Create Your Own Story with F&C Jewelry

All that glitters may not be silver, gold nor diamonds, but the best memories. It might be the first pair of diamond earrings on your 18th birthday, the gem stone ring you gifted yourself as a reward for working too hard, seeing the smile in your mom's eyes when you gave her that beautiful necklace, or the dazzling engagement ring from the love of your life. The most valuable pieces of jewelry could not be measured by its carats, gems or design, what makes a piece truly remarkable are the beautiful memories and emotions that add brilliance to it. Agree?:) 

This appreciation of journeys and milestones makes the extraordinary legacy of F&C (Florete & Caperonce) Jewelry, one of the oldest and right now the biggest fine jewelry retailer in the country with more than fifty stores nationwide. Here are some photos from the launch:)

I'm engaged! To myself. Hahaha. This ring retails for P30K+:)

Event was at F&C inside SM Makati

 F&C Owners with Ambassadors Jenni Epperson, Kim Jones, Camille Co and Daphne Osena:)

Now prepare to unleash the royalty in you! So many beautiful pieces to choose from:)

Understanding that each individual’s journey is different and unique, and that life’s greatest moments should be kept alive in our memories, F&C has launched a unique campaign, Create Your Own Story, which encourages customers to immortalize memories by owning inspiring pieces that last forever. :)

“At F&C, we take great efforts to fuse together quality gems and precious metals to create exemplary pieces that have timeless appeal. We commit to good quality and create innovative designs that will be relevant for future generations to come. All of these heirloom pieces, which may be passed on from one generation to the next, celebrate beauty and romance; all sound pieces and valuable touchstones that last a lifetime,” shares Marissa, adding that F&C’s designs are limitless, as they are timeless.

Marissa further adds: “When people speak about jewelry the first thing people think about is the price. What sets us apart is that in our desire to provide Filipinos a chance at a wearable investment like jewelry, we have made it a point to offer affordable-luxury pieces aside from the very expensive ones in our stores. In this way, more and more Filipinos are given the chance to create their own stories as well.”

Whether as a gift for a loved one or one’s self, these F&C creations will be pieces that patrons will surely keep close to their heart. Jewel collectors will fall in love with the array of elegant charms, delicate designs, precious stones and diamonds. From the classics to the whimsical, from the formal to the pieces that you can use everyday tells something about the life one has lived.

 Bagay ba?

 Pearls for your Mom or Lola!:) Or you:) Super affordable:)

F&C Jewelry was first established as a humble, home-grown business in 1973 by spouses, Marcelino M. Florete, Jr. and Susan Caperonce-Florete, whose mother was a renowned jeweler in Iloilo City. Building on the long-standing family tradition, sisters Marissa and Marjorie have grown F&C into a more formidable luxury brand that continues to flourish 40 years later. Together, with their other siblings Marcelino III and Mary Christine, the Florete siblings continue to enrich a wonderful heritage in jewelry making, as well as bringing fine jewelry to a wider Filipino audience. Today, F&C is a proud market leader with over 50 jewelry stores all over the country.

With my loves Ana, Angel, Rhea and Yuki:)

Get your sparkle on ladies! Drop by the nearest F&C store now:)

F&C Jewelry is available in all SM Department Stores nationwide and at the new Glorietta Mall. Visit www.fncjewelry.com to know more about their latest designs. 

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