BAYO Celebrates Modern Filipinas in New Campaign + My Bayo Story

I've known the brand BAYO all my life. I'm sure most of you 90's babies could relate that it's one of those brands that has become my/our closet staple (lalo na mga nagooffice jan), one of those local brands that has become a part of our history. :) For 27 years, I watched the brand evolve and flourish even with all the competitions coming in and that's kind of amazing right?! I am so happy that they continue to withstand these ever changing times, much like the country and the people they represent. This 2019, BAYO celebrates the evolution of Modern Filipinas through a beautiful collection that tells her story. Read on to know more... 

Bayo is a home-grown fashion brand that takes full pride in being Filipino. The brand offers a variety of fashionable ready-to-wear apparel – from comfortable basics to classic-trendy and timeless pieces --while promoting the ingenuity of Filipino through campaigns and collaborations that put our heritage at the forefront, preserving our culture and traditions. :)

OOTD wearing some of my favorite BAYO pieces in front of the National Museum! :)

Wore BAYO during our spontaneous Intramuros trip. Perfect combo!

Here are photos when I visited their newly renovated Shangri-La Branch!

Can you see their new dressing room? The doors are made of wood and capiz shells!

Browsed through racks and racks of beautiful clothing! Love the selection!

Last March (Women's Month), BAYO celebrated the evolution of modern Filipinas by launching their Modern Filipina campaign, a collection that tells HERstory and HERitage. From the meek and mysterious Maria Clara of our literature, to the strong and delicate woman bound by our tradition but looking and moving forward, the Filipina has redefined what it means to be a woman of this era. 

Here are some of the looks I came up with!
Love this pants! Love the color and fit.

Obsessed with this skirt. Took this home, obviously. Hehe.

Also in love with this dress!

Super nagsisi ako na I didn't get this Sili/Chili dress huhu

So anyway, after Women's Month, they also launched their Maria Clara summer collection! This collection evokes the timeless allure of the lady from our history, inspired by the iconic Filipina, Maria Clara. It also imbibes and imparts the modern day Filipinas-- strong, beautiful and proud of her rich culture and roots. It features ultra feminine, prim and pure, and delicate clothing pieces. 

Here are photos of my Bayo Galleria branch visit and styling session with my giveaway winner!
With the BAYO team (minus Ms. Marianne) and my winner, Katrin Marielle!

They have so many nice, wearable pieces that you could wear from day to night! You could mix and match according to your needs. They also have shoes, bags and other accs.

One of the 3 looks I came up for her! I made sure to incorporate her own style, her outfit needs (dapat pwede for school and events), our weather and my own idea na din sa outfits. Achieve!

Twinning in earth tones and denim!

Bayo girls:)

Dalagang Filipinas. Hihi.

My Maria Clara/Modern Filipina OOTD! Hihi.

Thanks Bayo for celebrating us! :)

I am still thinking of that sili dress! It was an old collection and was on sale and sold out na daw. Huhu.  If anyone is selling, let me know please I'll buy! Hihi. Anyway, go check out Bayo stores near you! Happy shopping, ladies and don't forget to share your Bayo stories! Use hashtags below. :)

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