#TheHottestFair Event + Jadine for Parisian & Milanos Holiday 2016

My favorite shoe brand and my favorite love team (I've never been this attached to a love team ever since Jericho & Kristine Hermosa haha) worked together to create a beautiful campaign for their holiday collection and launched it by means of a fun fair! Attended #TheHottestFair event which also featured #JadineForParisianxMilanos and I was super excited to see the new styles from Parisian (and Milanos for the jowa & brother) and of course, see the hottest pair on the runway! Here are photos from the campaign & launch...

The fair was held at the SMX Convention Center...

Hosted Nicole Andersson and forgot the other host's name hihi. They gave away an iphone!

Sam Concepcion performed Justin Bieber hits while models showed off pieces from the holiday collection

Morissette Amon also belted out some wicked tunes!

Sam & Morisette together. Fine performers!

James Reid also performed "Sorry" by the Biebs during the show! 

So gwapo waah

Love his shoes!

Nadine also sang "Starving" by Hailee Steinfield!

Love her shoes too! She's so sexy ah!

So gorgeous!

They came out on stage again to sing "Closer" by the Chainsmokers, together! waaah!

Love them!

Team real!

Kilig!!! Love their boots too!

They're so adorbs

Final walk

Love the new collection!

For fashion show gallery, click here:

What an amazing show!

The hottest pair for the hottest fair and the hottest brand-- Jadine for Parisian & Milanos!

Photo from Preview.ph:)

#SMParisian’s Holiday Collection gets a glamorous upgrade, mixing classic and modern textures to create the ultimate silhouette for the season. Parisian lady Nadine Lustre embodies the image and attitude perfect for the holidays!

Holidays are all about looking cool and smooth, and this season is no exception. This season of fun just became a season for fashion. James Reid and Milanos Shoes showed us how. :)

Here are photos from the fair, as well as some of my personal favorites!

Jadine merchandise for their fans

When I saw these bags I immediately thought. "So Nadine!"


Ranging from luxurious suede to textured leather, these shoes and bags complement the season’s on-trend looks, taking you from one celebration to the next. I agree! They are classy, chic, minimalist yet trendy.

Love the shoes

Love the low-heeled pumps!!

Heels you can wear for parties 

So pretty these ballet flats!

Mules with fur pompoms as design! OMG.

Love at first sight kay Tracy! She got herself a pair agad.:)

Which one's your fave?

Mine. Obviously.


I also checked out Milanos! My go to shoes for the bf or my male clients for shoots. 

So niceee!

The bf bought a pair of white sneakers for just P899!

Here are photos from the SM Parisian & Milanos Holiday Campaign styled by my dear friend Myrrh! So nice!

Congrats SM Parisian and Milanos for the successful campaign & launch! :)

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