My Top 10 Favorite K-Drama Shows to Binge Watch

I never ever ever thought I'd be one of those people who, as they say, "nilamon na ng sistema". Early last year, I would silently judge my friends Tracy and Anagon (sorry mumshies) whenever they'd talk about K-drama everything in our chat group. I would just silently fade away, leaving them to fan girl over this oppa or that unnie. Even my jowa Nico would spend hours just watching his favorite Kim Woo Bin and I'd tease him to death until eventually he'd stop watching. I secretly & silently judged you too, Nics. HAHA! And then, one day, TRAIN TO BUSAN happened. And I secretly got obsessed with the lead star, Gong Yoo. I also had a small crush on Choi Woo-Sik--that cute baseball varsity guy who was the last to die. Such a cutie db?! So anyway, when I found out my oppa Gong Yoo has a new show, I swore to the K-drama gods I'd watch it. And the rest is history! Now, my eye bags & under eye circles has gotten worse from binge watching K-dramas and Korean movies. Huhu! I can't believe I'm now part of the system. And, I LOVE IT!!! No ragretzzz! Now, here are my favorite series which I would never get tired of...

Train To Busan

The movie that started my K-drama obsession! One of the best zombie films EVER. It was not just thrilling and scary, it was also funny and sad. They didn't even have to use guns or weapons (except for baseball bats hehe) unlike other movies. And superb acting ha! D naman halatang favorite ko sha noh? Haha. 

Duguan and haggard but pogi pa din! Asan ang hustisya?

Pero I won't include this in the list na because mejo outcast sha noh since obviously movie sha. Haha. So without further ado, here are my Top 10 K-drama shows to watch!

1.) Goblin

I am so happy that this was the first K-drama I ever watched! The best of the best! I love the story, the cast & characters (I disliked Ji Eun Tak at first but she slowly grew on me hehe), the cinematography, the outfits, everything! It made me laugh so much (super winner always the scenes ni Kim Shin/Goblin & Wang Yeo/Grim Reaper!) and shempre mas minahal ko si Gong Yoo dito. Cutefest galore!!! Super laughtrip the scene where Gong Yoo's character watched the movie Train to Busan with his date, Eun Tak. Winner. I got attached sa characters as well as sa cast! After nun I stalked all of them online especially Lee Dong Wook (Grim Reaper) and sobrang adorbs niya guys. Mejo Edward Cullen of Korea feels noh? Haha. Super love ko din si Sunny played by Yoo In-na and Deok-Hwa played by Yook Sungjae. Why you so perfect guys?

Love team of the year, Grim Reaper & The Goblin haha

It also broke my heart countless times especially when it ended. Huhu. So hard to move on db? Ganun pala yun! I got super attached sa story & characters. Walang tapon guys. Because of this, I decided to move on to another show to make me feel better. Never ending pala sha kaya now I understand the phrase "nilamon ng sistema". Huhu.

2.) My Love From Another Star

This was recommended by Anagon and I'm glad I watched it after Goblin because it did not disappoint! I think tinapos ko sha in 2 days lang sa sobrang pagka-addict ko. Huhu. It's a love story between an alien and a beautiful celebrity. It was my first time to see Jun-Ji Hyun on screen and I instantly fell in love with her! Her character might be a little feisty & annoying but also super lovable. She's so pretty din! I cannot believe she's nearly 40 in real life. Vampire ka ba unnie?! I also got obsessed with Kim Soo-Hyun (Do Min-Joon) after this. He's such a cutie. Sa super obsessed ko sa K-drama na to I forced Nico to tell me if he's also an alien. Please make my k-drama dream come true oppa. Haha! This was also where I discovered Park Hae Jin (Cheon Song-Yi's bff who's head over heels in love with her) and obviously got obsessed with him too. Ano na, lahat nalang? Haha!

3.) Descendants of the Sun

I am not into war movies or tv shows but for this I'll make an exception! I don't know how Koreans make everything cute, swear. This show is full of action, romance (naubos ata kilig ko dito!), comedy (omg that scene where the 2 girls opened Shi Jin & Dae Young's packages from "girl" friends, epic!), suspense, hope, lahat na! Perfect casting and unexpected ending. Minahal ko din si Song Joong Ki dito. So adorbs! Marry me oppa! Haha. I love Gong Yoo, but I'm so glad he turned down this role because it is perfect for Joong Ki. Db? Did you know that the role was offered to him right after completing his military service? Match made in K-drama heaven! And can I just say, super flawless and ganda ni Song Hye-Kyo! Girrrrl, ikaw ata ang alien. Share naman your elixir of life plezzz. I will watch this again, soon! :)

4.) Moonlight Drawn by Clouds / Love in the Moonlight

I have rekindled my love for periodic dramas because of this series! Compared to others, this one was not dragging or boring at all. Lagi akong feeling excited. Haha. It's a coming of age story about Crown Prince Lee Yeong's growth from a boy to revered monarch, and his unlikely relationship with eunuch Hong Ra-on. The cast & characters are all super adorbs (can't stop using this word pag K-drama sorry haha) and they all played their parts so well! This also turned me into a Park Bo Gum faney. Lagi ko shang nilalampasan sa list of oppas dati, but now he's one of my faves na! Hay Bo Gummy, why so cuteeee. Gawin kitang keychain eh! Haha. The lead girl Kim Yoo-Jung have this signature expression (d ko maexplain), but she acts so well too. 

