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One of my plans this year is to visit as much places as I can, local or international. I just love the feeling of excitement when an airline announces seat sales, making itineraries, researching about a certain place, planning my outfits for a trip. It’s true that traveling these days only takes a few minutes of browsing the internet. You jot down attractions, pull up prices, check reviews—the digital age practically made everything easy to DIY.

But, not all people loves planning and working on details. Luckily, you can get people to do this for you while you relax and enjoy your trip for what it is—a great opportunity to immerse yourself in a brand new environment without racking your head in anticipation of what could go wrong. Arranging bookings, securing documents, making reservations—these are just a fraction of what World Juanderer, a travel consulting company that specializes in providing excellent travel experiences, can do for you.

Prior to booking any trip, World Juanderer conducts a face-to-face interview with the actual traveler to ensure a thorough understanding of how he or she wants each part of the trip to be. And if that is not enough, the company even goes as far as conducting briefings before and after the trip, which covers a rundown of reminders that also touch on travel risks they might encounter and how to use the travel insurance provided. World Juanderer can even do online check-ins for their clients.

Aside from that, World Juanderer also offers travel check lists with suggestions on what to wear, activities for the day, weather conditions, and more. “Literally, we have your trip covered. Your every whim—consider them fulfilled,” says Gabriel.

For the most part, what World Juanderer offers is a highly-personalized, end-to-end travel management that involves checking up on you at regular intervals to make sure that everything is going to plan. Whatever feedback you may have, or problems that may come up in the middle of your trip, we’ll make sure it’s addressed outright. “We stay with you throughout your journey and offer you a hassle-free travel guarantee,” assures Gabriel. 

“Say, for example, you requested to dine at an exclusive restaurant in Paris, like maybe the Georges Paris. We can most definitely make that happen! This also goes for any additional requests you have along the way. In essence, it is like having your personal butler with you while you’re out there,” Gabriel adds.

Here’s a list of some of the best attractions World Juanderer recommends you to explore:

The Giraffe Manor in Nairobi, Kenya—Get the best of African luxury in this one-of-a-kind immersive experience. Not only do you get to stay in this colonial era manor-style guesthouse, you can also boast of having had breakfast with the wilderness as gentle giraffes stoop down to join you in your feast. 

photo source: Photo by Asaf Kliger 

The Outdoor Sauna in the Swedish Lapland—Take a plunge into icy relaxation and bring yourself to a peaceful meditative state. Cleanse your mind and body as you engage in the ten-step Scandinavian Jukkasjärvi sauna ritual.

The Lavender Fields at Le Château du Bois in France—Stay in a private Chateau and witness the magnificent view of the iconic lavender fields in bloom. Catch a glimpse of its spectacular beauty. Let your sight follow the intense blue landscape as it stretches out to the horizon.

A Romantic View of Italy’s Lake Como from the Bellagio—Unwind from the daily grind and stay at The Pearl of Lake Como, the Bellagio. Enjoy an exquisite view of the lake, a stunning panorama that launched a million sighs.

Take a Dip in a Pool of Merlot at Hakone, Japan—Nothing says luxury more than a relaxing dip on a pool of red wine. Head to The Yunesson Spa Resort to experience a different kind of therapeutic cleansing.

Explore Marine Life on the Underwater Seascapes of Maldives—Go on a tropical getaway that takes you diving to see the marine life in the Coral Garden and the Big Head Reefs of Maldives. Take an equatorial cruise and savor the catch of the day as they cook it right at the boat.

Cross the world's highest glass-bottomed bridge in China—Get over your fear of heights by crossing a bridge made up of 99 panes of three-layered transparent glass that connects two mountain cliffs known as the Avatar mountains.

Spend a night in a room made of ice at the ICEHOTEL—Check in at the ICEHOTEL’s art suites in Sweden, each of which areindividually hand carved by ice sculptors commissioned from around the world.

photo source: http://www.gettingaway.com/ 

See Easter Island’s Ancient Statues Up-close in Chile—Take travel selfies around Chile with the stoic moai statue of Easter Island. Carved out of volcanic rock by the ancient Rapanui people, the monumental attractions are nothing short of awe-inspiring.

photo source: https://www.tanie-loty.com.pl/ 

Go on an Island Getaway in Capri, Italy—Take a boat ride and explore the Blue Grotto, a stunning natural sea cave, up-close. Go on a chairlift ride from Piazza Vittoriai to the peak of Mount Solaro and enjoy breathtaking views of the island and surrounding sea.

photo source: https://www.urlaubspiraten.de/ 

Take a Mediterranean Summer Adventure in Mallorca, Spain—Take a blissful beachfront vacation and enjoy the best of coastal living as you wake up to postcard-perfect views and sample island cuisine in Mallorca’s soulful hill towns.

photo source: https://ultrajapan.com/ 

Party the Night Away at Ultra Music Festival Japan—Go on a wild night of party music and dancing as the world's top EDM DJ's gather to entertain crowds of music festival goers in this year’s Ultra Music Festival in Japan.

photo source: https://i.ytimg.com/ 

Catch the World’s Biggest DJs Perform at Tomorrowland in Belgium—Not only is Belgium a paradise for food lovers, it is also where you can party at one of biggest dance music festival on the planet, Tomorrowland.

