

Kamimeizu Station exit

3rd Stop: Osu Shopping Street
We got there at around 8pm and sadly most of the shops and restos were already closed! 

There's a street full of restos and another full of shops! It's best to visit early! :)

Andito ung leader ng pusa sa taxi

Saw this resto along the way and nabudol kami to eat here haha!

Love the vibe naman and the service!

The food is good but quite expensive! They have a table charge of 350 yen each. Our total bill was 4,000+ yen including tax. Woah. 

After our very expensive dinner (haha), we vowed to check na next time if there's a table charge and if tax is included! Mahal eh. Buti nalang mabait yung server namin so worth it na din for the experience. :) 

DAY 2 

The next day, Nico and I woke up early coz we got hungry. Haha! We originally planned to go to McDonalds but we saw a better option along the way. Dun namin nadiscover ang wonderful world of cheap Japanese fastfood, one of which is Matsuya! A few IG friends already told me about this and super perfect pala talaga sha for budget travelers like me.  It's not only Matsuya though, there's Yoshinoya, Sukiya and meron pa eh but the sign is in Japanese. Hihi. 

Saw this sign and we immediately knew it's the one haha

Ganito sha inside! You need to use the machine by the door to order and pay muna

And then hand the paper to the person at the counter! Nico ordered the 290 yen or P140 special set. And I got the 400 yen or P190 gyudon + sausage set.  Busog lusog sulit! 

We checked out early 'coz we have lots of places to visit before we leave for Kyoto. We brought our luggages with us and just rented a locker in Nagoya train station so we could explore freely. 

Train fare in Nagoya is more expensive than Kyoto and Tokyo! Parang minimum 200 yen or almost P100 even if short distance. Lugi haha. 

Our locker! Near Family Mart sha. Rental is 700 yen or almost P350 because wew got the big one para kasha all our bags. 

From Nagoya Station, we took a train going to Shiyakusho Station. Take Exit 7 for Nagoya Castle.

Cute this exit ng Shiyakusho Station! 

Turista shot

Entrance is 500 yen per person. We took the East gate entrance.


"Nagoya Castle was built in the beginning of the Edo Period as the seat of one of the three branches of the ruling Tokugawa family, the Owari branch. As such, it was one of the largest castles in the country, and the castle town around it ultimately grew to become Japan's fourth largest city." 
Legendary Samurai Kato Kiyomasa's Pulling Stone

"Most castle buildings were destroyed in the air raids of 1945, including the castle keep and the palace buildings. The current ferro-concrete reconstruction of the castle keep dates from 1959 and - before its closure in May 2018 - contained a modern museum with exhibits about the castle's history. The park surrounding the castle keep features two circles of moats and impressive walls with corner turrets. It becomes an attractive hanami spot during the cherry blossom season which usually peaks in late March or early April."

Castle gate

"The castle's Hommaru Palace or Honmaru Goten was recently rebuilt and fully opened to the public in June 2018. Half a century after its destruction in the war, the palace was rebuilt using traditional construction materials and techniques. It contains entrance and reception halls as well as rooms reserved for the visiting shogun with beautiful, replicated paintings on the sliding doors (fusuma). The palace has been considered one of the finest examples of Shoin architecture in all of Japan."

Hommaru locker area. Shoes not allowed inside

"The Hommaru Palace was completed in 1615 as the residence and audience chambers for Tokugawa Ieyasu's 9th son, and first Lord of Owari Province, Tokugawa Yoshinao. As such, it was considered to be a masterpiece, the finest example of Shoin-zukuri styled residential architecture. It was the most elegant, and gorgeous palace of all, richly decorated with gold covered walls and screens, covered in stunning works by the most skilled, leading artists of the famed Kano School of traditional painters."

Let's take a tour inside the palace!

"Unfortunately, the Hommaru Palace and most of Nagoya Castle was destroyed in wartime aerial fire-bombings just months before the end of WWII. The castle's towers were reconstructed in concrete, at the time believed the strongest and most fireproof way to restore the symbol of Nagoya, thanks to the efforts of Nagoya's citizens in 1959. The Hommaru Palace reconstruction commenced in 2009, using traditional techniques and materials, and traditional Japanese craftsmen to not replicate, but to authentically rebuild the Nagoya Castle Hommaru Palace. The first Stage, Genkan and Omote Shoin opened to the public in 2013, stage two in 2016, and the last section was scheduled in 2018".

"Many of the original paintings displayed in the Hommaru Palace were removed and put into storage towards the end of WWII, and so escaped the devastation of fire. Close analysis of these surviving masterpieces, along with the remaining highly detailed photographs available only to the Nagoya Hommaru Palace, have helped the classically trained artists to faithfully recreate the wonderful images, styles and colors of the original Kano School masterpieces."
Replica of the Reception Hall

Interactive spots where you can watch scenes from movies filmed at this same spot!

May line sa pagview ng rooms

So beautiful!

Opulent pieces of art everywhere. Nico excluded. Char wahaha

Dito ata nagluluto? D ko sure hehe

Vending machines and Green Tea ice cream!

Best spot for a castle photo! Lakad lang kayo pa-exit and you'll see this. (Wearing Shop Straightforward top and ukay pants!)

