Taiwan Solo Trip 2019 Day 5 & 6: Jiufen, Shifen & Yehliu Tour + We Come Hostel + Ningxia Night Market

Since I'm feeling inspired 'coz of my new laptop (sorry na ansaya ko lng talaga haha), here's the 3rd installment of my Taiwan solo trip last March! On the 5th day, went out of the city through an organized tour which I booked via Klook. :) This time I didn't DIY because the places I wanted to see were far from each other, so for convenience I joined a group tour. If Jiufen and Shifen lang, it's easy to just DIY and commute going there (did it before), but for this trip I included Yehliu and Yin Yang Sea. Super worth it! Here are photos and stories...

Woke up early and was first to arrive at our meeting venue! Hihi. Meeting place was near Ximen Station exit 4 in front of Gakuden Bakery. Or just find Midtown Richardson on Google Maps. It was easy to find. Our bus arrived at exactly 8:30. So efficient! 

Ximen station exit 4

 Tour buses pick-up point 

 While waiting, saw this food stall na madami nakapila! 

 Our tour bus! 

 Our guide Norman. He's the best!

The only thing I hate about organized tours are the time restrictions, but if you want to see as much places as possible okay na din! For our first stop, we were given an hour to explore on our own. Mejo gipit sa time 'coz the place was huge. Good thing I made new friends who willingly took my photos. Mas mabilis compared to self-timer. Thanks guys!

Our tour group were mostly Pinoys! Even made new friends :) 

 There's a guide to the many attractions inside the park. Since we didn't have much time, we just chose the most popular ones.


 Mas maganda. Char.

Thanks to my new friend Elise for my beautiful pics! Hehe.

 Queen's Head! You have to line up if you want to take a photo with this iconic rock formation. Hehe.


 Reality hehe. Dami tao!

Market inside the park where you could eat or buy souvenirs

2nd Stop: YIN YANG SEA
 Stopped here for only 15 minutes! Mabilisang pic hehe

I've always wanted to see this place. So beautiful!

Tour mates turned friends! Had an amazing time with you John, Elise, Ely and Tita Tess!:)

Group photo! :) They adopted me and Ely in the group since solo travellers kami. Hihi.

3rd Stop: Golden Waterfalls
My first time to see this and ang ganda din! We stopped here for about 10-15 minutes also.

Beautiful view on our way to Jiufen Old Street

 Entrance is just beside this 7-11

My favorite peanut ice cream!



Fried food for sale $150 NT each bucket

Shared food with the gang! We got their fried crunchy crablets and squid

One of the old teahouses in the area

OMG ang sarap nito!!! Brown sugar milktea and iced lemon tea for $40 NT!

Bought iced lemon tea coz mejo weird chan ko so no milktea muna hehe

Spirited Away!

The famous A-Mei Teahouse said to have inspired the lantern-lit bathhouse in the Ghibli film "Spirited Away"

This stairs is usually super crowded but thanks to my new friends for being patient para maachieve this shot. Hehe. 

Temple near Jiufen


The viewing platform has improved! Don't expect a jungle coz it's not hehe. It's like a modern park. 

6th Stop: Shifen Old Street
Our tour group headed straight to this shop in Shifen for our lanterns

Aside from sharing food, we also shared a lantern! It's pretty cool sharing your hopes and dreams with strangers turned friends. :)

My side of the lantern! Paid $50 NT lang since we shared.

A couple from our tour group got engaged! Super sweet! 

Finally took a photo on this bridge! 

Overall, it was a pretty jampacked tour and for only P838, it was truly worth it! The price already includes transportation and an English speaking guide. As I said mejo restricted the time and I wouldn't recommend it if you want to just chill or REALLY explore each place. But if you have a tight schedule, then this tour is perfect for you! 

Book it here:

We were back in the city at around 5 p.m. After getting off the bus, we said our goodbyes and I went back to the hotel to pick up my things for my last accommodation transfer. From Xingtian Temple station I hopped on a train and alighted at Beimen Station. Upon exit, I walked for about 5-7 minutes before I reached my home until the end of my trip-- WE COME HOSTEL! Let me tour you around!

