Asia Trip 2015, CAMBODIA: Preah Prohm Rath, Wat Bo & War Museum

Helloooo! I'm here again! Gave myself an ultimatum to finish my Cambodia posts before the weekend so I can finally move on to our next destination--THAILAND! So you've already seen what hotel we stayed in (which is absolutely gorgeous!), as well as snaps from our first day in Siem Reap, now here are more photos taken around the city with some tips on where to go and where to eat. Starting our city tour with some outfit photos. Let's go!

 (all photos taken using Iphone 6s)

Promod x Clement Dezelus shirt, Suiteblanco skirt, Nava sunnies, H&M hat, Payless bag, Keds sneakers

 Stripes on Stripes! Super cute this Promod x Clement Dezelus shirt! So meee. :)

On our 2nd day in Siem Reap, Nico and I decided to explore the city, take it slow, so we could take all its beauty in. Stories through photos!

 On our way to Pub Street, we passed by Khmer Taste Restaurant and decided to eat lunch there

 It was super hot outside so we decided to chill and dine muna before our city tour!

Affordable meals! 

Our sumptuous meal! Total is $10. Porkchop with rice is $3.50 each, vegetables $2, water is $1 for big bottle

After eating, we walked (under the scorching heat of the sun arghhh) going to Pub Street to find a pharmacy or store where we can buy alcohol. As in rubbing alcohol ha. Couldn't found anything similar to Green Cross (whyyy) so we settled for Alcogel nalang. Then we hired a tuk-tuk driver to tour us around!:) 

So many tuk-tuks to choose from!

Went with Kuya with the friendly face. Will reveal later! Haha. Nico wearing PEOPLE Footwear:)

First stop? Wat Preah Prohm Reath Pagoda!

And we're here!

Too bad was wearing short skirt, can't go inside the temple. 


 Aura pa more

Wat Preah Prohm is a big compound which houses a temple, monastery (monk sightings), decorated towers and religious structures, a university and the main hall (Preah Vihear). Said to be almost 500 years old, it is Siem Reap's most prominent temple due to its location and rich history. :) 

The first thing you'll notice when you enter the main gate is this boat replica with a monk standing on it. There's this story that around 1500 AD, there was a Buddhist monk who frequently travel from here to Long Vek, the ancient Capital of Cambodia, to ask for alms or food. Even if it takes him forever to go from one place to another, he always arrive with fresh rice in his pot, thus the nickname Preah Ang Chong Han Hoy. Which is where the name of the temple came from.:) But, tragedy struck one day when sharks broke his boat into half! Instead of sinking, one piece of the boat floated to Wat Boribo in Kompong Chnang Province while the other half brought him back safely. How? It was said that the piece carrying the monk was traveling at a great speed that water can't flow through it. Because of this miracle, the Buddhists here decided to build a reclining Buddha (which I did not see huhu) made of the wooden piece from the boat which was kept in the main hall or Preah Vihear Bldg. Now you know. :)

I concur:) Is it okay to have 2 religions? I love Buddhism. Love their teachings. 


Food cart outside the temple. I think this is Pork Bun. YUM.

bridge in front of Preah Kahn

It was so peaceful and calm (but extremely hot) inside the compound even if its located at the heart of the city, that you feel lighter upon leaving. After Wat Preah, our tuk-tuk driver then brought us to another well-known temple in the city called Wat Bo Pagoda. 

Wat Bo is truly a hidden gem because of the old temples and stupas inside, the countless monks walking its grounds, calming chants reverberating from the main temple and the serenity of the whole place that just envelopes you. Few tourists also frequent this place. Was quite surprised to find the place deserted (except for a few tuk-tuk drivers and monks) when we got there.  :)

Wat Bo is one of the town's temples showcasing a collection of well-preserved and detailed wall paintings from the late 19th century depicting the Reamker, the Cambodian version of one of the great Hindu epics, Ramayana. It is also known as the town's oldest Buddhist monastery. :)

 Wasn't able to go inside because it's closed



 Okay, so I saw this monk walking and I wanted to take a photo of him but I was too shy, so I circled him like a hawk even when he's already peacefully reading. He saw me and I think he thought I was a stalker, so I asked Nico to do it for me and he did. SUCCESS. :)

 Where monks sleep:)

Nico checking out where all the chanting is coming from

So many stupas! 

After Wat Bo, tinodo na namin si Kuya so we asked him to take us to the War Museum. I've been there before but it was Nico's first time so sacrifice. Haha! Joke. I wanted to go back din naman. :) It was a 15-minute ride from Wat Bo. :)

streets of Siem Reap

sightseeing on our way to the museum

street food. hehe.

i forgot what this is called but you can check it out on Triposo App:)


Entrance fee is $5 each and includes a war veteran guide

Our guide, Mr. Moun Sinath, told us war stories mostly from his personal experience. So heartbreaking.

Here he's showing us his scars including some bomb shrapnels still stuck in his body:( He also lost his leg. He's wearing an artficial leg na.

 Photos from the war

He demonstrated the danger of land mines. 

 There are still land mines scattered all over  Cambodia. Scary.

 Land mine victims:(

 He escorted us to this tank where he said remains of his friend who died in there still remains. Whuuut.

 That's kuya!

We gave him $10 as tip. We wish you well, Sir!

Read about my War Museum visit a few years ago, here: 

Our very friendly tu-tuk driver. Paid him $12 for the whole tour.

Ended our city tour there and decided to head back to Pub Street for meryenda. And when I say meryenda (in english: snackaroo hahaha), I mean FRIED NOODLES! The ultimate, my super duper favorite, Cambodian snack. Hihi. I could eat this everyday. Magkano ba magfranchise nito. Or has someone discovered how to replicate this here sa Manila? Shareeee. I beg youuuu. Haha.

Where to buy noodles like that? What's the secret sauce? Whaaaat.

 My favorite $1 snack:)

 Art for sale:)

Super yummy the fruit shakes! My favorite is Papaya. Lam na why!

After eating, we immediately went back to our hotel to rest. Was so tired and it was so hot that day so I asked Nico if we could take a tuk-tuk instead of walking. We were on a budget so I had to reason pa with him and blackmail him before he finally agreed. LOL. Paid $2 for the short ride going to our hotel. 

Quick dip before taking a nap! Sorry sa jurassic kong paa madami pong pinagdaanan. Haha.

Woke up at around 8pm and then went out for dinner. This time we headed straight to the  Angkor Night Market which is near our hotel and where food is cheaper! 

budget meal!

 Sauce pa more!

 Galit galit daw muna

 YUMMMM. So tasty that once you pop you can't stop. Haha. $2 for a bowl:)

 Had a hard time choosing. Thanks Kuya for the guidance. Heh.

Sa tinagal tagal ng order, ito lang sha. Haha. It's delicious though! Paid $1.75 lang for my meal. :)

$1 Papaya shake na namaaan! Forever! Goodbye constipation!

 Seafood for sale! 

Pasyal after dinner before heading home! 

 And bought $1 pancake. Nico's favorite!

Damooot. Lol.

Massage everywhereee

Care to shop???

 Night market is open until 10pm!

Ending my post here muna! Too many photos in one post, loading might become a pain in the arse. Hehe. Two more posts and then we're off to Thailand! My next posts will be about our temple tour, as well as our last day in the city. Hope you had fun touring the city of Siem Reap as much as I did! :) Love, love. 

Wat Preah - no entrance
Wat Bo - no entrance
War Museum - $5 each + $10 tip
Tuk-tuk driver fee for the 3 places above: $12
Tuk-tuk from Pub Street to hotel: $2
Food: more or less $20 (including lunch, dinner, snacks and water)

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