Japan Diaries 2016, Tokyo Day 1: AirBnb, Shibuya, Ginza & Harajuku

Taking a break from posting events and press releases thorough a travel post! :) Before I work on my Taiwan entries, I shall finish Tokyo first. So to recap, from Kyoto, we took a night bus going to Tokyo. We chose to ride a bus instead of the train because it is cheaper by 50% and also to save on 1-night accommodation. We also had time to spare so it was perfect. Compared to trains which only takes 4 hours, this bus ride took 9 hours. It was not a big deal though because the ride and our seats were super comfortable! We were snoozing a few minutes after our bus left the station and woke up when we were already in Shinjuku, Tokyo.  Since we were able to have a good night sleep, we had enough energy to explore the city! Here are photos from our first day...

SM GTW jumper, Stylestunner top, Skechers rubbershoes

 Bye bye bus! Thanks for the awesome ride!

 we walked to Shinjuku train station

As usual, we were clueless as to which train or line to hop on going to Shibuya where our Airbnb accommodation is located. We asked an english speaking staff and he helped us out. Japanese people are super nice, helpful and friendly! We took the JR Yamanote line to Shibuya which was just 2 stops away.:)

I love Tokyoooo! Don't worry he's fine, he's just a little drunk:)

 Outside Shibuya station near the crossing is HACHIKO!!! It was still quiet and peaceful that time. It's best to go here early mga 7am. Hehe.

We wanted to leave our things first and shower before we explore the city. So first thing we did was to find our accommodation. If you base it on the map available sa Airbnb app, it's kinda confusing. We tried to ask for directions but we still got a little lost. So we decided to take a cab to save time. It turned out to be super near the crossing! 

Saw these crazies on the road! I love it! You could actually rent a go kart, dress as a character from Mario Bros and drive around Shibuya. Haha.

 Passed by ABC Mart

 And this huge H&M

If you see this Don Quixote store at the corner, turn left!

The street is between the bldg with Don Quixote and Tokyu building

 Go straight and you'd see this unique coffee shop on the left

 Turn left before Lawson and go up the street. You'd see this resto on the left. Akin ata to eh haha.

 You'd see this Spiral bar & resto on your right. I was told they serve delicious oysters!

And then you'd see this building on your left! This is it!!! I love how they have a vending machine just outside the building. Hehe.

 Followed our host's detailed instructions on how to retrieve the room key and code for the main door.

 Let's go up!

 Our door!

Door area:)

 It was just perfect for the 3 of us! The main bed is an airbed which I don't like, so I just slept on the floor. 

View from the door. May elevated area.

 They have lots of freebies or things guests could use

 Free towels!

 Pocket wifi! But it was super slow. It's still better to bring your own or just connect sa public wi-fi.

 Haggarda! Before taking a bath haha. 

 Toilet was super small but it was okay! There was hot/cold shower

 Closet of goodies. Haha! Guests can borrow umbrellas, shopping bags (took 1 home), pens, clips, beddings, etc etc. These are stuff left by other guests for the next guests to use. :) 

My sleeping area. And Sarah's hehe. Ayaw namin ng airbed kakahilo haha.

I think this place is quite a steal because of its location (in the heart of Shibuya!) and it was clean and had everything we need. It was walking distance to Shibuya crossing and the train station. There were also restos outside the condo and a Lawson store at the corner! It was also one of the cheapest in the area. We only paid P10,247 for 3 nights! That's P3,415 each for 3 nights. Not bad! Want to book this place? Click link below...

 After we've settled in and showered, it was time to head out and explore some more!
We dropped by Modi mall (which was also near our place) so Ana and Sarah could book Robot Show tickets. 

 It was 6,800yen or P3,300 each so I opted-out. It was too expensive for me and friends who live in Japan told me it's not that life changing. Ana and Sarah enjoyed it though! If you want to try it out, go go go! ;) 

 Box office na si Hachiko

There's a tourist information van outside the station with this kind old man manning it. Love him! 

 Hachiko's photos and story displayed inside. Huhu

 There were lots of people outside the station! May show ata haha

Heading to Ginza!


 Saw this resto inside the station and decided to eat there! Mejo fail coz no english menu. Mali naorder ko. Haha.

 Wanted this sana. Cold soba meal with tempura for 620yen or P300.

 790 yen with rice!

They served me this instead. Angyare haha. 

Train to Ginza is here! Rode the Tokyo Metro Ginza line. It's 7 stops away from Shibuya.

Hello, Ginza!!!

 So big this Uniqlo store!!!

 They close the street during weekends! Swerte!