Nearest station is BEIMEN

I just used Google Maps to locate the hostel. Easy peasy hehe

OOTD muna in front of this small temple near the hostel. Coords from SM WOMAN

The hostel is located along a quiet alley

We Come Hostel is located on the 2nd and 7th floor. There's an elevator don't worry!

2nd floor lobby where dorm rooms are located

Reception area! Was warmly welcomed and assisted by Eve. Hi, Eve! :) 

No shoes allowed inside! Slippers and lockers are provided. 

Entrance to the common area

Living room / Common area. Love the interiors. This space is so instagrammable! 


Arts and crafts

Information board! So helpful!

8-bed dorm room! It was spacious unlike other hostels. Also love the black curtains for privacy. 

My home for 4 nights! Stayed on the upper bunk bed inside the 4-bed ladies dorm room. It was quite small but it was okay! The stairs was not connected to the bed which was great and I had my own locker.

Common bathroom and toilet. I never had to wait for a cubicle to get vacant. Love how it's always clean and well maintained!

 Bathroom with hot/cold shower and sink

Love that there's lotion and makeup remover provided! Cetaphil and Bioderma pa. Soshal! :)

There's also dental floss, toothpick and makeup remover pads

7th floor common area! This floor is where the private rooms are located. 

Here are some of the private rooms I was able to take a peek in...
Standard Double Room


Economy Double Room


Another Double Room!

Area Map!

Elevator selfie!

We Come Hostel is located in Taiwan's oldest area which back in the time was called "Da Dao Cheng". I love how the hostel is located in a quiet alley but also a few minutes away from the train station and also the famous Ningxia Night Market. I really enjoyed my stay here! Would definitely book a bed or room here again when I go back to Taipei. Love how the hostel felt like home away from home. :) Thank you Nini and Eve for taking care of me! :)

Book your stay here:

Thanks Nini for the pleasant chat and for taking care of me!

The next day, I just took my time, strolled around the area and also met up with Ava's Mom and Aunt! :)

Beimen Station is also part of Zhongshan Underground Mall which stretches to Taipei Main! So many shops and restaurants! Spent hours here. Hehe.  

Found this random resto and decided to eat here

Ordered this Soy Stew Chicken Rice Meal for $139 NT. Yummy!

Dropped by Shilin Night Market to look for white sneakers

So hard looking for the perfect white sneakers but found one for only $350 NT! hihi

Had an amazing time with Ava's Mom and Aunt! Daming chika and food. Thanks, Tita! :)

We had dinner at Tim Ho Wan. So good!!!

I also visited Ningxia Night Market which was just a 10-minute walk from the hostel!

So much food!!! Roasted mushroom anyone?

Finally!!! My favorite torched wagyu beef for $100 NT!

I can eat this forever

Sweet potato balls for $50 NT! My new favorite super sarap! 

Also bought Papaya shake to help with my constipation. Effective naman! Hehe. 

Walked home with my stomach and heart full! So happy I was able to visit places I've never been to and seen before, met new and familiar faces and also re-visit places I've always loved. Many of you asked me if solo traveling is scary and worth it. It is worth it! I strongly advice you to do it once in your life. It is really enriching and I feel like it really helps one grow. Anyway, will wrap this up for now! Taichung tour next. Thanks again for reading! :)

BUDGET per person in PHP:
Airfare = P5,300 (with 20kg check-in baggage going home)
Airport tax = P1,620
TOTAL = P7,520

Taiwan Budget for Days 1-2 in TWD:
Miniinn Hostel = 1128
Bus from airport to Taipei Main = 125
Convenience Store buys = 500
Train = 20
Ramen Nagi dinner = 300
Klook Pinglin Tour = 1400
Lunch - 120
Train to Check Inn = 25
TOTAL = 3,618 TWD or P6,071 
(ung tour nagpamahal pero keri)

Budget for Days 3 & 4
Lunch and Dinner - 200
Shopping - 250
Train Fare - 85
Miscellaneous - 200
TOTAL = $735 TWD or P1,209

Budget Days 5 & 6
Jiufen tour via Klook - 510
Lantern - 50
Food - 604
Miscellaneous convenience store buys - 200
Trains - 100
Shopping - 1060
TOTAL = $2,524 or P4,154

Link to all Taiwan posts:

* Budget depends on traveler's preference and spending habits. :)

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