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Life has been pretty hectic lately. I’ve had out of town trips with family and friends, a movie shoot, blog events, organized Bloggers United etc. Don’t get me wrong, as a workaholic and someone who’s always on the go—I’m actually reveling in it. Hihi. But in between the hustle, it is also very easy to catch a cold or get tired easily. That’s why I’m thankful I discovered RITEMED’s Sodium Ascorbate and Fibermate! Read on to know how it helped me big time and why it’s now my everyday partner…

For those who follow me on Instagram, you may have seen my posts about RITEMED’s 15-day challenge. So basically for 15 days (until now!), I religiously took the (non-acidic) Sodium Ascorbate (took 1 capsule daily) and also Fibermate (30 minutes before each meal). I didn’t really expect much when I first started, but as the days passed I noticed that even with all the activities I had to do, the fickle weather, vices, staying up ‘til morning, I’ve never gotten sick! (knocks on wood) And I’m pretty sure it has something to do with my new routine. So I guess it really is effective?!

It is not a magic pill but it really helped boost my immune system, making me feel healthier, lighter and my skin more youthful and radiant! Yes, even my skin. How? Well, Sodium Ascorbate aids in collagen production and gluthatione absorption.

Fibermate on the other hand helps me with my constipation and it’s perfect for weight management as well! It contains Psyllium Fiber that helps one digest their food easily for detox. I love how it’s easy to prepare and compared to other brands I’ve tried, this one does not taste like fish food. Haha! Love the orange flavor and that it’s sugar-free. :)

If you want to try it out for yourself (no harm in trying just know the proper dosage) then you can buy via Shopee’s Ritemed Clickhealth Store: https://shopee.ph/ritemed or from major drugstores! Let me what you think once you’ve tried it! Cheers to a better and healthier us. :)

* RiteMED Sodium Ascorbate (Php 4.50 / Capsule) is available in all major drugstores nationwide while RiteMED Fibermate (Php 622 / 30 Sachets) is currently available Shopee with a special Buy 1 Take 1 promo!

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