Taiwan Diaries 2016, Day 1: Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial, Bo Pi Liao Old Street, Lungshan Temple, Ningxia Night Market, Modern Toilet

I won't be making a year-ender post this time because to be honest, this year was all a blur. So much happened, and they all happened quickly. So much joy, pain, frustrations, triumphs. I'm just too tired and too lazy to look back and unearth my emotions. Haha. This time, I just want to look forward and hope for the best. :) So, on the last day of the year, I will be sharing with you photos and stories from our first day in the beautiful city of Tapei, Taiwan while secretly daydreaming and wishing for more travels next year. :)

 View from our window!

All 4 of us are not morning persons, so we left our nest at around 11:30 am. It was almost lunch time so we decided to eat first and then continuously explore later. I created an itinerary a few days before flying to Taiwan but we were not able to follow it religiously. We just accomplished whatever we could with the short amount of time we had. 

 Our Airbnb's elevator

 Exploring our neighborhood and looking for someplace to eat

 You would find lots of electronic stores in our area

 We considered eating here but no english menu hehe

 There are lots of food places like this one. They serve local dishes--mostly noodles and soup. We wanted rice so we decided to skip it.

Store selling fruit slices

 Another local food store

 Tried this one out! It was just NT$10 per piece. Delicious! It has spring onions, arugula (? not sure), sotanghon like noodles, mostly veggies inside. 

That's where you'll find the local food stalls I posted above. Across the street is Family Mart!

We wanted rice so we all bought a cup from Family Mart for NT$15!!! The breaded chicken I bought as ulam was just NT$26. 

Thank you Family Mart for always saving us and for being our main source of food in Taiwan haha. They also have the best packed food/meals! Walang wala yung Family Mart dito. Haha. They even have dumplings and spicy edamame. So awesomeee. This was also where we bought bottled water because it's cheaper than 7-11. 

 Milk tea galore in convenience stores!

 I literally jumped for joy at the sight of packed cheese! Got obsessed with it in Japan so mejo I hoarded. Haha.  

After eating, we headed straight to Taipei Main train station. It was just a few minutes walk from our accommodation. So convenient! It is Taiwan's main station as it connects all the other railways too. 

  Lakas maka New York ng yellow taxis. Haha.

 Kilay on point haha!

 Taipei Main Station is quite huge and could be a little confusing. They have different platforms for different trains or routes. Don't be shy to ask! Taiwanese people are super nice and helpful. :)

First timer in Taiwan haha.

 Their system is pretty straightforward. Refer to the map above for routes and prices. 

 Insert money or tap your card, and then choose train fare corresponding to your chosen route.

 Voila! Easy peasy!

Our first stop that day is Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall! So from Taipei Main, look for the Tamsui-Xinyi line or Red line. Just follow the signs. You won't get lost don't worry. Board the train heading to Xiangshan (last station) and get off at Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial train station which is just 3 stops away from Taipei Main! :)

 Train is here!

 They also have a very organized train system. Similar to Hongkong and Singapore. 

 We're here! Just follow the signs going to the Memorial Hall :)

Different sights and different exits

 Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall is Exit 5!

 It's immediately on your right upon exit

Before going in, we decided to check out the street outside.

 Wide roads!

 Chiang Kai-Shek National Theater and Concert Hall behind me! Too bad it was closed that time. 

The National Theater and National Concert Hall are twin performing arts venues at Liberty Square in Zhongzheng District, Taipei, Taiwan. It hosts a constant stream of events by local and international artists each year. Artistic styles and traditions from across the world are represented in the halls' events, including kabuki theater, Shakespearean drama, Taiwan opera and puppet drama, Verdi opera, African dance, Beijing opera, Broadway shows, Wagnerian music drama, American jazz, Parisian comic opera, and Latin dance. Both venues are the site of a variety of festivals and special events, including the Taipei International Arts Festival, a series of International Arts Festivals ("Call Out in Ecstacy", "Poetic Essays with Lively Meanings"), the British Theatre Festival, the Chinese Drama Festival, the Taipei Film Festival. The buildings regularly provide a backdrop to events on Liberty Square, including visits to Taiwan by foreign leaders and the annual Taipei Lantern Festival. :) (source: Wikipedia)

 Let's go inside na! But first, OOTD muna!

 Poshmark Boutique top, Thrifted skirt, H&M hat, Fly shades, Zalora penny loafers

 The weather changed a few days before our flight. From the predicted 16-20 degree celsius weather, it became 28-30! So I changed my whole wardrobe and packed safe outfits for bipolar weather. LOL.

 The Memorial Hall grounds was HUGE!!! It was quite tiring walking around under direct sunlight so we took breaks in between. 

 Find my bro and Nico haha

Walang forever. Charot!

I was able to answer emails (it was a few days before Bloggers United so it was crucial!), update my social media accounts, share my photos, go live on Facebook, search for directions and use GPS through my portable WiFi, SKYROAM! It's every travelers must have.

Super reliable and it helped us a lot during our trip!

 Init mga besh

 The Memorial Hall. So far. Haha.

