AirAsia in Bohol x Ubi Festival 2017: Festivities, Isola De Francesco & Food Trip

Here's the second part of my Ubi Festival 2017 adventure in Bohol via AirAsia! On our 2nd day, we had a few hours to ourselves before our scheduled activities. Spent the morning eating and napping. Haha. We met up with the group at around 12:30pm for lunch (where we were served dishes all made with yam!) before heading to our first stop: the TOWNHALL! But first let me explain to you guys why Bohol has this kind of festival and why Ubi/Ube is a huge part of their lives and culture. Read on...

Ube Soft Rolls served with butter and balsamic vinegar

The Ubi Festival is held every January to celebrate the crop that feeds Bohol and other parts of the country. Ubi is no longer just a crop; it has become a symbol for the province. That is why giving it the value and the recognition it deserves had been the goal of many. The significance of ubi in Bohol as a thriving province is best heralded during the festivities. Ubi for Bohol means savior, their staple food. Through the festival, they seek to promote the root crop more for the whole country to appreciate. The ubi has one of the best potentials in creating a successful livelihood. That fact is best defined when cultural activities, exhibits, and seminars are held to honor the root crop. (source: http://www.boholboard.com)

Once you pop you can't stop haha

 Fried Ube Prawn Puff with Hoisin Barbecue Sauce with pickled cabbage salad (super interesting dish! masarap sha!)

 Watermelon shake! Yumm. No ube in this drink haha

Surf & Turf Aged Australian Ribeye Yakiniku with Soy Glazed Shrimp Mushroom - (this is such a winner!)

I wasn't able to take a photo of our dessert which is the Ube Lava Cake. It was divine! Honestly, I was quite surprised as to how all the dishes turned out. I was expecting the yam to be overpowering but noooo! There was an amazing balance of flavors. Galeng.

First Stop: Townhall (not sure what this place is called)

 Local officials headed by Gov. Edgar Chatto & Vice Governor Dionisio Balite with Mr. Jim Paredes who was kind enough to sing a song for everyone

 They also called Chuckie Dreyfus on stage!

 Photo-op with our celebs hihi

2nd Stop: Plaza Rizal
Bohol crew!

 Different booths selling Ube/Ubi were there! Pagandahan ng decoration!

 Ribbon cutting!

 Mejo agaw eksena si Rizal and the bird

With my pakner McPol! 

Ubi/Ube competition! Palakihan and pabigatan haha

 I've never seen ubi this big!

3rd Stop: Amarela Resort for snacks!

 This place is so nice!

 It's an old house/resort. So nice!

 What a view!!!

 Their pool area

 Love their room! Rooms here ranges from P7,000 - P20,000 a night


 Prayer room


How most of my photos look like hehe

Meryenda time! Lumpia with yam fillings, mashed yam on the side, suman, mangoes and dip

After our afternoon snacks in Amarela, we headed back to Amorita to rest for a bit and then dinner!

OMG, their steak is soooo good! I came back twice. Mejo inasar pako ni Sir Jim na matakaw haha.

I ate a LOT!!! We spent the rest of the night bonding over crazy stories! Haha. Love this group. I also got to chat with NAS DAILY!!! OMG. I am a huge fan of his 1-minute videos on Facebook. You guys should see it. They're very interesting and inspiring. Also couldn't leave Bohol without taking a photo with Sir Jim. He's super cool and nice. :)

 Finally, a photo with THE Jim Paredes. :)

And FB superstar, NAS!

On our 3rd and last day in Bohol, they took us to Isola De Francesco also called Virgin Island and Padre Pio's island. Truly a morning well spent! It was my first time to visit the island and it was such a spiritual experience. I am a Born Again Christian and my relatives would give me the side-eye if they read this, but it was really amazing. Scroll down below and you'll see what I mean.

The dock where the boats going to the island picks up and drops off passengers

After 20 minutes of waiting, our ride finally arrived!

It was a 15 to 20-minute ride from the dock to the island

We were told that the island is privately owned by a Padre Pio devotee


Sandbar! Guests could swim:)

Padre Pio's shrine

Unreal. Wow.

Statues in the middle of the sea! That's Virgin Mary, a huge rosary and a crucified Christ. 

No entrance fee

Sea urchins or fresh uni for free! But donations are welcome.

So many!

Yen trying it out


Religious figures are scattered all around the island

Religious songs are played in loop, as well.

And look at the restroom! So nice!

There's a chapel on the island too

Nice spot to do some reflections

Disciples on a boat?

Articles about Padre Pio and the island

This is the perfect place to do your pilgrimage this Holy Week! Relaxing and good for the soul.

Aura aura sa beach

We spent more than 30 minutes in the island, and then it was time to go back! 

We headed back to the hotel again to freshen up and finish packing for our flight back home that afternoon. I had almost an hour to rest and take photos inside the room. Hehe. Mcpol already left because his flight was earlier than the rest of the gang. 

Sorry d ko na naayos my bed haha! Hope I can go back to Amorita soon!

We finally bid goodbye to Ms. Kata, Sir Noel and the kind staff of Amorita (sepanx much!) at around 12pm. Before our flight, we passed by 10:31 by Chef M-- a super pretty and quaint French inspired restaurant-- to eat lunch! 

Charming! Love the ambiance

Salad with peanut kisses & ube chunks

Buffalo Wings

Yen ordered this calamansi refreshment

Baked Scallops -- the best! I still dream of it.

Honey Glazed Pork

My guyabano shake! So good.

10:31 Rackstar 
(love how the meat effortlessly falls off the bone omg)

Beef Caldereta

The kind and gracious owners! Chef M is the one in pink :) Thanks for the lovely meal! All the dishes were well prepared, well thought of and so delicious!

Chef M's Roasted Chicken

Crab relleno

Happy eaters hihi

Creamy Seafood Pasta

Molten Chocolate Surprise for dessert! Ang cool nito! And it's shaped like the famous Chocolate Hills. :)

Warm milk is poured on top to melt the chocolate. Dramatic!

Voila! May ice cream underneath! Hehe.

Ube Royale Cake

Verdict: With its charming interiors, good ambiance, great food & service, this place is definitely on my list of must-try food places in Bohol! It is also conveniently located 5 minutes away from the airport. :)

Address: Located along M. Parras Extension right across t. It;s only 5 minutes away from the airport

This ends my AirAsia in Bohol x Ubi Festival 2017 posts! It was an amazing 3 days and I couldn't wait to be back. Still so much to see! Thank you again AirAsia, Amorita and Bohol Tourism for this experience. :)

IG: @amoritaresortbohol

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