Azalea Baguio Day 2&3: Bell Church, Bencab, Diplomat Hotel, Arca's Yard & Treetop Adventure

Had to divide my Azalea post because I have so many photos. Haha. Hope you've read the first part in which I shared photos of the cozy hotel, Cafe Yagam & our ukay challenge! :) Now, let me share with you stories and photos from our 2nd & 3rd day. We had a full itinerary but I'm glad I was able to see new places & experience new things in a city I've visited so many times before. Always something new to see, discover and experience! Starting my post with my Day 2 outfit...

In love with this dress I bought from ukay

 Looks perfect against this background noh? Flowers galore!:)

 Our 2nd day in Baguio was jampacked with activities! Started my day with a nice and hearty breakfast at Tradisyon...
Love the variety!

My 2 favorites-- danggit & bacon!

Dessert bar

fruits para sa mga nagdidiet

Sharap ng omelette! Mine had mushroom, tomatoes & lotsa cheese!

Good morning from PaxAna! We also ordered Azalea's famous hot choco. I love that it's super tasty and the consistency is not too malabnaw and not too thick.

First Stop: Chinese Temple & Bell Church
Love this spot! Lakas maka China hehe

It is a taoist temple located on the road going to La Trinidad, Benguet.

It's a nice, quiet compound adorned with pagodas, dragons, bells and landscaped garden.

OOTD muna hehe. Hi Cha & Nicole!

Twinning si Tracy & Mike. Cuties!

So cute these kids! P.E. class ongoing hehe

2nd Stop: Bencab Museum

Located along Asin Road, Tuba Benguet, the BenCab Museum houses the permanent collection of Philippine National Artist Benedicto Cabrera (BenCab) in several galleries, as well as venues for art shows and exhibitions. With its vision of bringing arts closer to the people, the museum houses the artist’s collections of his own works, as well as those of acknowledged Filipino masters and rising contemporary artists. :)

 Hello Michael! 

 Sabel :)

After the short briefing, Trice and Ana dragged me downstairs and lead me to a room, an area in the museum they said I will love the most. Since it was my first time, I got so excited and believed them. Hate you guys. Hahaha!

 They surprised me with this Erotica Gallery. Hahahaha! Langya kayooo.

 What is this? #pavirgin haha

 Grabe guys you know me too well. Hahaha

 Loved the room though! All the pieces were tastefully done. I love it.

 Draw me like one of your French girls. Wait, pa Laybare or Strip muna ako. Lol.

The most beautiful flower ever. Hihihi.

 Galing ng position.... ng shadow ko db? Hi Trice I can see you!

 Me lounging at home. Charot!


 Love these chairs! Mejo scary lang sa house parang laging may kasama haha

 Checked out the Cordillera Gallery which contains tribal artifacts and indigenous crafts from the region. 

 I just had to wear my Bencab for Freeway shirt in Bencab museum!!! Pinaghandaan ko to guys.

 The museum was huge. Art overload.

 Love my Freeway x Bencab shirt! Okay na sana  lang pantay shorts ko. Haha.

 Replica of the rice terraces outside:)

humarap kaaaa

Thanks Kat Valdez for our photo!

Bonding with Duff, Zedd, Kat. Love you guyshhh.

After more than an hour of art appreciation, we decided to take a break at CafĂ© Sabel located on the ground floor. The ingredients of the food they serve are sourced fresh daily from BenCab’s organic farm. The cafe’s signature coffee blend, BenCab’s Brew, is also sourced from coffee trees on the farm. 

 Chill muna

 Finally saw THE Bencab!!! Took a photo with Bencab in Bencab wearing a Bencab shirt! Bencab-ception! :) Thank you Sir it was an honor to meet you.

3rd Stop: Diplomat Hotel (we meet again!)

When I found out that they included Diplomat Hotel in the itinerary, I got excited. The feeling was not mutual with Ana and Tracy, though. Haha! If you read our blogs, you may recall that the three of us (together with our loves Tin Iglesias, we miss you!) visited this place a few years ago and something weird and supernatural happened. Some of us vowed never to step foot in this place again. It was quite an experience. 

