Stay Fit & Healthy with TrueTea Iced Tea & Green Stevia

Last month, I traveled to Tagaytay with a few bloggers to witness the launch of one of the most innovative products in the drinks industry-- TrueTea Iced Tea with Green Stevia! "What is so special about this drink?" you may ask. Well, for one, this iced tea has low calorie and get this-- NO SUGAR ADDED! I still can't believe there's an iced tea that promotes health and wellness. How??? Read on! Sharing with you photos from that day...

 One Tagaytay from outside

Before sharing with you photos and stories from the launch, I would like to share with you photos from our tambay and super delicious lunch in One Tagaytay Hotel! 


 Magpic sana ako dito pero ayaw umalis ni kuya hehe

 One Tagaytay's resto AMACENA!

 Amacena's dishes are prepared by their resident chef, Chef Luigi Muhlach!


 For their taste and servings, the prices are worth it!

 I ordered their Tawilis Fried Rice!

 Our orders! 5-cheese pizza, Tawilis fried rice, Dinakdakang chicharon, Greek salad (not sure! but super sarap!)

 Honey bagoong wings

Their version of Bulalo! 

 Kare-Kare. Sooo good!

 Leche Flan Turon

 Belgian Choco eruption

 Also had tea after all the food I ate! Thanks Kuya! 

 Had mint tea. Sarap!

 OOTD! Poshmark top, Landmark pants, SM Parisian shoes & bags, Penshoppe jacket

 Tambay sa balcon

We crashed muna in Ate Mae's one bedroom suite!

 Charge charge muna!

Come 6pm, we descended to One Tagaytay's ballroom for the event!

 Lovely table setting!

I was so full from our very heavy lunch, so I was not able to eat dinner :(

What is TrueTea Iced Tea?

TrueTea is the FIRST iced tea in the market that has zero sugar and low in calories! It is manufactured by GX International, a Filipino pharmaceutical company and distributor of Green Stevia natural sweetener. Made from natural black tea & Stevia leaves as natural sweetener, it only has 20 calories and Vitamin C to make it healthier.  It is FDA approved and Halal certified. :)

Why is it sweet if it does not contain sugar???

TrueTea does not use sugar as sweetener--it uses Stevia leaves! Stevia is a sugar substitute derived from a plant. It has no calorie, no harmful toxins, 150x sweeter than sugar in the same concentration and studies suggest it might have extra health benefits.
Once consumed it breaks down into glucose and steviol which we naturally excrete. 

 Writing our Thank Yous to TrueTea and Green Stevia for giving us a healthier option when it comes to drinks and sweets!

Now, what is Green Stevia?

It is purified powdered extract from Stevia leaves, another product of GX international which is a good substitute for sugar. Use it for cooking, baking and making drinks! Perfect for health conscious people (like me in 2017 haha) and those who needs to watch their sugar intake.

 Chef Luigi Muhlach who prepared our dinner that night. All dishes were cooked with Green Stevia!

 With Sir JM of One Tagaytay!

 GXI team, One Tagaytay team, Host Ms. Bianca Saluda & Chef Luigi!

 Love her! She's so nice and funny:)

 Ms. Michelle Estrada of TrueTea

"Guess the sugar content" game!

We failed to guess even 1 correctly! Did you know that normal iced tea has higher sugar content than soft drinks???? Wow! Flavored drink has the highest with 11 teaspoons! Iced tea has 10 teaspoons, Energy Drink has 9, Soft drinks 9 & Fruit Juice with 7. 

And do you know that our recommended sugar intake per day is only 6 teaspoons for women & 9 teaspoons for men? Over, over na tayo guys! This could really be detrimental to our health. :(

 Dishes prepared using Green Stevia

Green Stevia is a purified powdered extract from Stevia leaves

 Forever date, Anagon!

 Hello Ms. Christine of AllAboutBeauty101! So nice to bond with you that day!:) 

 Sugarless New York Stevia Cheesecake! 

 Live cooking demo where One Tagaytay's chef showed us all how to prepare a chicken dish using Stevia sweetener!


Let us help GXI in their mission to decrease the incidence of Diabetes and practice a healthier lifestyle through our choices. Green Stevia and TrueTea Iced Tea are available in Robinsons Supermarket, SM Supermakets, Rustans Supermarket, Landmark Supermarket, Waltermart, Shopwise, Pure Gold, Super 8, Mercury Drug, Fisher Mall, Cash and Carry, Market Market and so much more!

One box of TrueTea iced tea contains 4 sachets of 1 liter pack. One box retails for P99. 

Thank you GXI for this wonderful gift of choice. Cheers to a healthier lifestyle! :) 

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