 Gate of Great Centrality & Perfect Uprightness

The National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall is a national monument, landmark and tourist attraction erected in memory of Chiang Kai-shek, former President of the Republic of China, after his passing on 5 April 1975. Designed by architect Yang Cho-cheng, it was inspired by the Tiantan in Beijing.  He placed the main building at the east end of the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Park covering over 240,000 square metres in Zhongzheng District. A main gate, the Gate of Great Centrality and Perfect Uprightness was placed at the west end on Chung Shan South Road, with a Gate of Great Loyalty  standing at the north side on Hsin Yi (Xinyi) Road and a Gate of Great Piety standing at the south side on Ai Kuo (Aiguo) East Road. A Boulevard of Homage, bordered by manicured bushes, connected the main hall with the square. 

 Tara na ang inet

Steps going to the main hall


The hall and square became the hub of events in the 1980s and early 1990s that ushered Taiwan into its era of modern democracy. The Chinese inscription now over the main gate that declares the plaza as "Liberty Square" recalls the calligraphic style of Wang Xizhi in the East Jin Dynasty. The style is noted for its sense of vitality, movement and freedom.

 History Hall

Statue of Chiang Kai-shek in the main chamber of the Memorial Hall.

Don't forget to rest and enjoy the beautiful chinese garden inside the square!

 You might also meet some new friends!

 Joot the squirrel whisperer

 Such a nice park

 Love this hallway near the restroom! 

We still had time to explore some more, so we all agreed to check out Lungshan / Longshan Temple next. From Chiang Kai-Shek station, we rode a train going to Ximen station.  Chiang Kai-Shek is a transfer station, so you could board a train directly to Ximen (green line) which is just 2 stops away. 

 Train ride from Chiang kai-Shek to Ximen is NT$20

 Red line on the left, Green on the right.

 Our platform! Boarded the train heading to Songshan.

 At Ximen station, we looked for Exit 1 where the Red House is located. 

 Upon exit, you'd see this police station. Cross the street and you'd see Red House. :)


 But it's being renovated!!! Waaah! 

The Red House is Ximending's most iconic building and was built in 1908 to serve as Taipei's first public market. This landmark 8-sided structure features exhibits, a teahouse, markets & theaters. Now, it's a multifunctional cultural centre with regular live performances and exhibitions. :)

We still had 2 hours before sunset, so from Ximen Exit 1 / Red House we decided to walk going to Lungshan or Longshan Temple. The walk was tiring but entertaining. I heavily relied on my GPS for directions. Success naman!

 Saw a lot of costume shops! Super aliw!

 Snorlax so cuteee

why so weird, Ted???

 All out sila sa costumes haha

Love this

We just followed Google Maps to get to the temple:)

 What a nice contrast noh? Concrete vs bricks:)

Along the way, we came across this abandoned building made of bricks and wood. It intrigued us, so we checked it out! It turned out to be Taiwan's famous ancient historic block called Bo-Pi-Liao or Bopiliao. I love love love it! It looked and felt very vintage. It was like being transported to another place and time! :)


Bopiliao Historic Block dates back to 1799 when it was first known as “Fupiliao”. This place is not only a preserved attraction popular among tourists, but also a site that reminds and educates the locals of their traditional culture and history. It showcases a wide range of traditional shop houses from the Qing dynasty (1683 - 1895) to buildings constructed during the Japanese occupation, (1895–1945) till early post war periods. Some of its significant historical meanings include being the main route from Bangka to Guting Village in the Qing Dynasty. 

The door and me haha

Support group sa OOTD ko haha

The end of Bopiliao Street used to be an important military base during the Qing Dynasty, as well as this street has witnessed the development of Bangka district. Centuries Old Street like Bopiliao has been successful in impressing visitors who are interested in gaining a deeper understanding and exposure of Taiwan’s rich and deep history.

Bopiliao Old Street is located long Lane 173, Kangding Road south of Laosong Elementary School in Taipei's Wanhua District.

From Bopilao, we crossed the street towards a busier street leading to the temple.

Locals swarmed this stall. I didn't have to courage to taste whatever it was hehe

The temple was just across Longshan Temple Station.

Temple on the right!

The Mengjia Longshan Temple is one of Taiwan's largest and oldest temples. It was built in 1738 by settlers from Fujian as a gathering place for Chinese settlers. Located in the old village part of Taipei, Wanhua District, this temple has stood the test of time and lasted through several natural disasters and wars.

It served as a place of worship and a gathering place for the Chinese settlers. In addition to its Buddhist elements, it includes halls and altars to Chinese deities such as Mazu and Guan Yu. In essence, the diversity of deities that can be seen in this temple represents the tolerant mentality of the Chinese people with regards to their religious life.

I spent a few minutes inside the temple just listening to the people's prayers and chants. It was somewhat calming and draws you into a state of transcendence. I could just stay there for hours. It was an amazing experience. 

We left the temple at around 5pm and decided to check out the Guangzhou Street Night Market which was just a few steps away. It was still a bit early so only a few stalls were open. I was still able to have my afternoon snack and they're quite memorable too! 