Pero girl since may Bo gummy ka na, paubaya mo na samin tong dalawa! Haha! Fell in love with Park Bo Gum's bffs in the series-- Kwak Dong-Yeon (grabe ang pagcomment ko whenever he goes live on IG! Kakahiya but kebs! Haha) and JinYoung who's also a singer-songwriter of the band B1A44A1 (e d woww ikaw na talented huhu). 

5.) Legends of the Blue Sea

To be honest, I haven't finished this yet and I am still on the 3rd episode. This was recommended naman by my jowa Nico. Haha! It's one of his favorites! I would always see him laughing (kahit mukha na shang baliw) and smiling while watching this on his phone. So I watched a few episodes with him and it grew on me too! Aside from the fact that the lead is my girl crush Jun Ji-Hyun, it also features one of the best oppas in the world, Lee Min Ho! The story is about a mermaid and a con artist who met and fell in love. Turns out they've already met and fallen in love in their past lives. Dun talaga maaapply yung phrase na "meant to be". Db? I also realized ang hilig ng Koreans sa reincarnations and multiple lives. I love it. Now I'm itching to turn off my laptop and continue watching this one na. Hihi. 

6.) Weighlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

At first I thought it would just be another boring, sports centered series, but I was wrong!!! I watched one episode expecting to hate it, but that 1 episode turned into 8 and before I know it I was already binge watching! I finished it in 3 days! Huhu. It was so fun and light and adorbs. I even got obsessed with Korean barbecue and samgyeopsal after! Whenever we'd eat sa ker-ker buffets I always think of Kim Bok Joo, get into character and I always end up eating a lot! And that says a lot ha because I am not a fan of buffets. Laging lugi! Not anymore! Haha. Also, I am now obsessed with Kimchi & Ramyun! OMG I hated kimchi before and I am not a fan of noodles. But all that changed kakanuod ng koreanovelas. Haha! But as much as I love her, I will never eat her favorite sausage again. Sorry Bok Joo it kinda sucks. Huhu. And can we talk about how hot Nam Joo-hyuk/Jung Joon-hyung is! Grabeeee, yummyyyy! 

7. The Heirs

Gossip girl Korean style. As usual, cuter and mas fun. Haha! Chaebol (characters are super rich and privileged kids) filled and full of HS drama (which we all love kahit in real life haha), romance, comedy and super good-looking cast! Power cast din coz this is mostly where your current idols started. Lee Min Ho was charming, sunbae Park Shin Hye was lovely and Kim Woo Bin was the villain you'd fall in love with. This is also where I first saw Kang Ha-Neul (so gwapo!) and Park Hyung-Sik (of Strongwoman Do Bong-Soon). Kim Ji-Won (one of the leads in DOTS) also played an effective kontrabida and Krystal Jung was the annoyingly sweet friend and girlfriend. Judge me all you want but I live for dramas like this! Haha. 

8. Cheese in the Trap

Ayun na nga, natrap po ako sa cheese na itu! I watched this because of Park Hae Jin who's like my ultimate crush. I also got intrigued because it starred Kim Go-Eun who's also the lead in Goblin, Nam Joo-Hyuk & Lee Sung-Kyung who are the lead stars in Weightlifting Fairy KBJ and Seo kang-Joon who I first saw in the TV series Entourage Korea! As usual, nadagdag na naman sha sa list of oppas to love ko. Haha. Anyway, it bored me at first and scared me a bit coz mejo creepy character ni Hae Jin ditey, but I got hooked eventually. I loved it! 

9.) Uncontrollably Fond  

This is one of Anagon & Nico's favorite K-drama. They've been pushing me to watch this but to be honest di pako ready guysss. Nakakadurog daw kasi sha ng heart heart and di pako ready mawasak. I will be an emotional wreck after this I am sure of it. Plus the fact that oppa Kim Woo Bin is now battling cancer in real life (like his character in this show), I CANNOT. Huhu. Holding this off for the meantime, but it's already included in my list, don't worry! 

10.) Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

This historical drama was recommended naman by Nico's niece! Thanks Myca! It's one of her favorites. I also read good reviews online. So it's definitely included in my to-watch list! Poster palang promising na! Ang popogi sharap! Haha. Lalo na when I saw Kang Ha-Neul (my crush from The Heirs) as one of the leads. Andito din si Nam Joo Hyuk (dami mong projects oppa! deserve!) as one of the Princes but I think he died noh? Huhu. I can't wait to binge watch this one. Umpisahan ko na kaya? 

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  1. Bookmarking this list. Will watch the others I haven't seen yet. Katuwa mag k drama marathon kasi hindi overdone yung "physical" romantic stuff. Pag nangyayari siya over over yung kilig levels. ��

  2. I can't believe Coffee Prince isn't here!! Watch it, it's soooo nice!

    1. Will do! I'm watching the new ones first and then next ko na the old ones. Hihi

  3. I laughed out loud on the way you describe these kdramas. Exactly how I would do it if I were to describe them. haha Already watched everything on your list except for Legend of the Blue Sea (don't get me wrong, I love Lee Min Ho but their tandem is sooo meh for me). I urge you to watch Scarlet Heart now, so heartbreaking but it's one of the best period dramas you'll ever watch :)

    1. Agree with Scarlet Heart! It's now in my Top 3! Same tayo ng feels sa Legend. Haha


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