Hong Kong & Macau 2016, Day 1: Tsim Sha Tsui, Wan Chai & Causeway Bay

Our first official day in Hong Kong was pretty relaxed, as we opted to just chill and walk around the city. No plans, no rush, no itinerary. We postponed our other tours and activities because we wanted to do it nalang when my sister arrives. Our room didn't have a window, so we overslept. Haha! We didn't know what time it was because forever lang madilim sa room. Lol. Woke up at around lunch time. Headed straight to Tsim Sha Tsui (HK's busiest area) to have our money changed and to eat lunch. Stories through photos!

Basic House sweater, Uniqlo jeans, Christian Siriano for Payless bag, Mikkas Closet brogues

Feelingerang froglet

OOTD pa more.

I wore this pretty and colorful Basic House sweater (which I've been hiding in my closet for a year now!) on our first day because I thought baka OA if umaura ako in my coat and boots and scarf. When we got out, ganun naman pala outfit ng majority. Haha! It was cold but I got myself covered. Had another sweater underneath. Layer layer lang.

Our hostel building!

Austin MTR is just across the street

Nico and I discussed if we're going to purchase the Unlimited 3-day Airport Express Travel Pass which is $220 HKD (P1,300) or the Adult Tourist 1-day Pass which is $55 HKD (P300+). We decided not to avail the 3-day pass because we thought we will not be able to fully utilize it. The card includes 1 single journey sa Airport Express which we will not be able to use. We will be flying out from Macau eh. 

We should have gotten the 1-day Adult Tourist Pass though! I computed our train fares on the first day and it totalled $75 HKD. We could have saved $20 HKD. Hihi. Oh well. I would also recommend the Octopus Card for tourists (which we also did not avail, booo), because of its convenience (you can use it anywhere! the train, buses, convenience stores, restos, etc), plus it offers discounted train fares. Next time. :(

For your reference, comparison and to easily plan your train trips, click here:

Bought a ticket going to Hung Hom Station. I don't know why Hung Hom haha! I think it's because I googled how to go to Chungking Mansions and that's what popped up.

Saw this building on the right upon exit

Just walk straight to reach the main road, Nathan Road!

Kala ko gui-guni ko lang to! Haha! 


Shushal building

Scenario sa right

And sa left. That's the HK Space Museum na! That's the area of the now closed (but a small portion is still open) Avenue of Stars:)

road signs

Blog niya talaga to eh

We walked 2-3 blocks before finally reaching Chungking Mansions! It's just near Hung Hom MTR nga.

Before leaving for HK, I did a quick research on the best place/s to exchange foreign currency. Many of the comments on TripAdvisor said, Chungking Mansions. I also read somewhere that rates in Mirador Mansion (along Nathan Road) and World Wide House in Central are also good.  We decided to check out Chungking nalang because it was the most accessible from our place. It's also located in the heart of TST. 

You won't miss it! Bilang mga 1 million the Indians, Africans, Persians, Pakistanis, Arabs na nakatambay outside the building. 

Across the street is i SQUARE Shopping Centre!

Inside Chungking, there are countless stalls selling cheap goods-- from phones, toiletries, groceries, DVDs, bags, etc.


Elevators that will take you to the upper floors where many guesthouses and hostels are located. They offer the cheapest rates! Will try to stay here next time. For the experience.

After checking out almost all the FOREX stalls inside, chose Kin Shing Money Exchange na! Their rates are friendly and it looked legit naman. No hidden fees. Had P6,000 changed at $.163 HKD per P1. Got $978 HKD which was just enough for our gastos for 2 days. 

Rates. Their stall is located sa center. 

Other stalls inside and outside offer lang $.13 to $.15 HKD. 

Don't have your money changed sa stalls in front of the building! Walk all the way to the middle or back part for better rates. :)

Crossed the street to look for someplace to eat!

Style Spotting! Love her long coat and silver oxfords:)

From CM, we crossed the street, walked straight and crossed this intersection going to Adidas. 

We turned right from Adidas and came across this local restaurant!