Cutest cat everrrr

 Shopping galore at Ginza

Aura aura din

 Went cray cray shopping at GU!

 Just bring your passport para tax free!

 This was where I bought my P200 white shoes which you'll see me wear on my next post. Sulit! Should have hoarded pala. :(

 After Ginza, we then headed to Harajuku to meet up with Japan based blogger friends, Kiko & Kaila! :)
Went down at Harajuku Station

 Kimonos for sale on the sidewalk

 Fur jacket anyone?

Beautiful prints!

Tokyu Plaza Harajuku

 Thanks to our loves Kiko Cagayat for this shot! Ganda!

An alley in Harajuku!

There were lots of stores selling new and vintage clothes

Has anyone tried this? Is it good? The line's super long.

This resto too. Box office the line!

 Love this store! Bet ko the plaid wall.

 Kaila brought us to Pancake Days to make tambay and eat meryanda

The resto was full so we had to wait for almost half an hour before we were seated

 Love her socks!

Kiko arranging our food para nice iflatlay hehe

 So cute! And so yummy.

I was super hungry so I ordered the beef stew set. It's quite pricey for 1,000yen or amost P500. But super gutom nako so kebs na haha.

Had so much fun bonding with these amazing people!

One of our favorite stores in Tokyo is WEGO.

Lakas maka 80s the peg ng store with neon lights, neon signs and tigers.

 At first glance I thought the sign says Condominium. Iba pala. Haha!

We decided to explore naman the famous Takeshita Street!

 Crushing on this jacket

So fasyown the people here

Kaila had to go home na. Thanks for your time girly!!! You all should check out here famous online store http://japanloverme-store.com/. You could buy authentic Japanese Sukajan jackets there!

Thank you Kiko again for this shot even if pinigilan natin dumaan mga tao. Haha!

My #1 favorite store in Tokyo is MONKI!!! Grabe super love the designs and the quality of the clothes. Bought quite a few sale items!

 Dito daw nagshoot ng music video si Avril Lavigne.

 Was not able to find cheap souvenir shirts:( Cute pa naman nito!

Don't miss this area when you're in Harajuku!

 Ana bought a tub. So good!

 Kiko had to go home but he was nice enough to drop us off near our place. Huhu. Love you!

We crossed the bridge

View from the bridge

 You could actually walk from Harajuku to Shibuya! Kiko showed us the way. Hihi.

It was quite a long walk but we didn't mind 

 Favorite store ni Sarah hehe

 Takoyaki shops everywhere

 This place looks familiar! Hihi.

Love this Converse store

We passed by this tunnel and saw that we were near Shibuya na! Cool. How cute is Astro Boy? Hehe.

Reminds me of the film Empire Records!

Shibuya crossing at night! Surreal!

Talented street performers! 

 Curated vintage store! In short, ukay ukay na sosyal. Haha.

It was already 9pm and we haven't eaten dinner. We came across this slightly hidden resto and decided to check it out. Sarah has been craving for Okonomiyaki ever since Osaka, and it was the resto's specialty so mejo perfect.  

There were a few people waiting outside but they were immediately seated. Yey!

People eating here are mostly locals

 Our bowl of goodness! I ordered seafood.

 Our table

 Sarah taught me how to cook my okonomiyaki! It was quite fun!

Shaped it into a heart and added toppings! Nomnomnom.

Verdict: For 1,200yen or P600 the serving was quite big. I was not able to finish my food! I only ate 1/4 sayang. If you don't have a big appetite it's best to share it with someone. Ate mine with rice. So delicious! Quite pricey but the food was good. ;)

 Our not so long walk home

 Shops were already closed ng 9-10pm. I wish they have longer store hours. 

We got home at around 11pm and slept early (weh early ba talaga hehe) in preparation for our tour the next day. Tokyo Day 2 and 3 coming up next! :) Thanks for reading!


Train from Shinjuku to Shibuya - 150
Lunch at train station - 600
Train from Shibuya to Ginza - 190
Shopping at GU - 1200
Train from Ginza to Harajuku - 160
Pancake Days meryenda - 1,300
Random buys like water - 500
Dinner - 1200
TOTAL = 5,300yen or P2,383 :)

EDIT: We actually bought pala the 3-day or 72-hour Tokyo Metro Subway Ticket for 1,500yen or P700. So we did not pay for train rides anymore. EXCEPT for Yokohama because it was a different train line. :)


3-Day Unli train card - 1,500
Lunch at train station - 600
Shopping at GU - 1200
Pancake Days meryenda - 1,300
Random buys like water - 500
Dinner - 1200

TOTAL = 6,300 yen or P2,773

Happy Travels! :)

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