Dinner with Ms. TingTing Cojuangco + The Elegant Filipina

Ms. Tingting Cojuangco has always been one of my favorite fashionistas and one of my style icons. I just love how she carries everything she wears with grace, finesse and confidence. Her style is not just dependent on her clothes but it exudes from within. Her outfit choices and her overall look are always on point. Anybody could dress up and call themselves fashionistas, but not everyone has innate, effortless style. Did you know that during the year 1968, she was selected by Harper's Bazaar as one of the 100 Most Beautiful Women in the World alongside Jacqueline Kennedy, Queen Sirikit, Gloria Vanderbilt, Grace Kelly & Audrey Hepburn to name a few??? Wowww! So when I, together with a few bloggers, got invited to have dinner with her at her house, I just had to say yes. I've heard a lot of good things about her and I wanted to experience it myself. Hehe. So why where we there? Scroll down below to find out!:)

Ms. Tingting was nice enough to provide a service for us. I felt excited and nervous on the way to her house because we really didn't know what to expect. I only see her in society pages, events and the television. I was a little scared of her and intimidated. Hehe. But everything changed the moment we stepped in her beautiful home!   

Love her OOTD that night! Simple but so elegant. Couldn't stop staring at her belt. Hehe. Life peg. :)

We were greeted by her staff when we arrived and then by Ms. Tingting a few minutes after. She was all I expected in person-- and more! Ang masasabi ko lang, please adopt me mam. Hehe! But seriously, she was dressed so nicely and she was also very accommodating, warm and pleasant. She was not intimidating at all. We were even joking with her that our outfit peg & inspiration that night was Mikee Cojuangco and we want to be her daughter too. She just held our hands and laughed. 

Dinner photos!
 Twinning with Ana hehe


 Loved the Kare-Kare!


Buttondown shirt + denim pants = lakas makayaman Mikee Cojuangco peg

 Frozen Brazo. So goood.

The Cojuangcos:) Love their outfits!

So after dinner, we chatted with Ms. TingTing mostly about style and what makes an Elegant Filipina. She also injected some personal advices, her life story and chikas in between.  

Margarita “Tingting” Delos Reyes Cojuangco, wife of current Philippine Olympic Committee president Jose “Peping” Cojuangco, has achieved so much in her storied life. She is proof that elegance knows no age and that living a life of substance is truly what completes a woman. In her youth, she drew the attention of the world to the Filipina beauty, in marriage became the ideal wife in Tarlac who relished in the joys of motherhood, and as a public servant who focused on health, agriculture and women’s livelihood. She is also a mother of 5 gorgeous & accomplished women, wrote 9 books, fought for causes, president of Philippine Public Safety Collage, director of D.A.R.E., full colonel in the Army Reserved Force and also served as Governor in Tarlac. WOOOOW.

During our conversation, based on her stories, there is one thing that remained constant for Ms. Tingting-- her elegance. She has undoubtedly set standards of style and elegance, good manners and consistently so, that society belles and beauty must attain in vain. Because elegance, after all, is more than just high cheekbones and “branded” fashion style. It’s practically “in born” taught by mothers. Agree!

So why were we there? And why all the talk about style and elegance? Here's why:

Ms. Tingting has found a new advocacy, a list so to speak, that recognizes not just beauty, but elegant Filipinas who have strived to make a change and impact in their respective professions.

“Tingting’s List: The Elegant Filipina” has the vision of uplifting the Filipina, whose impeccable taste in social grace and fashion, transforms women to respect one’s self, inspiring others, and to contribute to one’s community, society and the country.

Question: What is an "Elegant Filipina"?

Ms. Tingting: An elegant Filipina is someone who is always refined, good mannered and consistent. You have to always look nice even when you're just in the house. Someone who looks elegant even when they're just wearing simple jewelry. Someone who has values. For example: Not speaking when adults are talking or sending a Thank You card and not just a text message. Me, I always ask my boys to stand up when a woman comes in. The purpose of an elegant woman is to teach and inspire the young.

Pax to Ana: Shet. So not me.  

Question: How did you come up with your list of elegant Filipinas?

Ms. Tingting: We deliberated for two weeks and narrowed down the list to 10. We chose inspiring elegant women who have innate sense of style and not those who rely on stylists. They are women who posses the overall package: looks, confidence, etiquette. 

The awardees!:)

The proceeds of the event will go to the Kabayan Weaving Arts and Crafts, Kabayan, Benguet Province and women scholars from Tanauan, Leyte who are training to become dressmakers under the Special Training for Employment Program (STEP). Ms. Tingting with Philippine designer Ronaldo Arnaldo will go there to teach them more intricate patterns. :) 

The event will also have a presentation by top Philippine designers: Albert Andrada, JC Buendia, Rajo Laurel and Ronaldo Arnaldo.
 Feeling elegant with our "mom". Joke. Hehe.

I love how Ms. Tingting told us not to be brand conscious and that price should not matter when choosing clothes. She herself does not buy expensive bags (sorry Hermes) and she does not like buying shelling out huge amount of money just for clothes or shoes. For retail brands, she likes H&M and Zara! She told us to buy a few key pieces that are classic and classy that you could mix and match. I want to see her closeeeet. Maybe, next time?:)

Class Picture

After our Q&A, Ms. Tingting asked us if we wanted to go to her house just a few blocks away. We said yes. Obviously. Hehe. The house we were at is also theirs but they only use it for events, parties or family functions. So, off we went! Here's the inside of her real house:)

 Love these! Native everything. Such beautiful pieces. 

Family photos. Anjan din yung amin ni Ana natakpan lang:)

Ms. Tingting during her younger years. Elegant since forever!


Thank you Ms. Tingting for an amazing evening! I may not be as elegant as you are (EVER) but your advices and words are inspiring.  I will forever remember them. :) 

“Tingling’s List: The Elegant Filipina” is made possible by Diamond Hotel, DMCI (Vic Consunji), Berjaya Philippines, Globe Telecom, Century Tuna, Baguio Oil, Ralph’s Wine and Spirits, Malaysia Airlines. Special thanks to Sheridan Hotels, Toni & Guy, Seven Fridays, Uratex Philippines, Eskaya, Florsheim, Wacoal, HyC 150, Carlo Rossi.

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