ANELLO: Japan's IT Bag is Now in Manila!

I've loved Anello bags ever since I saw it all over Japan during our trip last year! I saw lots of people--young & old-- carrying one in different styles. I guess the people there love it because aside from being stylish, it's also super functional! Just what their lifestyle need. Just what I need! But when we got home I saw that bags being sold online are quite overpriced. Sad. So when I heard that ANELLO is finally opening a store in Manila, I was so ecstatic! Finally! :) I attended their grand launch last week and here are photos from the launch...

The event's theme was white & khaki, so I threw on the first tan-ish and white pieces I could get my hands on. Haha! Perfect with the outfit my white Anello bag which I got that day! :) What do you think? Achieve naman ba? Hehe.

 H&M top, SM GTW skirt, Anello bag, Muy Buen Bonita flats

Thanks to my love Tracy Ayson for taking my OOTD pics! Hehe! Pinush ko talaga this buckwheat I got from the event hehe.

Here are photos which I took from the activity area and the Anello store at SM Mega Fashion Hall!

Anello, the world-renowned Japanese-Italian brand known for their signature wired wide opening backpack is finally in the Philippines! And the brand is changing the way Filipinos look at bags forever. Founded on the premise of improving people’s quality of life with pieces that you can use regardless of the season, Anello, offers a full line of fashionably chic pieces that perfectly complement the lives of today’s multi-faceted individuals.

Anello, which translates to “annual growth rings” in Italian, was founded in 2005 by Carrot Company, a world leader in the retail industry who also owns Legato Largo, a woman’s fashion brand, and Paquet du Cadeau, a brand that sells fun accessories. The company started its operation back in 1998 in Osaka, Japan.

The Japanese’s keen attention to details and forward-thinking fashion sense is very evident in the structured silhouettes and added functions of the bags. And the best thing about it? Anello offers bags that come in all forms, sizes, colors and materials, making sure to have something for everyone regardless of personal style.

Personalized bag tags for everyone!

“The brand is really known for coming up with no-nonsense pieces that allow you to do more things and go more places,” shares Marnie Chua, President of Crossmerchant Inc, the exclusive distributor of anello Philippines. “Essentially, it answers the need for really trendy bags that do more than just hold things for its owner—one that is both sturdy, provide convenience and designed in such a way that it fits into most occasions.

With Tracy and Ana!

Early in June this year, Anello further expanded its global footprint by opening its first store in the country, located at the third floor of SM Megamall Fashion Hall. Less than three weeks after the said event, the brand went on and unveiled its impressive 100-sqm flagship store at Estancia Mall in Capitol Commons. Soon after, the third branch opened in UP Town Center. Proving one and all that it has a strong fan base, even here in the Philippines, the first three branches has had an overwhelming turnout of visitors, with some traveling all the way from distant provinces just to get their hands on the brand’s fresh drops. 
Plans to open stores in Uptown BGC, Alabang Town Center and Robinsons Magnolia and more are already in the works.

I saw this bag as soon as I stepped inside the store and immediately fell in love with it!

Haha so cute Crissey & Farrah!

Hello Ava!

“We decided to venture in the Philippines to answer the continuously growing clamor for the brand here. Filipinos are one of the biggest consumers of anello bags, both in Japan, and in most other countries where we are present, and for that we are most thankful. In the years to come, we aim to continue producing new items to make sure that we are always able to delight and answer the needs of our customers,” shares Mr. Takeshi Yoshida, President of Carrot Company.

Omedetō again Anello for a very successful launch! So happy you're now here in Manila! :) 

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