Visit Atlanta and Party at Tomorrow World—Over 300 DJs from around the world is set to perform in this year’s TomorrowWorld, Georgia’s own electronic music festival that combines nature with music, good vibes and spectacular visuals.

Build Clay Houses for the Poor by Volunteering in Namibia—Go for a different kind of adventure by going on your first Voluntourism assignment. Get involved with The Namibia Clay House Project and help construct clay houses in Otjiwarongo, Namibia.
And if you think that what they offer is reserved only for those who can spend extra, think again. “We’ve also got affordable packages to some of the most visited destinations abroad,” Gabriel adds.

Check out the hottest travel packages World Juanderer can book for you: 
photo source: https://photos.alphacoders.com/ 

Journey to the Best European Highlights—Get 15-days worth of adventure as we take you to the breathtaking beauty of everything Europe has to offer. From leisurely strolls down The Avenue des Champs-Élysées to basking in the grandeur of Piazza De Venezia, this package offers a fascinating look into the ancient history of European marvels. (Covering 8 countries : Italy, Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium & France)

Trip Inclusions: Airfare, Full board Meals, Accommodation for 15 days | Starts at $3500 

photo source: http://magazine.seoulselection.com/ 

Plot a Course to Korean Tradition—Experience Korean culture in all its colorful forms when you avail of this package. Considered one of its best highlights, the well-known resort city of Jeju is where you can stay in prestigious hotels while enjoying world-class entertainment at casinos and nature-tripping in its wondrous beaches, mountains, and waterfalls.

Trip Inclusions: Airfare, Full board Meals, Accommodation for 4 days | Starts at $810 

photo source: http://loonyuni.github.io 

Unravel All of Taiwan’s Mysteries—Take a trip to see the great Taipei cityscape and bask in its peaceful countryside views. Uncover secrets of its culture by savoring street food delicacies served on its public food centers.   

Trip Inclusions: Airfare, Full board Meals, Accommodation for 5 days | Starts at $974 

Into the Rich Artistry of Osaka—Head to Japan's busiest capital for an incredible mix of the ultramodern and the traditional. Explore its neon-lit skyscrapers, historic temples, kabuki theaters, and museums that exhibit classical artistry at its finest.  

Trip Inclusions: Airfare, Full board Meals, Accommodation for 7 days | Starts at $2373 

Experience Dubai’s Take on Luxury—From luxury shopping to ultramodern architecture and a perpetually buzzing nightlife, the things to do in Dubai seems endless. Dubai takes you to a world where high-end style meets old world charm. 

Trip Inclusions: Breakfast, Accommodation, Transfers for 4 days | Starts at $1795 

A Fascinating Indochina Escape— From the rooftop bars of Bangkok to the elephant trails of Siem Reap, even the Buddhist strongholds of Ho Chi Minh, World Juanderer lets you experience what a genuinely exotic Indochine journey is like in this amazing tour package. 

Trip Inclusions: Airfare, Full board Meals, Accommodation for 5 days | Starts at $1020 

Deep Into Eastern Europe’s Heritage—The secrets of Eastern Europe unfolds as we take you to the colorful cities of Moscow, Budapest, and Warsaw, and more. (Covering 8 Countries : Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Hungary Slovakia) 

Trip Inclusions: Airfare, Full board Meals, Accommodation for 17 days | Starts at $3850 

The Russian-Scandinavian Trip of a Lifetime—Get lost in the streets of Copenhagen, explore St Petersburg in Russia, or cruise the Norwegian fjords, the lands of the Arctic are yours to roam in this travel package. (Covering 5 Countries : Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia) 

Trip Inclusions: Airfare, Full board Meals, Accommodation for 13 days | Starts at $4180 

All Set for a Grand Balkan Discovery—Climb onboard a spectacular journey into the Balkan lands. Start by exploring the beauty of Croatia’s 3,600-mile-long coast and end with Slovenia’s own stretch of Adriatic coastline. (Covering 4 Countries : Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montegro & Slovenia)   

Trip Inclusions: Airfare, Full board Meals, Accommodation for 13 days | Starts at $3200 

Whether for luxury or for those on a budget, World Juanderer invites you to be part of the many exciting hassle-free journeys the company made easy to enjoy. Wherever your wanderlust dictates, World Juanderer is sure to craft the perfect experience to make your travel worthwhile.  :)

For more information about World Juanderer, please visit www.worldjuanderer.com, send an email to Inquiry@worldjuanderer.com or call 3287999 local 110.

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