El Nido, Palawan Day 3: Activities & Island Hopping

On our last day, we finally were able to avail the free tour (c/o Bayview, thank you!) and experience the magic that is El Nido!:) Thank you Lord for giving us one whole rainless day to run wild and free! Made the trip (and my hacking nightmare) all worth it. We were originally booked for Tours A & C but because of the typhoon we were able to accomplish lang Tour A. Okay na din! Here are photos starting with my outfits....

H&M crochet tunic, Koi Swimwear bikini, from Mikki Galang shorts, Veloci watch, Avon shades

Got my tunic/coverup from H&M's end of season sale for just P500! quite a steal!:) Also got my swimsuit from Koi's Buy 1 Take 1 online sale last month. Score. The shorts was given to me by my love Mikki Galang last Bloggers United:)

Love this nautical inspired bikini set from Koi Swimwear!

Okay, moving on (haha), here are photos from that day!:)
 Breakfast with a view. Finally was able to eat after I got my Instagram and emails back!

We went down to the beach at around 9am and boarded a boat towards our first destination-- Small Lagoon! We decided not to go down anymore because we wanted to complete the tour and see the other islands. Hehe.

We just stayed here for 15 minutes to take photos lang. Then off we went to our next destination-- Shimizu Island! It is also where we ate lunch prepared by our guides. Yum. Lakas maka cast away!
 Miniloc Island na pang mayaman. Hehe.

 Hi guyssss

We're here!!!!

Hacking investigator mode


 Mga baliw!

 May forever guys. Huhuhu

Infairness, nice shot Nico. Haha.

Happy kid na naman

Thank you Kuyas for our delicious lunch! Please add veggies naman next time ha?:)

Walang diet diet! PG mode! We weren't able to finish all these. :(

The jowa acting like a fashion blagger wearing his favorite Jansport backpack!:)

After lunch, we then headed to the mother of all lagoons, the BIG LAGOON, to snorkel and swim some more! Woots! We were also advised to wear slippers because the corals might hurt. It's kind of a hassle because it's super hard kaya to swim wearing slippers! It could also trigger pulikat or cramps. Get a life vest too! Swimming into and in the lagoon could be tiriiiiing.

You could snorkel and also kayak!

 Trying to outwit the territorial fish (es). Haha.

Happy kids!

Tourist parking. Hehe.

So we spent more than 2 hours snorkeling (lost my goggles shet talaga buti nalang P500 lang) and swimming/wading in the water inside the Big Lagoon. It is best though to rent a kayak instead of swimming. Next time. You should also look out for territorial reef fish! Nico and Tracy got victimized and ended up having small bruises from their cutie patootie mini bites. Just swim or walk fast to save yourself. Lol.

Bye bye Big Lagoon!

When we were all tired, we decided to finally leave and head to our last island. The waves started to get unfriendly and it's like I'm in Kuya beast mode's killer van all over again. 100% effort and focus 'coz I was THIS close to vomiting. Haha. I ended up sleeping in the boat, dedma na sa timba timbang splashes of water sa face ko. Lol.  Meanwhile...

Super chill lang sha eh! EDWOW. Ikaw na ang pinagpala. Anak ni Poseidon. We are not worthy po.

This happened. Thanks sneaky Tracy for this pic. Hehehe.

The last island na di na namin inattempt puntahan coz Kuya wanted us to swim to the shore bilang they can't go near anymore coz of the waves. We decided to abort the mission coz hello mga 4 feet nalang ata the shore o hightide o.

That ends my El Nido post! Hope you enjoyed reading and hope my posts encouraged you to visit Palawan or El Nido. Thank you so much Jocel and The Bayview Resort for this wonderful experience! We will be back!:) 

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  1. Blog talaga to ni Nico!!! Hahaha! :D Yey, more trips to come please! :) <3

  2. madam anu po travel agency kinuha nyo for that tour?thanks. mwah!


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