Product Review: Love is Worth Waking Up To with DENTISTE

During this time full of short-lived relationships, most people believe that romance no longer exists except in movies and novels. But the truth is, its not about who we’re with at night rather, all of us are searching for that one person who we want to wake up to every day and face the world with. That’s why Dentiste Toothpaste is all about the good morning kiss! I personally LOVE this brand. I first saw it in Watsons, got curious, so I bought a tube. Been using it ever since! Of course, I just had to share my new discovery with Nico and he's obsessed with it too. It really works. It might be a little pricey for a tube of toothpaste, but it's worth it. Trust me. Why is it my favorite? Read on...

Dentiste is the first toothpaste in the world that couples can use before bed and wake up with fresh breath, so they can kiss each other in the morning. Made with 14 Natural extracts, Dentiste activates at night to inhibit odor-causing bacteria so you have fresh breath that last till that good morning kiss. Compared to other toothpastes, my breath smells nicer in the morning when I use this!

9 out of 10 couples have felt the difference in their breath after just one night of use. Me included! We challenge you to try it tonight too! :)

Dentiste has been giving couples good morning kisses in Philippines for 9 years and this year marks our 10th year anniversary and millions of tubes sold. Last Valentine’s Day 2015, we held an event called “Mystery Box in BGC”, wherein we surprised nearly 500 couples with a sweet surprise. You can watch the video below:

This upcoming Valentine’s day 2017, we hope to capture and bring to light the struggles of love. It may not always be easy and some days are difficult to face but love is worth waking up. We have teamed up with some of the most creative minds in the country to create a video everyone can relate too. Watch the video below!

This month, Dentiste is spreading love with their exciting new promo! Their 60G tube Size will be offered at a special valentine price of P 143 (I Love You), discounted from original price of P175.

This promotion and all Dentiste items are available in Watsons Personal Care Stores, SnR Membership Shopping, Mercury Drug, Robinsons Supermarkets, SM Supermarkets, The Landmark Department Stores, Metro Gaisano Supermarkets and other major grocery stores nationwide. Kisses everyone! ;)

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