Taiwan Solo Trip 2019 Day 3 & 4: Check Inn Hotel, Xingtian Temple, Huashan 1914 Park & Wufenpu Market

Finally, another travel post! Actually, I haven't blogged for quite some time because my laptop kept hanging and nakakawalang gana sa totoo lang. So I finally bought a new 2nd hand one during our Japan trip! Yey! This time I finally took the plunge (stuck with windows for so long hihi) and bought an 11" Macbook air. So far so good! Hope this lasts for years na please lang. Haha. Nico kept teasing me that I keep on delaying my posts so here I am trying to prove him wrong. Lelz. To recap, I went on a 10-day solo Taiwan adventure last March and this is the 2nd installment! On my 3rd and 4th day, I transferred to a new accommodation and just took my time exploring the city. No tours yet! Read on to know where I went and what I did... 

After our Pingin Tea plantation tour, I got my bags from the hostel and headed to my new accommodation, CHECK INN HOTEL!!! From Taipei Main where Miniinn is located, I boarded the train going to Xingtian Temple Station. The hotel is just a few steps away from Exit 3. So convenient!  

 Xingtian Temple station Exit 3! Upon exit, go left, walk a few steps and you'll immediately see the hotel on your left!  

The hotel is hard to miss with their huge and unique signage! It's located along the road and just a few steps away from the train station).

 Meron ding Starbucks and 7-11 a few steps away! Woots!

 Love the hotel's vibe and aesthetic! 

So happy I got to stay in their Classic View Room for 3 nights! I honestly didn't want to leave na. I also enjoyed my room so much! Super cozy. Hehe. There was ample space to move around, love the interiors and my room has a nice view of the street!

My cozy bed! 

 Sink, basin, safe, blower, ref by the door

 Cute toilet! 

Solo traveller problems haha

 To-go paper cups for your tea/coffee!

Work desk by the window 

 Shampoo and Body wash

Spent most of my time doing this. Chillin' while eatng and watching TV! Hehe. 

 Elevator lobby

Sad I missed this free milktea workshop for guests!

 Woke up early on my 2nd day to avail my free breakfast

 Set breakfast that confused me a bit but masarap naman hehe

Love the dining hall

Enjoyed this spot

Free coffee and tea all day!

Book your stay here:

After settling in, lounging around and taking photos inside the room, I finally decided to head out and visit Xingtian Temple which was just nearby. Just one block away from the hotel. Here are photos!

Built in 1967, Xingtian Temple is quite popular with the locals. Many believers feel that this is a very efficacious temple, and it is frequently thronged with people praying for help and seeking divine guidance by consulting oracle blocks. In front of the hall is a censer with a somewhat unusual design, its two handles in the shape of flying dragons and its four sides adorned with dragons’ heads stretching toward the sky. The courtyard of the temple is usually busy, with crowds of worshippers bowing their heads or kneeling in devotion. On the main altar you will see offerings of only fresh flowers and tea, since the temple forbids the killing of offering of animals. The temple also discourages the burning of ritual paper money as an offering to the deities and the spirits of the deceased, the staging of operas for the gods, the presenting of gold medallions in gratitude to the deities, and the like. The temple supplies free candles, and there is no donation box-a first for traditional religion in Taiwan! :) (source: https://eng.taiwan.net.tw/m1.aspx?sNo=0002090&id=229)

Not sure what the line is for but it's super long! For blessing? 

OOTD outside! Thrifted top and pants :)

Bought my favorite noodles from a nearby supermarket! The best to guys!

Woke up quite early (super aga na sakin 10am okay? haha) the next day just in time for breakfast! My stay includes free breakfast so shempre avail tayey. Afterwards, I didn't leave agad. I chilled in the room muna for about 2 hours (super comfy kasi the bed!) and left at around 1pm. I had a pretty relaxed itinerary, no concrete plans, so I just took my time and randomly picked a place to explore. I decided to visit Huashan 1914 Creative Park

Thanks to the kind stranger who volunteered to take my photo!

Nice building I saw along the way

Self-timer hits FTW hehe

Cute, artsy minimalist cafe 

She suggested this shot. Hihi. 

Leopard top from RHIPE'S CLOTHING, jumper dress from ukay!

Self-timer hits reality. Hehe. It's a struggle guyz

After spending about 2 hours in the park, I decided to check out naman the less frequented WUFENPU wholesale clothes market! I took a train from Zhongxiao Xinsheng Station to Houshanpi Station which is only a few minutes walk to/from the market. 

Scenery outside Houshanpi Station

Just follow Google Maps! It led me here! I see clothessss

Walked around and saw this temple

Clothes on sale! 

May winter coats din

Gabi na hehe

I didn't  shop much though. I was able to buy lang a super cute sweater for $500 NT and black leggings! Had fun exploring the area naman. Mejo sumakit chan ko sa had to hurry home. Hehe. It was a good night! 

The end for now! Next post will be about my Jiufen, Yehliu and Shifen tour! Thanks for reading! :)

BUDGET per person in PHP:
Airfare = P5,300 (with 20kg check-in baggage going home)
Airport tax = P1,620
TOTAL = P7,520

Taiwan Budget for Days 1-2 in TWD:
Miniinn Hostel = 1128
Bus from airport to Taipei Main = 125
Convenience Store buys = 500
Train = 20
Ramen Nagi dinner = 300
Klook Pinglin Tour = 1400
Lunch - 120
Train to Check Inn = 25
TOTAL = 3,618 TWD or P6,071 (ung tour nagpamahal pero keri)

Budget for Days 3 & 4
Lunch and Dinner - 200
Shopping - 250
Train Fare - 85
Miscellaneous - 200
TOTAL = 735 TWD or P1,209

Link to first post:

* Budget depends on traveler's preference and spending habits. :)

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