Main entrance/exit near the bus stop. 

Watched these street performers 

Cute manholes and concrete art all over Japan!

Mandatory vending machine photo. Actually gusto ko lng talaga ng kape sherep eh hehe

Bus stop across the castle entrance

After Nagoya Castle, next on our to-do list is the Toyota Commemorative Museum. We relied heavily on my TEP portable wifi and Google Maps for directions. Google Maps led us to the bus stop above, just across the castle's other entrance/exit. We waited for around 15 minutes before boarding the Me~guru Nagoya Sightseeing Route Bus! It's a special and convenient bus that makes a tour of popular tourist spots in Nagoya. We paid 210 yen for a one way ride to the museum. You could also purchase a special One-Day Pass (I think they have in convenience stores or the airport) which entitles the bearer to unlimited bus rides for one day + you'd receive discounts and other benefits at tourist facilities. 

On the bus! Balak pa sana namin mag train buti may bus na derecho na sa museum hehe

Toyota Museum is just 2 stops away from Nagoya Castle when you hop on this bus!

Original red brick building of the Toyoda textile factory and research center

Saya niya ih

"Established by the Toyota group, this museum preserves and uses a factory building used during the Taisho era (1912–1926) which still remains in the birthplace of the Toyota group as an industrial heritage. Within its walls are the Textile Machinery Pavilion and Automobile Pavilion, where you are introduced to and can easily learn about shifts in technologies of the industry, mainly with textile machinery and automobiles the Toyota group has been involved in, through dynamic displays as well as machine demonstrations by operators."
Sakichi Toyoda's Circular Loom (1906)

Brief film showing on how Sakichi Toyoda started in the industy. From textile manufacturing to automobiles! So cool!

Sakichi Toyoda (1867-1930), the founding father of the Toyota empire, developed a wooden hand loom in 1890 and went on to patent an automatic loom based on a British model in 1924, which guaranteed the financial success of his enterprise.
Different kinds of textiles

Nico and friends haha

Live demonstrations!

so cute these kids!

Sample of their work station

Demo on how the airbags are made

 Toyota Partner robots

Now let's move on to the Automobile Pavilion!
They started by taking apart and studying a Chevrolet car

And used bicycles to study how wheels work

The second building of the Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry & Technology is all about car production. Toyoda's son, Kiichiro, who was sent to America and Europe to study production methods overseas, developed the model AA passenger car - Toyota's first mass-produced automobile introduced in 1936.
Photos of Toyoda and son Kiichiro

Drawing of Toyota's first car

Various production line units are on display including a US-made 600 ton press and the the latest Japanese robot technology for welding and painting. There are also sections on car safety. A number of classic Toyota models such as the Cedric, Celica, Corolla and Corona are on show along with the iconic Model AA.

One of the staff offered to take my photo inside this vintage car! So happy!!!

Celica boy fakboy ah haha

Power payaman!

We were also treated by a nice 10-minute musical performance by this Toyota Partner Robot!

Souvenir shop!

After spending hours in the museum, we decided to head back to Nagoya Station to retrieve our bags and search for the bus stop where our ride to Kyoto will be. Mahabang lakaran but we finally found it after getting a bit lost. Haha.
Mukhang lokal si Nico haha

Bus stop is in front of BIC building! 

Bought our bus tickets to Kyoto via https://japanbusonline.com/en a few days before our flight to Japan. Full instructions were also sent via email including exact spot of the bus stop. I just google maps again for directions. Tama naman! Hehe. We got there early so we had time to buy snacks and I napped for a bit sa sidewalk. Haha.


Our bus to Kyoto! Arrived and left on schedule. 

How the seats look like. Comfy naman! Slept the whole way through!

We had 2 stopovers for toilet break (ganda ng scenery but was too sleep to notice haha) and arrived in Kyoto at around 9pm. The bus stop was just across Kyoto train station. Ate dinner first before heading to our home for 3 nights in Kyoto, Guest Inn Garaku! We boarded a train heading to Tambaguchi Station and then walked for about 500 meters before finally reaching the hostel. We got lost pala muna. We knocked on the wrong door, the wrong hostel. Same kasi silang Guest Inn! Kahiya. Haha. 

Will save that post for later! Per city tayo. Hehe. Anyway, this is where my Nagoya post ends! Thank for reading and I hope this guide helps you with your planning. Arigatou gozaimasu and Oyasuminasai! :)

BUDGET per person in PHP:
New Airfare = P12,000 (dapat P4k lang the original)
Airport tax = P1,620
Reli visa = P900
TOTAL = P 14,520

Nagoya Budget for 2 days in Yen (per person):
Silk Tree Hotel (2 nights)= 5890 per person
Train from airport to Nagoya = 870
Family Mart breakfast = 480
7-11 lunch = 400
Osu dinner = 2000
Train fares = 600
Day 2 Matsuya breakfast = 400
Locker = 700 / 2 = 350
Nagoya Castle entrance = 500
Nagoya sightseeing bus = 210
Toyota Museum admission = 500
Trains = 400
Convenience store late lunch = 450
Miscellaneous = 300
Bus to Kyoto (via Japanbusonline) = 2,550
TOTAL = 15,900 yen or P7,800

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