Thiocell: Breakthrough Gluthatione Lozenges Launch

It's not a secret that I am a fan of gluthathione. I have taken capsules in the past, as well as glutha IV shots from YSA Skincare. Aside from having more radiant and clearer skin (it won't really make you super white), gluthatione also helps in detoxification of the liver and boosting the immune system.  It's pretty amazing. And you know me! I badly need that. Haha. So, when I got invited to Thiocell's launch I said yes. I wanted to know what made this brand different from the others and what it has to offer. I'm so glad I did! Learned so much that afternoon from the guest doctors/dermatologists. So, what makes Thiocell different and probably THE best gluthatione in the market? 

Proven to be the more superior product in the market, Thiocell is the first and only oral glutathione in lozenge form. It is clinically proven to reduce pigmentation and achieve healthier, brighter and more beautiful skin in as early as 2 weeks. It's the only gluthatione I know that is in that form!!! Melts in your mouth galore. The dermatologists present during the launch said that is more effective than the other forms. Not sure if it's more effective than the IV shots though. 

Thiocell was first introduced in the Philippines in 2013, and has since become the favored and must trusted partner of dermatologists, not only in the country but around the world. You can only buy it from dermatologists before, now they're making it available in the market! Yipee!

After years of research and clinical study, 
Dr. Theodore Hersh, a renowned professor of the Emory University School of Medicine who has over 20 patents under his name in the development of glutathione and selenium products,  discovered a newer, safer, and more effective way for the body to absorb and use glutathione.

“There may be hundreds of products available in the market, but women should be wary because there is a far more superior and successful method to achieving whiter skin,“ explains Director and COO of Brady Pharma, Rameash Tenambhat Krishnamurthy. 

The secret to Thiocell’s outstanding performance lies in three key fundamentals: the GCS synergy, Lozenge delivery, and the science of premium whitening. 


Thiocell, unlike any other product, is formulated using a safe but potent combination of L-Glutathione, Vitamin C and L-Selenomethionine. This synergistic balance of key ingredients not only primes the body to absorb glutathione more effectively, but encourages the natural production of more glutathione in the body. So you enjoy double the benefits of skin whitening, anti-aging, and an improved, healthy immune system. Plus, it also contains Vitamin D and Grapeseed Extract, which boost the clinical benefits of glutathione.

Optimal Absorption via Lozenge Form

It tastes like grapes, if you're wondering! Since Thiocell is absorbed through the oral cavity, all the active ingredients enter the systemic circulation intact, and that ensures highest efficacy & optimum absorption. Unlike capsules which loses its potency because it has to go through several metabolic processes & passes through several organs, Thiocell is directly absorbed into the body because it immediately dissolves into your mouth! This reduces the stress on your organs. Safe & effective! I like! All of the 500mg goes into your body. Nothing wasted. Nice. :)

 Host Issa Litton

Director and COO of Brady Pharma, Rameash Tenambhat Krishnamurthy


Its nice how the dermas said that they are not pushing this product to make people feel that whiter skin is more superior. They only recommend when asked by patients. They also support this product more on its medical benefits than the skin whitening part. That all of us are beautiful regardless of our skin color. :)

People taking Thiocell should also avoid direct sun exposure (for ex. going to the beach) because obviously, it will defeat its purpose. Haha. This product is also backed with a professional clinical study that will be released soon. 

In the clinical study* conducted in the Philippines, which tested the efficacy of Thiocell in Filipino women, the results were far more convincing because patients experienced skin lightening in as early as two weeks. Thiocell undoubtedly delivers.

By end of 8th week, 100% of patients reported lighter and brighter skin. Even on the cellular level, the Mexameter readings (a tool used to measure the color of the skin) showed a significant reduction in melanin production and pigmentation. The studies also confirmed that Thiocell is safe for long-term use.

Supported by science, confirmed by doctors - Thiocell is, indeed, the more trusted product when it comes to achieving whiter, brighter and more beautiful skin. Can't wait to try it!!! :)

Thiocell is the product of Brady Pharma, and is available in all WATSONS outlets nationwide and available for order through www.lazada.com 

For more information, visit their official Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Thiocell/

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