Hong Kong & Macau 2016, Day 2: Nathan House, Ten Thousand Buddhas & TST Promenade

Hello, friends! So, I just came back from Bohol and I have no voice and I'm feeling a bit under the weather. :( I am putting myself on voluntary house arrest (to recharge and recuperate) and to fight off boredom, I've decided to work on pending travel posts while watching Anthony Bourdain shows on iFlix. It's super entertaining but also makes me super hungry and makes me want to travel more. Hehehe.  

Anyway, here's Part 4 of my HK/Macau 2016 travel posts! On our 2nd day in Hong Kong, Nico and I decided to leave the city, go to Sha Tin and visit the Ten Thousand Buddhas Temple/Monastery. I've been there before but I wanted to see it again, with Nico this time. After Sha Tin, we headed back to TST Harbour area for some more exploration. But before that, we checked in muna to our new hostel which we booked via AirBnB. Owner was nice enough to let us check-in early para more time to pasyal. Photos and stories below!

We just walked from our hostel in Austin to our hostel in Jordan! It was just near! :)

From Austin Inn, we crossed the road and entered the train tunnel, immediately exited left following the sign to Jordan road. You will pass by this sign, Canton Road. Just walk straight!

 Walk straight til you see the Nathan House sign.

After about 10 minutes of walking, finally reached our new home for 4 nights and 5 days!
You will see this entrance right before Jordan train station

We dragged our suitcases over 2 flights of stairs and into the building elevator, up to the 4th floor.

Exit elevator and turn right

 You will immediately see this sign!

We were immediately greeted by owner Peter's wife, Tiffany. She was so lovely and sweet and accommodating! 

 Door automatically locks itself. You need to press the door button on the left side to open. You also need door code or swipe your key card to enter. 

 Super tight space but bearable:)

It was only 12pm, but the owners allowed us to check-in early. Yey!

 Say hello to our super small room! Haha.

 Barely enough space to move around but it was okay. We got what we paid for.

 Tiny but clean bathroom

 Room has 4 beds:) It would perfectly fit just 3 persons though.

 They have strong wifi connection! Thank God:) Also used these hooks and hangers to hang my daily outfits, so I could put away my suitcase until we leave. Haha. Sikip eh. 

 Flatscreen TV which we did not use

 Extension and adapters:)

Booked this room via AirBNB! Was able to get P2,500 discount pa by availing the SMARTAirBnB promo. :) Instead of paying almost P16,000, we just paid P12,800. It was super budget friendly for only P3,200 per person for 4 nights.
 View outside our window! Sorry naman sa umepal na hose ng aircon haha

 Jordan Road:)

After settling in and resting for a bit, we decided to go out na to eat lunch! There were many establishments and restos around the area, so we didn't have a hard time looking for a place to dine in. We also had enough money left from the P6,000 we had exchanged the day before. There was a Cafe De Coral a few steps away, and also McDonalds, but Nico wanted Indian food. So hanap kami!


 Saw a lot of restaurants and food stalls that had this FoodPanda sticker. Meaning, they could deliver! Nice.

We ended up eating here because they offer set meals for just $50 HKD! And we're on a budget. Soooo....


 My set meal! Rice, bread, meat, veggies and extra mint/pesto sauce that's perfect to reset your palate. In short, pang tanggal umay.

Food was so authentic and delicious (the bismati rice tasted strong though) but I was not able to finish mine 'coz my stomach's acting crazy the past 2 days. Had to run back to the hostel after to, you know. TMI much? Haha! Got constipated na after. Huhu. Left the hostel again at around 3pm and rushed to Sha Tin. Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery closes at 5pm. Ticket from Jordan to Sha Tin is around $10 HKD and trip takes about 25 minutes. 

 Jordan station (red) going to Yau Ma Tei (green)

 Yau Ma Tei (red-green) going to Kowloon Tong (green-blue)


 Free Internet Station! Saya talaga dito. Most of their MTR stations have free wi-fi too:)

 Cute ng coat and luggage ni ate

Kowloon Tong station where we're boarding another train going to Sha Tin

 I love how they have this section! Bagay na bagay ako dito! Haha!

 Finally in Sha Tin! Look for Exit B:)

Upon exit, turn left.

 walk down the ramp

 Pai Tau Village:)

 walk the path across bus terminal 

 until you see the Grand Central Plaza building

 Turn left sa corner!

