I Said YES to Silka

I am sure I have already mentioned before how the sun is not my favorite thing in the world. Haha. Well for one, I get dark within 5 minutes of sun exposure. I also sweat like a deer on spotlight. Plus, it could really drain you and make you look spent. It's so inconvenient especially when I'm running around the metro. Or outside the metro for work. Sometimes. Anyway, I am so glad I have found my saving grace! You would definitely say YES to S when you find out more about it. Here's how the unveiling went, starting with some outfit shots!:)


 Plains & Prints white top, Thrifted shorts, Landmark floral vest, Suiteblanco bag, Forever 21 shoes

It was the perfect time, place and event to wear my new floral vest which I bought from Landmark for just P400! I suddenly missed wearing vintagey statement pieces like this. In a blogging world of crop tops, highwaist shorts and mandals, it's a breath of fresh air. Don't you think? Hehe. Or feelingera lang ako. Haha! On to the event...

 They chose the perfect place! Love The Henry:)

 Hope I could stay here next time! 

 Super winner the food! I love events like this. Hehe.

 We were serenaded by my favorite blogger, artist and singer, Reese Lansangan:)

 The event was hosted by the beautiful Tracy Abad:)

 The Silka team talking about their new & exciting product:)

 Ana, Reese and I were interviewed, sharing with everyone our passions in life and our possible new life with Silka!:)

 Sayang I did not win this contest! Overnight stay pa naman sa The Henry huhu. But it was fun writing down my "feelings"-- my passions, going for my dreams and saying yes to life!:)

...just like SILKA! With Silka's SPF 30 Premium Whitening Lotion, you would be able to say yes to anything! Work, play, travels, fitness even when you are under the sun. Silka protects your skin from sun damage , nourishes it and whitens. Win-Win-Win! The perfect lotion to girls who are on the go. Just like me! Hehe. With Silka lotion with spf30, you can now say YES to challenges, YES to balanced skin, YES to confidence under the sun, and YES to living beautifully.

Here are the variants!

Silka Premium Whitening Green Papaya 
 50ml – P 55.00
 100ml – P 98.50 
200ml – P174.00

Silka Premium Whitening Lotion Orange Papaya 
50ml – P 52.00 
100ml – P 93.50
 200ml – P 165.50

It's not only super beneficial, but it's also super affordable!:) So go, take that step (or leap). Say YES!:)

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  1. Your outfit is gorgeous =)

  2. You look beautiful! This party looks great!

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  3. Love your post, love to read these photos with good mood

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  4. Like the delicious food and the bag are also my love.


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