I read somewhere that this is where you'll find Taiwan's famous snake soup! 

Bought the one with cheese fillings. and it was SO GOOOD. OMG. I DIE.

Heavenly promiseeee. Only NT$20!

1 for NT$35! Bought the pork sausage. It was tasty too! My brother got the kebab-ish one. 

Not sure what this is called but it's like black tea! So delicious! Tastes like sago't gulaman. Hehehe.

What an interesting snack! Not sure what this is.

Decided to leave when it's almost dark 

We decided to save dinner for later because my sister badly wanted to check out NINGXIA Night Market. From Longshan, we took a train to Zhongshan station and walked to Ningxia. Again, easy peasy if you have portable WiFi and GPS! 

From Longshan Station we took a train going to Ximen (or Shunglian)...

...and from Ximen, we took another train going to Zhongshan station. 

Take Exit 5 if you're heading to Ningxia!

Let's start walking!

Inavail ni bro ang free water hehe

After a 10-minute walk, we're finally here!

OMG what to eat???

There were so many food choices, so what does an excited traveler and blogger do? Document! Haha. I might not be able to identify all the food I saw but I will try my best. Haha. Let's go!
Fish soup? Haha

More sausages!

I see corn, veggies and meat for roasting. Hehe.

My super duper favorite, torched beef cubes!

Fried chicken? Not sure.

Similar to what my brother ate! Pork something that looks like barbecue and kebab. Hihi.

Caramelized tomatoes, strawberries, etc. for NT$50 each. Mej mahal. 

No, those are not dead mice. HAHAHA. It's called Water Caltrop or Water Chesnut. 

Assorted fruits

I suddenly craved for fresh lumpia or steamed spring roll, so bought from this stall! So good!!!

Also NT$50 each

Bought Spicy Stinky Tofu from here! We wanted to try this famous Taiwan snack and we thought for our first time we'll buy from this 67-year old stall.  

This bread looked so good! Should have bought one and tasted it. :)

Peanut Ice Cream roll which I never got to try! HUHUHU. It was all over Taiwan sayang. I'm sure it tasted awesome. :(

Bought fish fried rice , sausages, torched beef cubes, and stinky tofu, steamed spring roll which we all shared. YUM!

My sister failed to buy the elusive Taro Balls but ended up buying this instead. It's egg custard balls. Tasted good too!

I will never understand why there were bikes and motorbikes on sidewalks haha

We decided to ride a bus from Ningxia to Ximending for NT$15 each! It's pretty easy to go aorund Taipei by train and buses. We missed our original stop which was near our accommodation, so got off at this busy Ximending intersection. :)

Street performers

Lots of shops in the area

Cutie nila kuya hehe

We ended up at this alley. AGAIN. To eat more street food!

Anello bags for sale! 

Torched beef cubes! AGAIN. Haha.

Before heading home, we decided to check out the famous resto MODERN TOILET!

Hehe kyots

It is a famous themed restaurant in Taipei

They have this rule that each customer should order at least one item from the menu.

Hot pot, anyone? 

Since we were already full, we just ordered dessert and french fries haha

In character si Nico haha

Love the interiors!

Super aliw their sink but mejo kadire noh? Haha.

Plastic urinals which you can take home by adding NT$50 when you order a drink!

Our dessert! It was NT$120 each and could serve up to 5 people. It was too sweet OMG. Gaaah.

At least we were able to take photos inside! Haha.

More food! I love this place.

Super sarap guysss

Such cute clothes! Taiwanese people are so fasyown. 

There's a 7-11 store near our Airbnb so we decided to buy water and more snacks. Seriously, all we do is eat! Anyway, guess what I saw inside? OMG OMG OMG. My favorite beef noodles!!! The one I can't stop thinking about ever since I tasted it in Hongkong! Waaaah. 

So much variety huhuhu

Found you, mi love! Hoarded the Chili Beef flavor. I still have one here. I am not worthy po.

We capped of the night drinking beer while eating noodles inside our room. Pretty amazing day. Will be sharing Day 2 soon! Thanks for reading!:)

EXPENSES/BUDGET in NT$ or TWD (Night 1):

Steamed dumpling & buns (Lunch) - 50
Family Mart (rice, packed food, cheese, water, wet tissue etc) - 200
Train (Taipei Main to Chiang Kai-Shek) - 20
Train from Chiang Kai-Shek to Ximen - 20
Cheese bun snack - 20
Sausage snack - 35
Iced drink - 20
Train from Longshan to Zhongshan - 40
Torched beef from Ningxia market - 100
Steamed spring roll - 50
Fish fried rice - 50
Caramelized strawberries - 50
Stinky tofu  (shared with sister) - 30
Family Mart water - 20
Bus to Ximending - 15
Modern Toilet (bill divided equally by 4) - 150
Street food - 100
7-11 random buys - 250
TOTAL = NT$1220 or P1,800 

Link to all my travel posts:

Link to all my travel posts:


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  3. Where did you stay? Thnx. It looks access8ble sa mga train stations. Thank you


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