 Ano toooo? Bago tooo. Haha.

Fast forward to now, it didn't turn out to be that haunting as it was before. I think it's because we went as a group and the place was renovated. There was a even a tour guide inside. They cleaned up the place and fixed the rooms (that were once filled with rubbles) inside.

 Ang creepy lang the standees when you enter the door! Napasigaw ako eh! Wag ganun Pope. 

 Lovely view

 Kuya Guide. The place is more friendly & inviting now.

 They fixed this area now.

This is how it looked like on our frst visit. 

Read my first Diplomat Hotel story here: 


 I wonder why there's no flowers or plants in the fountain na:( This area was nicer years ago.

Db? Photo I took last 2013

 Got scared of the priest and nun na standee sa corner! You could even take a photo with your face ganern. Creepy! And very wrong given then history of the place. Waah.

 Naloka ako kay John! Haha!

 quite hunting

Michael: Beshie bat tinitignan mo yan, gusto mo ng Christmas Tree para sa Bloggers United? Lol!

 My 2 favorite male bloggers! Tara let's go up! 

This time, I was able to take photos of the 2nd floor na. The air felt lighter and less hostile unlike before. I was still very careful not too make too much noise and kept saying "Tabi-tabi po" over and over again. 

The bell tower with so much secrets

 View from the top:)

 Hi Michael and Ana!

Loved spending time with Mike will Fly! He's super chill and hilarious. 

 Short history of the place. Tamed version. Haha.

After Diplomat Hotel, we went home to have lunch and rest for a while. We came down 3pm for our coffee & meryenda break at Arca's Yard!:)
 Lunch at Tradisyon


Located along Ambuklao Road, Arca's Yard is the home of Ninja Sabado which they turned into a homey & tranquil coffee shop. It is the perfect place to go to when you want to escape from the city's hustle and bustle. Outside & inside, you'd see it decorated with paintings & artifacts--- a little art gallery on its own.

 Love this area! Overlooking the mountain!

 Love this area upstairs too

 They served us Camote pie topped with ice cream & Arca's Cloud Tea

 So good!!! They even game me an extra scoop of ice cream for my pie. The tea is refreshing.

Arca’s Yard Baguio
#777 Tip-Top City Limit, Ambuklao Road, Baguio City
(074) 442 – 9706
0929 325 1868

Went back to the hotel to freshen up again and for dinner & drinks!

 Someone rang our doorbell and the staff gave us these! Sweet.

I have no photos from our brief karaoke night but it was epic! Too bad they had to cut it short huhu. Everyone sang and there was so much good vibes and laughter that night. I left early though because John and I wanted to do ukay shopping at Harrison. Success!

 Went home lugging 3 huge plastic bags full of clothes. All of these for under P1,000! Can't believe it.

Went home and found these clingies waiting for me in our suite. Haha!

On our 3rd and last day in Baguio, we went to Camp John Hay & Treetop Adventure! It was surprisingly near Azalea. Got suprised that there's a shortcut going back to the hotel haha. 

 Millenials. Wow! Feelingera ko noh? Haha. Anyway, love this bunch! 

The Melonials. Hehehe!

Took OOTD photos first around the vicinity

Love my new jumpsuit from Freeway, Coat from Gobuy.com.ph, Mikka's Closet shoes, Veloci watch

Travel essentials - SM Parisian backpack, Smell Chic hand sanitizer, Asus powerbank, Sandisk external drive, Herschel coin purse

PaxAna album cover shoot by Duane haha!


 Always a good time with these kids! Haha

We ended up not availing na the Treetop activities because of time constraint and beause it rained. We just went back to the hotel to take more photos and get ready for our long way home. :)


 Nageenjoy sa balcony ng iba

 This is the Azalea life:)

Truly, Azalea is your home away from home may it be in Baguio or Boracay. The whole place, amenities, quality of service is topnotch. Couldn't ask for more! Thank you for an amazing stay and for the 3-day discovery of Baguio! Discovered a lot of new places and I can't wait to share them with my other friends and family. :)  Can't wait to be back!

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