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This new year and the years to come, I vowed to focus more on self-improvement and self-love. Sometimes we get so caught up with everything that's going in our lives, that we forget to give our inner and outer self the love and TLC it deserves. We should all aim to be the best version of ourselves everyday! Do you agree? Get some help in achieving your transformation goals this year by treating yourself and your body to the best brands and products at WATSONS! Read on to know more...

This 2019, Watsons lets you embrace change for the better and more importantly, help you achieve it! Look good and feel great as Watsons provides easy-to-follow tips and a wide range of products for a very holistic approach to your resolutions. I love how it's a one-stop-shop for everything health & beauty! :)

Whether your aim is to have radiant new skin, inner glow, healthier body, better hygiene, fresher new you, stylish new do or gorgeous new look-- Watsons got you! Here are a few of my favorite products and sections inside their SM Megamall store!

I love checking out the Cosmetics section because there are so many nice brands!

 My favorite K-Palette!  

Bought the black new Strong Waterproof eyeliner and I love it! Finally found the best eyeliner for my oily lids.

 Eyebrow stamp!

Looking good has never been this easy when all of your needs are made accessible and within reach in one big beauty haven. It's always fun to try new products, shades and formulations. I always frequent the counters of Maybelline, BYS and Revlon! :)


One of my favorite areas inside the store is the Skincare section!!! I could really get lost here just checking out all the different brands, reading their labels, and choosing which one to try or buy. I immediately get drawn to products with brightening and anti-aging properties. Hihi. As you know, glass skin and Korean skincare is pretty popular now, so I invest in products that will help me fight signs of aging and make the skin glow. I always say that more than make-up, it is really important to invest in quality skincare. It doesn't matter if you choose a drugstore brand, luxury or high-end, just as long as it matches your needs. Find the best products that suits your skin the most. :)

Watsons exclusive face masks:) I always buy the 3 MINS Beauty Call Pick Me Up Masks!!! It really works for me! I usually use it after taking a bath and remove it before applying make-up. Perfect coz I'm always rushing hehe. 

Heard good reviews about this mask!

So many to choose from! What's your favorite? I'm also a fan of Purederm's Collagen Eyezone Mask. :)

Cathy Doll masks that you could give as a gift! So nice!

 Randomly saw this product and got curious! Someone messaged me on IG that this works like magic, so I'm trying it out!

 Super interesting!

Ate Olay girl did a demo and we were impressed, so Ava and I each bought a trial bottle! 

Product X sa left and Olay sa right! No oil!

I also bought a pack of SIMPLE Micellar Cleansing Wipes and got 2 samples for free! Yey!

Not sure if you know, but Watsons now carries COSRX, Neogen, Klairs etc! 

Quite pricey but very effective daw!

Heard lots of good feedback about this COSRX Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser so I decided to try it too! It's P595. Loving it so far! :)

Ava wanted to buy this coz lots of good reviews din daw! Next time! :)


Of course, more than a beauty haven, Watsons is also a health hub! If you need meds or vitamins you could buy it from here! This is where I bought my medicine supplies during my Yogyakarta trip. Hihi. 


If you want to cut down on salon expenses, then it's time to invest in hair care and styling tools of your own! Make sure to browse through Watsons' collections for the best picks in the market!
 I love buying Watsons exclusive items because it's cheaper but the quality is nice! I often buy their shampoo & conditioner BEER variant for my Fine and Thinning Hair. Hehe.

 Buy 1 Take 1 promos!

 Saw this on Anna Cay's IG stories and got intrigued! Anyone used this na? Is it nice?

Take the steps you need to improve your personal care system or cut back on the ones you don't need. The key is, everyone's bodies are unique and it's important to know what works for you! Don't be afraid to to try what's new and know what holy grails to stock up on to start this year clean, fresh and sparkling! :)

 Also bought travel kits and automizers!

 For your beauty needs! 

 Hair accessories!
My favorite buys! 

My basket for checkout. Hihi.

Had fun with my shopping buddy, Ava!

Watsons loot! Love!

So for a #HappyNewYou, don't forget to visit any Watsons branch near you! And always remember, you are all beautiful. May this New Year bring you more love, peace and success. Love you all! :)

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