Cirque Du Soleil: TORUK The First Flight in Manila

Guyzzz, my Cirque Du Soleil dream finally came true!!! I am so happy!!! And I'd say, it's definitely one of the highlights of my year. :) It was my first Cirque show and it did not disappoint! I was sitting there the whole time with my mouth gaping in astonishment. If I had to pick one word to describe my whole experience, it would be MAGICAL. Sure it might be quite tame compared to other Cirque shows where the acrobat and stunts were wilder, but the set, visual effects, cast, story (I love Avatar!) and the whole production made it all worth it. Scroll down below and let me take you to Pandora, the land of the Na'vis....

The traffic was terrible that day, but I got there just in time! I was actually an hour early and was able to buy food and eat pa. Yey! Super meant to be kami. Haha. I also made chika muna with my girls, Anagon and Ava. And then come 8pm, we said our goodbyes since we were seated in different sections. Love our seats though!

Thanks Ley of FUSE for inviting me! 

 Going in!

 Took photos of the stage while waiting. So excited!

 Guests were encouraged to download the TORUK interactive app! 

 So cool

You must have WiFi or mobile data though. Signal was a little weak inside so I just deleted the app. Looked fun though!

 And then it started!!!

 The narration by The Storyteller, an Anurai, is in English but the dialogues were in Na'vi language. 

 Wooow trippy

The Storyteller: An Anurai, he is one of the last surviving members of this clan. He has been around humans – aka the Sky People – ever since he met a feisty xenobotanist with whom he forged a powerful friendship back in the 2140s. Several years later, the Storyteller witnessed firsthand the last time of Great Sorrow during which the Omaticaya Hometree was destroyed. Distressed by the discord among the clans on his home world, and learning how humans were tearing each other apart in the wake of the great climatic upheavals on Earth, the resilient Storyteller decided to reach out once more to the Sky People who saw him as a kind of translator and a wise go-between. By making humans aware of the bravery, valor and ingenuity of the Na’vi, he seeks above all to avoid history from repeating itself. He also aims to impress upon the Sky People the urgency of preserving their bonds with nature, and the necessity of pulling together to live in unity and peace.

Toruk - The First Flight is a Cirque du Soleil touring production that premiered in the December of 2015, and is inspired by James Cameron's film Avatar. It depicts a world before the events depicted in the film. The translation for the official teaser trailer from the constructed Na'vi language is the following: "I am the last living member of the Anurai clan. When I connect with Eywa, I hear the voices of our distant ancestors; I hear the time when their lives were threatened. This is that story." (source: Wikipedia)

 The set and visual effects were spectacular!

It is not Cirque if there are no stunts or acrobats!

 One of my favorite scenes! Love this! 

 So prettyyyy

 May waterfalls and also this boat scene! So nice!

 It was like being transported to Pandora :)

 Another favorite! Grabe the stunts here!

 Mejo napapigil ako ng hininga dito! Haha

 Balance, grace, control. Beautiful!

 The cast are all trained rigorously for all Cirque shows. Much respect!

 Time to catch Toruk!

The word 'Toruk', in the Na'vi language, refers to the great leonopteryx that rules over the Pandorian sky. Fundamental in Na'vi lore and culture, this perplexing creature is critical to the Na'vi clans' sense of destiny and interconnectedness with members past and present.

 The hero Ralu and Toruk saves the burning Omaticaya HomeTree!

 And all is well in the world of Pandora again.

 Curtain call! BRAVO!!!

 What a set

The show lasted for 2 hours and it was bitin! Super loved it. The set was straight out of a story book, the cast were outstanding, the effects and costumes were stunning, the production was truly world class. Can't wait for the next Cirque Du Soleil show!

 With blogger loves Carlo, Vanessa, Ava and Ana! We all loved it!

Missed these girls:)

Didn't record videos (except for IG stories) because it was forbidden and as a sign of respect na din. You should all watch it and experience the magic yourselves! A few people asked me if they can bring their kids, yes you may!  I saw a lot of kids in the audience. :) This show will run until July 2 only. Don't miss it! :) 

You may buy your tickets here:

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  1. It looks like a very nice show. I remember that one of the call center here in the Philippines is handling Cirque Du Soleil inquiries.

  2. Toruk was my first Cirque du Soleil show in March 2016. Since then I have seen two more shows. I just can't wait to see others.


  3. Tickets usually sell out fast, therefore make sure you know where to go when booking Vienna opera tickets for 'Die Fledermaus'. .... There are several New Year's Eve parties going on in Vienna every year, among them the Cirque Rouge , Volksgarten and Cafe Leopold parties which are my favourites. magic shows


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