Meet the New SM Woman

And just when you think they can’t get any better, SM Woman decided to raise the fashion bar and launched their new and improved look through a 3-day fashion festival! From the quality of its materials to the range of sizes it offers, its classic designs to trendy ones, and flattering cuts that ensure a perfect fit every time – the brand spared no expense at redefining an all-new style with a bevy of exciting, fresh offerings. The brand now houses 9 categories: SM Woman Career, SM Woman Fashion, SM Woman Prima, SM Woman Denim/Casuals, SM Woman Sleep and Lounge, SM Woman Active, Coco Cabana by SM Woman, Gigi Amore by SM Woman, and SM Woman Plus. There’s definitely a piece for every fashion emergency, whatever season it may be! Check out photos from the event/fashion show below...

The gorgeous Teresa Herrera

And the forever beautiful Amina Aranaz Alunan

Love her!

This is so me!!!

And just look at these fierce SM Woman Ambassadors! 
Actress Cai Cortez & Student Andrea Aldeguer (Hello Stacey & Danah who I see at the back!)

Sarah Meier

Gabi Darza and our love Janeena Chan!

Love these looks! You can really see that there's something for everyone in SM Woman. :)

Guests were treated to a shopping party! 50% off on most of the items:)

Me with Trice and Angel at the reg table:)

Hello Couple Parfait!
We are SM Women! Me with Ava, Bestie, Angel, Trice & Krissy

How would you define a woman? Exceptional, Driven, Strong, Confident. Agree? Just like their new ambassadors! Just like you and me. :)

Celebrate womanhood by going after your dreams and then wearing powerful outfits and clothes while doing it. SM has got you covered! I love everything I saw on the runway. And that's just the SM Woman line. I am also obsessed with GTW. Go run to the nearest SM store now. Happy shopping!:)

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