Antipolo's Hidden Gem: Luljetta's Hanging Gardens Spa + Garden Suites

Last week, Nico and I went on a quick, but very relaxing getaway east of Manila, just less than an hour drive from the city (well, at least from our place in Cubao hehe). I love going on little breaks in places that are accessible yet still far enough from the busy city. Places like Antipolo's hidden gem-- Luljetta's Hanging GardensI've always wanted to visit this beautiful place after seeing countless photos of it online but never got the chance, so the invite from Travelbook.ph to check out this Bali-inspired paradise was just perfect timing. I'm also in desperate need of a nice respite from this summer heat that is just killing me. So without further ado, let me take you on a tour of this lush oasis that is the best destination if you want a quick escape with your friends or loved ones. Read on to know more...

From Cubao, we took the Boni Serrano-Libis-Marcos Highway-Sumulong route and along the road a few minutes away from the resort, we stopped at Luyong for a quick (super late) lunch. If you're bringing a car with you just use WAZE for navigation, it's pretty easy to find! If you're familiar with Loreland Resort (if you're from Marikina or nearby areas you'd know this famous resort, parang lahat ata nag outing na dito haha) then you already know how to get there. Luljettas is actually part of the 8-hectare Loreland resort so they share the same entrance. If you're commuting, just take a jeepney or FX to Antipolo Church and then ride a tricycle from there going to Loreland. Total fare would be more or less P100 each.  

Loreland and Luljetta's shared entrance. It's a residential area outside.

Luljettas on the right, Loreland on the left

You can park at the big lot near Loreland's main entrance

I was told by the owners that Luljetta's Hanging Gardens and Spa gets full especially during weekends and holidays so they highly encourage online reservations to secure your slot. Confirmed guests are guaranteed of entrance or spa services if payment has been made in advance and upon presentation of a booking order. So to be sure, just book your Luljetta's tour via TRAVELBOOK.PH, they even offer discounted tours! You could walk-in but no guarantees, so just book a slot online. :) 

Click here to book!

Reception area

Luljetta's Hanging Gardens day tour price list! This is separate from the Garden Suites room rates.

We arrived an hour after check-in so I was in a hurry 'coz I wanted to explore agad to take photos for the blog. Check-in was fast and we were immediately escorted to our room. They asked P500 for deposit which they gave back din after check-out. Do take note that the day tour rates and room rates are separate. If you want access to the hanging gardens, you have to avail one of the day tour packages. Cheapest is P1,150 (only P1,092 if you book via Travelbook!) with access to the hydropool, infinity pool, lockers and cabanas. Additional charges apply for the spa, massages and food.  

Welcome drink


It has a cozy living room with flat screen TV

Nico is obsessed with this day bed! Well, it is comfy AF. He wanted to sleep here but after persuading him for hours, he finally agreed to sleep in the room. Haha. 

Living room bathroom

Stairs going to the main room

Bedroom with private bathroom and queen-sized bed! No TV in the room but that's okay no biggie. 

Love it when hotels do this sa towels hihi

Door, closet and bathroom

Room's private bathroom

Had a nice sleep!

This suite is P7,000 a night and includes:

*Welcome Snack 
*Set Breakfast at Luljetta’s Café
*Access to Luljetta’s Garden Suites Amenities: Lap Pool, Doctor Fish, Gardens & Lounges 
*Access to Loreland Farm Resort
*Check-in: 2PM – Check-out:12NN 
***Access to Luljetta’s Hanging Gardens Spa & Spa Services are not yet included 

Book a room here:

Again, you can now book an overnight (or more nights) stay at Luljettas! Book a room for as low as P4,000.

Lap pool near our suite

If you're staying at the Garden Suites and you want to go to the Hanging Gardens, you could ask one of their staff to drop you there. They have a golf cart service for guests. Hassle free! Nico and I decided to explore on foot and walk from our suite to the hanging gardens. It's a 5-minute walk and you'll pass by Loreland on the way. Don't get confused! It's there. :) 

Golf cart service we availed on our 2nd day

Mykonos and Santorini Suites are also separate and has their own pool! So posh. 

Pool's so nice!

This is the SANTORINI SUITE for P14,000 a night.

The room has 2 beds and good for 4 people. 


OOTD: Mango from Zilingo Top, Quirk Manila bag

Pool area! Can only be used by guests staying in Suites 909,910 and 911

Just follow the directions

There's a convenience store inside the resort! Load up on snacks because fast food restos don't deliver to this area late at night. We tried and failed huhu.

On our first day, we didn't have enough time to explore the Hanging Gardens so we asked if we could go back the next day so we could take more photos and also enjoy the pools, the nice view and the rest of the facilities. So glad they said yes! Thank you Sir Ramon Mariñas and Madame Lolita (owner of Luljettas) for accommodating our request and for the top-notch service. So here are photos from our awesome 2 days in the Hanging Gardens! 

Finally here! Woots!