Their signage is the one in color red

Nico wanted to eat sa legit Chinese resto so okay pagbigyan. Haha.

Taking photos were not allowed inside! So takas takas lang to.

We were the only tourists eating inside. Puro locals!

Buti nalang their menu has an English translation

 I ordered SPAM with Egg for $48 HKD (mejo pricey pa din) & Nico ordered beef with veggies. Same price, I think. I also ordered Iced Lemon Tea for $8 HKD. Best meal ever. Naubos ko lahat. Lol.


My cousin's favorite store in HK!

Hiiii! We're not fond of colorful sweaters. Joke. Haha.

We also plan to stay here in Haiphong Mansion next time!

Busy streets of HK

So, I thought why not take OOTD photos while crossing the street. 

I like this photo! Why didn't I post this. Haha. 

Had to do it twice bilang always not ready my photographer! Hay nakoo. Haha. 

On my first tawid, there were no good photos! There were so many people and Nico got blocked by some of them. Haha! This time naman perfect na. Lol. 

Cute couple. I'm such a stalker.

Walking along Nathan Road, we saw this. Artsyyy.

Was looking for a toilet so we dropped by Kowloon Park. This entrance is located along Park Lane Shopper's boulevard.

Daily dose of sunshine ni Lola! So cuteee. Lakas maka Marikina Sports Center noh?

Avenue of Comic Stars! So cuuuute.

This part of the park opened in 2012 to commemorate HK comic artists and comic characters:)

 Bigyan ng jacket si kuya!

So much cuteness

Soaking up some sun to fight off the cold

We continued walking along Nathan Road, sa direction going to Jordan.

So organized their buses and bus stops

Sana ganito din sa Pinas!

Stores where you can buy thermal wear

Temple Street!

This street near Temple Street has many restos and it's not that pricey!

I saw many people inside this store. Mukhang okay!

When we got out, asa Jordan Road na kami!

We decided to look for Nathan House, so we'd know where to go when we transfer to our new hostel the next day. Found it agad! It's just along Jordan Road and near the corner of Nathan. Anlaki pa ng sign o.

Best part? It's just beside the MTR!!! That's Jordan Exit A. Our hostel is just there sa Champion Building!:)

We rode the train from Jordan going to Wan Chai! We wanted to check out the Adidas shop Ana told me about. :)

In Wan Chai... he's following me! Haha.

When we got off the train and exited, we got lost. Haha. Nico badly needed to pee so we traipsed the bridge above until we reached the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre! Unfortunately, we didn't see any restrooms. Huhu. So we headed back nalang and tried sa other side of the road from the MTR. 

Parang Makati lang daw as per Nico. Lol. I can see it. 

Ito naman New York. Haha!

Hong Kong Convention Centre

Went down the stairs and saw this. Awww.

Old school mode of transpo in HK-- tram!!!

Hello from the other side! Taken when I crossed the road na from the MTR exit.

Went inside this alley to try and check if KFC has a toilet. None. Zero. Haha. 

So many stalls selling different goods

Flowers, Keys, Clothes, Souvenirs, etc

This is the street where this nice market is located! And this is where we finally found a public toilet! Haha. Thank you Tai Yuen Street. Lolz

Walked some more after our energizing toilet break. Haha! 

We really didn't think we'd find the store. But we did! Yahoo! Haha. From the MTR station just cross the street and turn right. Straight lang and you'll see the Adidas sign on the left side of the road. 

Different styles on sale!

Price ranges from $199-$600 HKD depending on the style

Stans and Superstars for the addicts out there. Haha. 

Mejo pricey pa din:(

Found this white velcro shoes for just $249 HKD! Same style that Ana bought. Was so tempted to buy it but I thought, "Not my style talaga". So I had to let go. Huhu. But if they have it sana in Nico's size we'll both buy a pair. Couple shoes daw eh, Pauso eh. Lol.

Hello! Selfie while waiting for Nico.

Coffee Academics was just across the street! It was recommended by some blogger friends but didn't go inside na 'coz Nico and I are not ma-coffee. It's nice inside though!

