Roadtrip Adventure with Shell V-Power Nitro+ & Mazda

Two weeks ago, I, together with a few blogger friends and members of the press, went on a surprise road trip adventure! Our trip was fueled by Shell V-Power Nitro+ and our cool rides were provided by Mazda Philippines. The invitation came at the last minute and normally I decline such invitations 'coz of other commitments, but I quickly said yes because one, I patronize and use Shell fuel in real life as a driver and two, I just love events which involves travel and adventure! It was a fun-filled day spent with my favorite fuel brand, blog friends and new friends! Stories through photos below...

After breakfast at our jump-off point, Wildflour Cafe in Leviste!

Went out and saw these Mazda CX-5 beauties fuelled by Shell waiting for us outside! Love our rides!

 Wanted to test drive but haven't renewed my license pa:(

 Hello from Group #1! Hello Myke, Eula of The Standard & sorry I forgot the name of the gorgeous girl on her left:(

Our road trip guide!

We had snacks, drinks & umbrellas inside the car:)

 And we're off to The Sandbox in Pampanga!

We were assigned a driver but Myke wanted to drive, so I acted as his navigator na wala naman natulong haha. We were all making daldal, sharing stories and laughter all throughout the trip. Saya lang!:)

 First Stop: Shell NLEX!

If you view my snaps or read my blog, you'd know that this is my favorite stopover place when traveling northbound. I love how it's the perfect place to gas up, wait for the other cars (when in convoy), buy essentials from Select and eat, eat, eat! This is the only gas station na sagana sa restos and food places! I love it, my friends & family love it. :)

 Briefing by the Shell Team

We had a quick bathroom break, short briefing, took a few photos, and off we went again! Our next stop? The Sandbox Alviera in Pampanga! This is perfect for the Regional Explorers -- people who enjoy outdoor activities, trekking, extreme adventures, etc. :)

Class photo

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I love going on road trips. Makes me feel alive, free and happy. :)

 Road to The Sandbox

 So sad we weren't able to avail these ATVs hehe

 Sandbox price list

 It was so hot that day, but everyone was a trooper

 Wanted to try this too. Next time!

 Looks fun! Next time will try this too!

We were again grouped and told that we had to complete 3 activities and also answer trivias for prizes.

1st Activity: The SMS Challenge or Trivia Hunt

While the others were completing the other activities, we decided to do the Trivia Hunt first. So basically, it's like a scavenger hunt. We hadto look for cards and answer the questions written on them. :)

 We had to text our answers and were rewarded chocolates for each correct answer!:) 

Here are the other questions we rightfully answered! Also a few information and trivia about Shell...

1. What is Shell’s convenience store?  Shell Select 
2. What fuel is used in your vehicles?  Shell V-Power Nitro+ 
3. What are the variants of Shell V-Power Nitro+? Gasoline, Diesel, and Racing 
4. Complete the sentence: Shell V-Power Nitro+ helps you win against gunk and _______ • Corrosion
 5. What is Shell’s energy efficient line of fuels? Shell FuelSave

2nd Activity: Giant Swing

Okay, I admit mejo kinabahan ako dito. The swing looked intimidating lalo na siguro for people with fear of heights. I am all for adventures but I do have some moment of weakness. Mga 5 minutes lang naman yun and then I shut down all feelings and tell myself to go for it. YOLO! :)

 Ana and Nicole

 My activity partner, Myke! So happy we're teammates!

 This is it!!! We were pulled back to almost as high as those poles!

 And then we were dropped and released! My face explains all my feelings. Haha. 

Lula x 3. Back and forth. Back and forth. 

 I was so confused, didn't know what to feel. Hahaha!

 After the first swing, it becomes fun na! Was laughing almost the whole time!

 Myke kept teasing me din haha

 Nakisali pa si Kuya. Haha!

Shots taken by Ana from afar 


3rd Activity: Archery

I admit, I didn't think I'd be able to shoot 1 arrow. Haha. But, it turned out to be easier than I expected it to be! The bow was automatic so I didn't have a hard time keeping the arrows in place. 

 Sorry naman sa expression ko it was so hot and naliligo nako sa pawis. Haha. Was able to hit naman the target every time. Yey. 

Myke tried the timed challenge! 

 With blogger loves! Myke, Mother Earth, Nicole, Ana, Chin & Me!

The Eon team!

Squad & car goals

We had to leave immediately because we had to follow the schedule and we were all hungry na! From Sandbox, we drove going to Apu restaurant in Angeles City. Fell asleep sa byahe! Thanks Myke for the smooth ride. Hehe.


 Noted with thanks! Lechoooon.

 Finally! Was starving naaa.

 Food! Fish, Kare-Kare, Salad & Sisig

 Love the interiors and love the message on the wall!

Ate so much haha

After eating, we left Pampanga and headed to our next destination, The Spa in BGC. Perfect for the Neighborhood Wanderer -- people who loves going around the city to try new food places, spas, malls, etc. It was a pretty long journey and I was asleep the whole trip. Love it. 

 Closing remarks by the Shell team

It was an extremely long day of exploring, so we were all excited to finally relax and recharge through The Spa's amazing massage service. It was also nice to be able to shower! Hehe. 

 We're ready to be pampered!

Shared the room with Mother and gf Anagon!

We were also treated to a sumptuous dinner after our spa treatment at Mango Tree!

It was a pretty long day but I had so much fun I didn't even notice the time. Hehe. Also didn't want it to end pa! Thank you Shell & Eon for this wonderful experience, for satisfying our thirst for adventure and for taking good care of us! Can't wait to go on more road trips with my #1 fuel of choice, Shell! :)

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