If you're taking a tour of the Hanging Gardens they will give you a piece of green paper and 2 purple wristbands that you have to wear and always bring with you. Don't lose it guys, it's your access to the Hanging Gardens. :)  

Cafe where you could get your free snack that is included in the package

Nestled on top of the mountainside, Luljetta's Hanging Gardens Spa is a great escape for anyone looking to get out of the city in order to relax even for just a few hours. The Hanging Gardens Retreat offers you five (5) hours of access to the establishment’s many facilities. Personally, I think 5 hours is not enough to enjoy this amazing place. One could just spend hours just swimming in the infinity pool, napping in one of the cabanas and just lazing around this idyllic place. I know I did! 

Check out their other tour packages here:

First stop? Locker room to get changed!

Excited kids hehe

The facilities of Hanging Gardens include a locker where you can store your valuables and other personal items

They even provide a basket, towels and robes!:)

Inavail namin the robe agad! 

There are areas, cabanas, lounges where you could just chill, rest and enjoy the scenery

Inspiring quotes could be seen all over the resort

There are two wooden sauna cabins that are small yet cozy. COuld fit 4-5 people!

Since Nico has vertigo and he can't stay inside super hot, confined spaces, I had my me-time inside Luljetta's small log cabin type sauna! I was just supposed to take a photo of the interior but ended up taking my sweet time (20 minutes tops!) inside just sweating it all out and meditating. I emerged feeling like a new person after. Haha! Do you know that the heat inside a sauna is good for you because it improves your blood circulation, relieves sore muscles, flushes toxins, burn calories and releases endorphins hence that beautiful glow after? So that's why I feel so happy after every session. Hihi. 

Nico spent time in the heated jacuzzi while waiting for me  

Near the jacuzzi is this small infinity pool. 

Got the pool to ourselves! 

Water was a bit cold but refreshing lalo na if you're all hot and sweaty from the sauna like me!

You have to climb a few flight of stairs to get to certain areas. 

Some of the places and facilities you could visit and avail 

The whole place smells nice with beautiful spa music playing. So relaxing!

One of my favorite areas!

Reminds me of Bali!

Speaking of Bali, I have exciting news! Luljetta's is launching their own version of the "Bali Swing" very soon! Wow!!! But compared to Bali, theirs would be motorized (not mano-mano) so it's super safe. Also, they have na din an Ion Water pool that they will open to guests after Holy Week! Woooow. I love how the owners constantly do improvements to cater to the needs of every traveler. 

The other infinity pool that has a nice view of the city and nature!


View pa more haha

 Enjoyed swimming here! During our time there we only shared this pool with 2 other people. :)

Swimsuit: From Rags to Beaches

I wonder what that area is for. Looks cozy!

Nice area to just lie down, read a book or snooze!:) 

Or you could do that in the Philippine Pavillion! Just like what we did! It is another nice chill spot and recreational area in the resort. 

The place was empty when we got there which was perfect! 

We ended up watching a movie in here (Bohemian Rhapsody, yey!) and Nico taking a nap in between. So comfy!

You could also play darts

Or play billards, chess, sungka, etc.

Welcome to my crib! Chos.

Near the bigger infinity pool is the Mabuhay Lounge!

The room is filled with local furniture and decors that makes it more charming and the perfect place to relax in

Dr. Fish Spa! Pang alis kalyo hehe

The famous Hydropool! The photo you always see online. :) Water is a bit cold so I just went back to the infinity pool hehe. But this pool makes use of highly pressurized jets of warm water that is said to aid in blood circulation.

We were treated to dinner at Luljettas Cafe by Sir Ramon, owner of the resort :)

With the awesome Sir Ramon! Thanks for taking care of us! :)

Dinner is served! We had salted egg shrimps, tofu and spicy squid. For sharing na sha. Delicious!

This is Jardin Del Sol 409 sqm open air event area located near Luljetta's Garden Suites reception area

Jardin Del Elen 94sqm open air venue

To my future engagement shoot clients, this can be a nice prenup shoot destination! :)

You could check out their other event places here:

*Rates are subject to change without prior notice

And that ends our virtual tour of Luljetta's Hanging Gardens! I highly recommend this place if you're looking for a quick break from the busy city life or if you just want some peace and quiet even just for a few hours. It is a nice place to reset, recharge or just be one with nature. Every corner in the resort is a place where you can just stop and unwind. I could just stay there for hours! Bitin pa. Hihi. Their staff are also very well-trained, knowledgeable and nice! Always there to assist and help. Thanks Luljetta's and Travelbook for such a wonderful experience. 
Can't wait to return with my friends and family this time.  :)

For more news, infos and updates, follow:

Sitio Loreland, Barangay San Roque Antipolo, Rizal 1870
    Contact Nos: (0925) 766 7544, (0917) 867 6205
 (+632) 534 2517, ‎(+632) 633 3494
Email: reservations@luljettas.com 

Morning Tour: 8AM-1PM
Afternoon Tour: 12NN-5PM
Evening Tour: 4PM-10PM

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