 And then turn right sa first corner you see! Cross the road first shempre.

 Sheung Wo Che Road. You won't miss it!

 Building on the left is the Sha Tin Government Offices

 Walk straight pa more til you see the parking lot to the left. And then walk pa a little, mga 15 steps, until you see the very small entrance and path going to the monastery on the left. :)

 There are no signs which could lead you there (HK government has not declared 10k Buddhas as tourist site), but just follow my instructions! Haha. You might miss the small entrance but it's also okay to ask around. :)

 Ayan na sila!

The Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery (Man Fat Tsz), located at Po Fook Hill at Pai Tau Village, Sha Tin in the New Territories, is one of Hong Kong’s most famous Buddhist temples. The temple was founded and hand-built in 1949 by the Reverend Yuet Kai, a devout Buddhist layman who dedicated the last years of his life to constructing an elaborate temple containing nearly 13,000 statues of Buddha. The monastery is not residential and is managed by lay-persons. Don't confuse it with the Po Fook Hill Ancestral Halls which lie directly below it!

 Naks blagger pose! Wahaha!

The climb may be quite tough (nginig levels yung paa ko after) and not for the weak, but the view above and the statues which line up the path, makes it all worth it. 

Contrary to what's written in Wikipedia (haha), these are actually Arhan statues of golden monks or dieties. Not Buddhas. Different angles, poses, representations. They're actually amusing to look at!

 pagwapo pose

 "ay, ewan ko sayo" or "ambot sa imo" (in Ilonggo) pose

 Almost 500 steps going up to the 1st level

 Pabebe wave?

 wooow, blagger pose na naman!

 Salonpass plez!

H&M knit top, Forever 21 leggings, Janylin boots

 Was surprised to see this sign in Tagalog!

 "Chismis pa more!"

 Kumakain ako ng flower guysss

 We're almost there! May papansin sa gilid. Haha.

Boy long legs and Lastikman?

 The 1st level gate!

 We're here! 


 There's a vegetarian restaurant at the top! Didn't try it though.

At the lower level or the main plaza, you would find a pagoda, a hall, two pavilions and a tower in the architectural structure.

 That's the main temple or 10,000 Buddhas Hall. No photos allowed inside!


9-storey pagoda

 More pavilions

 Behind one of the pavilions is this area perfect for resting after a long walk, with an amazing view of Sha Tin:)

 Self-timer hits! Behind us is the Kwun Yam (Goddess of Mercy) Pavilion

 Main temple! I know taking photos are not allowed, but I just had to share it with you...

The walls of the main temple are lined with the (almost) 13,000 miniature gold ceramic Buddha statues stacked on shelves. Each statue is about twelve inches high and adopts a different pose and expression and contains an inscription bearing the name of its donor.

 Can you see the Buddha like figure inside the glass case in front of the main altar? That's actually the preserved body of Rev. Yuet Hai! Wooow.

Nico and I decided to proceed to the 2nd level which took another 100+ steps... 
 Hala! Napanooo.

 Mr. Pogi baby

 More gold statues. Girls naman this time.

Nice spa like music playing loudly. Love it. So peaceful:) 

 Nice view of the city

 Tortoise Pond!

 Ano na? Kuya??? pose.

 More statues on the rocks! Blog niya talaga toooo. 

 Just a small girl in this big world

 Time to go down na!

 Eyebrow game strong

We decided to check out Grand Plaza Central and IKEA. I think this is the perfect place to shop for furnitures. Interior designers would love this place! 

 View from the escalator window

 Checked out IKEA's cafe!

 Nico did not want to eat, so ayoko na din. Food looked delicious though!


 Chilled here for a bit to take advantage of the mall's free wi-fi. Hehe.

 Then it was time to go back to Tsim Sha Tsui!

 Cute kid explaining in English. :)

 Ayun o!

 Ito pa o! That's the Hong Kong Space Museum at the back:)

 Walked around sa Harbour area:)

 Love this!

 Also love these fake grass with tree carts/rest area! Puno sila though so d namin naavail.

 We passed by the HK Museum of Art

And emerged at the now closed Avenue of Stars area where you could see HK's towering buildings:)

 So beautiful. Stayed here until after sunset:)

 Nico and I stayed at this spot for almost an hour. Just taking in HK's cold weather and this magnificent view:)

  Saw the buildings light up one by one:)


 Nico said this is a good place for an OOTD. In fair tama sha! Haha.

