Hotel Review: B Hotel, Quezon City

I am always on the lookout for nice places in the city where I could escape to whenever I feel all riled up from stress and work. So happy I got to experience the beauty that is B Hotel, Bellevue's new venture in Scout Rallos near ABS-CBN. If it's by Bellevue, it must be great. I've been to B Hotel & Bellevue Alabang, also Bellevue Bohol as a guest and as a stylist for their ads and I could truly say that they're one of the best hotels I've ever been to. B Hotel Q.C. is a little different from the others 'coz it's more modern, more hip, artsy and super instagrammable! Here's what happened during our fun overnight stay in B Hotel... 

 Stylestunner top, Factorie shorts, Bag from my Tita Beck, Komono sunglasses, Veloci watch, Muy Bien Bonita shoes

Here are photos, as well as stories!


B Hotel is a 4-star hotel located along Scout Rallos in Quezon City. I love the hotel's location! It's near ABS-CBN & GMA, a few steps away from Behrouz (my favorite food place) and other amazing tambay places in Tomas Morato. 
 If you use the entrance along the road, you have to go up this flight of stairs

Or you could go inside the ramp and use the back entrance. More convenient! There are parking spaces too.

Lobby! You could also see the dining area on the right side:)

 Paintings on exhibit and for sale:)

 Love this lighted wall


Hello Myke & Nicole!

 Got my room keys!

Cute bike on display. 

 Love the industrial feel of the hotel

Even the elevator looks nice! Whoever designed this place did an amazing job;)

9th floor hallway

My door!

My room

I love how they assigned us 1 room each. I was assigned this Superior Room and I love it! The minimalist yet elegant style & design was well thought of. 

 View from my window

 My super cozy queen bed!

 The sink is located outside the bathroom. European style. :) 

 Work table

 In-room dining menu:)

 Can we talk about this glass bathroom! So nice. You could pull the blinds down if you want some privacy. 

 Two bottles of complimentary water + free coffee & tea

 Free toiletries. Wish they have free hair conditioner though.

 Happy kid

Didn't want to leave my room and this place

 Ganyan mag chill okay?

This room's published rate is P8,000 a night but I was told that prices may vary from time to time depending on demand. I checked today and it's only P3,800. Comes with free breakfast and use of facilities inside the hotel. Not bad!

 From the hallway window, I can see the pool! It's located on the 3rd floor

Met up with the others for some shake and cake at the Pastry Corner...
 Their belgian chocolate cake is the bomb! 

 Healthy shakes! I ordered Carrot & Cucumber shake for P110. Detox galore.

 Cake fest

 And more pastries

 Lovely lights

 Pretty chairs

And then, time for a quick hotel tour!
This is their 1 Bedroom Suite

It has a queen bed

  This 52 sqm 1 bedroom suite is P7,000 (I was told it could go up to P11,500 soon)

 There's a tub in the bathroom! 

 And a receiving area or cozy living room

 There's a dining table too and mini bar with microwave:)

 Our photographers! Thanks guys!

Had fun bonding with them girls

On to the next room!

 Two bedroom suite (adjoining rooms) with 2 twin beds or Superior room lang sha if solo.

 They have adjoining rooms for families:)

To know more about their rooms & rates, click here:

Time to go down to the 3rd floor! 
 Love this wall! Asa Vigan na pala ako. Hehe.


Love this small yet very inviting pool!

Chillin with Ana by the pool

And with Arnie and Ana at the bar:)

Nico loved the place too! 

 They have a Jing Monis salon inside the hotel! Bongga!

 They also function rooms for meetings!

 And event hall for conferences or events

 Mini meeting room located above the Pastry Corner

Across the lobby on the 2nd floor is the Mezzanine Bar!

 Operates from 5pm to 1am:)

 There's a secret room behind that motorcycle!

Here o! So cool!

 Stairs going down the lobby

We went back to our room to freshen up and get ready for dinner!
 No lunch yet so I ordered this BLT service from room service menu for just P180.

Here's what we ate for dinner at the Lobby Cafe...
 Ceasar salad

 Potato something for Ana

 Super sarap this soup! Forgot what it's called though

 And this drink! This is ginger something.

 Sisig that Cha can't get enough of haha

 and lengua!


Was so full after! Food was great. :) After dinner, headed to Mezzanine ba again for some drinks before retiring for the night...
 I ordered mojito and it was a nice way to cap off the night!  

 Sweet surprise from B Hotel! Yummy ensaymada made by them. 

I spent the rest of the night editing pics and watching TV. At around 9pm, Nico returned (he left after dinner to go to a friend's party) and we decided to go out and eat at Behrouz! Went home shortly after and fell asleep watching K-pop shiz. Haha. 

 Good morning Q.C.! 

 Didn't want to leave the bed. So comfy! Here I am lounging in my Mona Lisa Intimate Apparel cami set. :)

Sunday OOTD!

 Love my new dress from Shop OOTD & shoes from Muy Bien Bonita!

 Finally time for lunch! One of the best steaks I have ever tasted from B Hotel's Johnny Steaks & Grill resto. Melts in your mouth! So juicy and tasty!:)

Our delicious lunch! Photo from Ana. 

 Sana pwede ilabas yung bike hehe

 Nico checking out the paintings

 Bye, B Hotel! It was an amazing stay:)

Verdict? I would definitely recommend this place! I already did! One of my brides booked the other day and we shot some photos inside the room. The staff were very helpful and nice. You really get your money's worth. Impeccable style and service. Thanks again Myke & Euna! Can't wait to go back!:)

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