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I love Roxy. I love how this brand celebrate women-- their crafts, freedom, confidence and their drive to be the best version of themselves. Roxy is not just for surfers (contrary to popular belief and as debunked by Roxy's brand manager Chinky), it is for every girl who dreams, who dares and knows how to have fun in the process. Two weeks ago, Roxy conducted a craft workshop c/o Craft Manila at Greenbelt 5's activity area titled, "Get Crafty" and here's what happened through photos!:)

  Jhajing Dress, Havaianas umbrella, Converse sneakers


 Surfing inspired cupcakes:)

 We were serenaded by my new favorite band, Ransom Collective!!!:)

Dinner break at Bulgogi Brothers! Yum! Thanks Ana for the treat!:)
 Chef Nico haha

 Get Crafty event

Make your own Friendship Bracelet with DMC!:)

 Surfboard designed by Nikki Ocean (love her nameee) that was raffled off that night! So pretty.

 DIY stamps:)

 Balm making with AromateriaPH!!!:)

 Bacon lipbalm??? Why not?!

Serious kami. Haha!

Also got the Aromatherapy Balm, Breathe Easy coz sakto may sipon si Nico nun. Haha.

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 Feeling part of the band. Hihi.

 With our favorite girl, Chinky of ROXY!:)

 Forever partner, Anagon!

Thanks Roxy for making us part of this awesome event! Can't wait for the next one! Gagawa na talaga ako ng bracelet and dreamcatcher. Hehe, ;)

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