 Reminds me of Singapore! That area sa Marina Bay:)

 The Clock Tower:)

Tsim Sha Tsui's clock tower houses the original clock from the former site of the Tsim Sha Tsui Train Station. 

 If you walk some more, you'd come across the Star Ferry Terminal

 Was super hungry na so I dragged Nico to the nearest Mcdonalds! Haha. Namiss din naman niya mag fries! Haha.

 saw this huge Melty Kiss sa 7-11. Waaah.

 I missed you so much!!! I love Melty Kiss.

It was still early, and I was not meeting my friends until 9pm, so we strolled some more and shopped a little...

 We just had to! I was able to buy a nice black jumpsuit and a printed vintage inspired dress for $100 HKD each. 

 If malamig lang dito, I would buy these coats!

 On our way to Temple Street night market, we got tired, so we rested for a bit and spent a few minutes chatting on this bench at the Park Lane Shopper's Boulevard. 

Went to Temple Street because I had to buy cycling shorts so I could wear my outfit sets with skirts. Forgot to bring kase. Hehe. Bought one for $35. We can't feel our feet anymore and we didnt want to walk back to TST, so we rode the train back to the area. Hihi.

 Love Kuya's outfit. Lakas maka astronaut.

 Meeting up with my friends in front of Chungking Mansions. Bat nga ba dito? Haha!

Didn't want to wait here, so we made tambay muna in iSquare Mall just across the street. Buti nalang they also have free wi-fi, so I was able to contact my friends through FB messenger. Yey!

 Hi Ariane & Kitin! They're my close friends and barkada since our Robinsons Department Store days:)

 Trying out Kitin's wide lens clip-on which she bought from a store in TST

 She took us there too! I bought a cellphone case and an i-ring for just $35. Was able to save $5 coz it should $20 each.

That's Kitin on the left. She was super cute and persistent kaya aliw na aliw the Kuyas manning the shop. Haha! 

 Store front. Hello Ar and Nico. Haha.

 Photo-op galore kami ni Ariane while waiting for Kitin

 Nico and his gang. Belong na belong!

Feeling Sex and the City minus 1 kami haha!

 Grabe we've been friends for 10 years na pala!

Missed these girls! Sa HK pa talaga kami nagkita. Haha.

More picturesss

Hanep sa lighting!

While walking around, I've been corresponding din with my sister (using Ariane's cellphone, thanks girl!) who arrived that evening. She rode the airport bus (A21 with wi-fi!) going to Jordan (she went down Nathan Road, stop #10). It was cheaper than the airport express train. Bus was just $33 HKD. Anyway, she was able to find our hostel agad! We fetched her and then we looked for someplace to eat...

Marikina girls in Hong Kong!

Kitz and Ar are flying back to Manila the next day, so we had to part ways near Park Lane. The 3 of us (Nic, Ate and I) then walked to TST (iSquare area) to look for someplace to eat. Ate wanted Chinese food, so we decided to eat at the famous Ah Say Fast Food located along Lock Road...

 I ordered Spam Rice na naman! Haha. Mejo nasuka ako sa busog. Our meal was at around $45+ HKD. 

After eating, we bumped across some Pinoys who greeted us and told me that they remember me from the airport in Manila. I got confused pa. They said they were seated beside our table and I was eating dimsum pa. Haha! Super random at specific ni Ate! Lol. Anyway, walked home from TST to Jordan. Can't feel my feet na after but it was a pretty amazing day! 

My expenses that day:
$50 - Indian food
$9.50 - train from Jordan to Sha Tin
$9.50 - train from Sha Tin to TST
$4.50 - train from Jordan to TST
$40 - Spicy chicken fillet meal + water
$200 - H&M 
$35 - cycling shorts
$35 - cellphone shop
$15 - Iced Lemon Tea at Cafe de Coral
$45 - Meal at Ah Say Fast Food

Total = $442.50!!! Or P2,600

Take out the shopping, and total should be $207.50. Minus the iced lemon tea from Cafe de Coral which I just bought when I met up with my friends, new total will be $192.50 or P1,155. Not bad! If you can control yourself from shopping. Haha. Nico's expenses is more or less $190 too. We had to have another set of bills changed the next day! Day 3 coming up next. ;)

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