A few steps away from Adidas is the store Sample King. I bought my Gigi Hadid inspired oversized gray sweater from there! For just $69 HKD! They sell different styles and different colors of sweaters and tops and clothes. 

Also checked out this store but did not see anything worth buying

Saw this nice stall selling snacks

After buying my sweater at Sample King, we decided to go back (sa direction ng MTR again) and walk some more until we reach Causeway Bay. It was a super long walk but didn't mind 'coz it was cold naman and there were lots of sights to see!

And we were back sa market! Bought socks from this stall:)I paid $15 HKD for 2 pairs.

More stalls:)

Saw quite a number of Filipino stores!

Db? Hehe

Saw this food stall! Perfect timing 'coz I was feeling hungry na din.

So much food to choose from!

We wanted to eat rice but there were no tables. These are only for take-out. 

Lined up too!

I got the Fried Pork Bun (4th column from right, 5th row and up haha)! Paid $15 hkd for 4 pcs. Sulit! Tastes good too!

Super budget meals!

We kept on walking and walking.

Saw this HUGE crab in front of a restaurant window. How much kaya to noh?

We stopped at 7-11 to buy water, smoke and to avail their free WI-FI! I love how there's free WI-FI almost everywhere!

Style Spotting: Love the midi skirt with the top, boots and hat!

Style Spotting: How cute is he? Plaid buttondown, white shirt, black suspenders, bitin pants and loafers. Love.

Finally! Causeway Bay!!!

You'd know coz of the crowd, the lights and the many stores!

Taken from the overpass. Haha.

Ate dinner at Food Republic!

Compared to Singapore, this FR has fewer stalls and fewer options. Prices are steeper too.

Nico bought from a Chinese food stall. He paid $50 hkd for his food. 

I wanted to eat rice but nothing enticed me. Settled for this stall selling Congee sets nalang!

I am not a fan of congee or goto or arrozcaldo, but it was the most promising meal na that time. Haha.

They also have noodles

Prices! I ordered the Pork Set (congee + bread + rice rolls) for $38 hkd

$38 hkd congee set + $16 hkd iced lemon tea. Mahal ng lemon tea but no choice. Was craving for this our whole stay in HK!

Street food vendor across Times Square!

Pssst, uy! Bawal sweet!

Style Spotting: Been seeing a lot of girls wearing this YSL bag! So nice! Also love her pink coat:)

Walking shot din daw sha!

Got it in 1 take, 5 clicks! Samantalang ako 2 takes, 10 minutes, 1 million clicks? Booo. 

Hello, Times Square! I've missed ya. 

Art exhibit! It was open to the public, so we checked it out. Sadly, photos were not allowed inside. Loved it though!

Nico loved how lit up and lively Causeway Bay is:)

Inside Uniqlo while checking out the Star Wars & Mickey Mouse collection!

Then, it was time to go home! 

Smile pa din even if we can't walk and stand anymore! Haha. Walked for 11 hours. Haggard but happy.

Happy pa more! Bought a box of Green Tea Meltykiss (my favorite chocolate!) from a store in Admiralty Station. Sharap. 

From Causeway Bay to Admiralty to TST to East TST to Austin

We're finally home! 

Our total expenses that day was approximately $350- $400 HKD or P2,400 - P2,700. That includes train tickets, food, snacks & some shopping. That's for Nico and I na, not per person. It helps when you have a super frugal jowa 'coz someone gets to control your spending. My spending. Haha! He controls, but doesn't deprive. Patayan na pag ganun. Lol. When I see something I really, really want (in the tune of Wannabe by Spice Girls), and he knows it's something I really, really need, he'd push me to buy it. Sometimes, I just let things go and walk away on my own. I always feel so proud after! Haha. And that is how we survive traveling on a budget, my friends. Haha. 

This ends my Day 1 post! Still have a few posts to go. Mejo 8 days kasi. Haha. Will try to compress my entries to make it shorter. TRY. Haha. Thanks for reading! Love youuu! *kisses*

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