Unbearable Lightness of Being

Hello, hellooo! I know I haven't been posting outfit posts lately, so here's one to close my blogging streak today. But before that, chika minute muna! How are you guys? I'm currently busy preparing for my 20-day birthday trip this August. Going Asian country hopping with Nico and doing so with a limited budget. Hope we survive and not end up begging for food. Haha. I shall document our trip and share all of our fun (and anguish) with you. I am almost done booking all our accommodations via AGODA. I could spend hours just browsing the site! It's my virtual happy place. Got some pretty great deals which I will share with you in a separate post. Anyway, here are some outfit photos from last month!

Zoo Shop dress, Forever 21 hat, CLN heels

Super love this dress from Zoo because it hugs the body in all the right places AND the back is so sexaaaay. Noh? Plus, I love semi-turtleneck dresses or anything with a high neckline. So clean, fresh and so MOD. Twiggy and Audrey Hepburn would loveee dizzzz. Throw in an animal print sandals in the mix pa winner na. Haha GGSO??? (gandang ganda sa outfit?) Anyhooo! I think this dress would look amazing in oxblood or canary yellow too. If you want to shop for pretty dresses such as this, you could never go wrong with Zalora. They offer different styles, colors and they have a large collection of yellow dresses. You're welcome. ;)

Time for some random kwentos! Let's start with some random food discoveries!

Finally tried Hattendo Japanese Chilled Buns! They have a kiosk in Mega Fashion Hall, SM Mall of Asia and Powerplant Mall during the weekends. Love all the flavors especially Matcha and Azuki Bean! :) Best eaten when chilled okay?


Nico and I went on a Maginhawa date last Sunday after ASAP. We decided to dine somewhere we haven't been yet. After a quick google search we decided to try out this new place called PILGRIM. It's a quiet little place tucked along Maginhawa corner Makadios street in Sikatuna Village. The restaurant's theme "Dine, Travel, Explore" was enough to catch my attention. Let the exploring begin!

What it lacks in space, it makes up for its coziness

 Homey feels. Lovely interiors

 We ordered their Sirloin Steak with egg and paisley rice! The meal costs P195. Not bad at all! The steak was delicious. Cooked just right. It was so, so tender. Extra potato wedges were just P40.

 Happy diner!

Would have given a 5/5 if they only serve ketchup. I know this could be blasphemy for some steak lovers, but I love ketchup and it makes the experience more fun. For me. Which reminds me, time to stock some sachets in my bag. For emergencies. Haha. 

My new favorite Thai resto is situated along Malingap Street. I first came to it through an FB post by my love Thysz! I am a huge Thai food lover so this is kind of a big deal. Indulge meee. Haha. As you can see above, the meals are quite afforadable! 

Ordered Tom Yum Goong, Tilapia w/ Tamarind Sauce and Eggplant with Tofu. PG lang? Best meal eveeeer. I could eat Thai food all my life. Hehe. Happy Thai is located along Malingap St. Teacher's Village, Q.C. ;)

 Happy korean at Happy Thai? Joke lang hindi po sha Korean. Panggap lang.

Here's a super late post! Our anniversary dinner at Thai restaurant BASIL located along Katipunan Ave. White Plains! 

 Menu. Sorry if pixelated! Was still using my Iphone 5c then. Hehe.

  My cutie date

  Love the ambiance.

 Sobrang linaw ng picture pang billboard yung quality

 Breathe and Believe.

 Our meal! Di naman ako mahilig sa  Tilapia and Tom Yum Goong? Haha!

 Date date din.

The food was delicious but a little expensive. I think what you really pay for is the ambiance and exclusivity of the place. They encourage diners to call for reservations. But I walked in din naman one time. Check their page to know what time they open! They close for a few hours and re-open at around 6pm. ;)

 But, this is really my comfort food. Haha! Post anniv meal. Lol. Tigilan na pagpapanggap daw. Haha.

And bilang my title is unbearable lightness of being, sharing with you my Pope Francis experience last January! Long overdue post. Haha. Waiting for him was an ordeal but seeing him even for just a few seconds made it all worth it. Surreal. Photos!

 It was his last night in Manila! We were already at Quirino Ave. ng 3am. 

 with cousin Chollo! Who's also Nico's BFF. Hehe.

Quirino Ave. or Baguio??? Haha

 I am really the third wheel. Haha.

 Good morning!!! 6am na!!! Fresh ka pa ba???

 Mejo nakakapikon that people who came late positioned themselves in front of us. Those who waited for 4 hours were pushed back. Hay, Pinoys.

 Buti nalang may rainbow! Pampa-goodvibes. 

 Anxious. Excited. Anticipating.

Postura sila Kuya.

There were rumors that Pope decided to go the other way and would not pass through na. It was already 8am that time and everyone's tired, sleepy yet super excited. Think positive lang! And then...

Hi, Pope!!! We love you!!! Almost 6 houts of waiting was worth it. Thanks for your blessing and your smile:)

I never thought I'd see him pa because I missed all his other appearances. I even began ignoring my friends' Pope posts out of envy. Haha. Thank you Lord for this wonderful moment! It's amazing how one single person could bring together millions of people and renew faith, hope and goodness. Hay. So there! Hope you enjoyed my super random post! Goodnight world!!! Bukas ulit:)

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