This Year Let's Be Royals

I won't even attempt to make an essay or a best of 2014 blog post. So much has happened last year, a whirlwind of everything, na parang nagising nalang ako na 2015 na and I can't remember a freaking thing. Haha. In summary, 2014 was a huge challenge and I believe I was able to face it head on. Ata. Haha. It was the year I came undone, I sought redemption and found it in all corners. Deep db? Haha! In layman's term, it was the year I had to live alone (and pay for bills & rent), fend for myself, work 10x more than I ever did, found new love (naks), learn about car parts (so boring), got new celebrity clients, styled for epic projects, etc. etc. 2014 was a crazy, beautiful year. This 2015, I just want to discover new places (project Korea & Japan!), work on exciting, fun, new projects, meet more amazing & talented people, blog more! Let's do iiiit. Anyway, here are photos from New Year's Eve & our Linden Christmas party. But first, outfit shots ;)

H&M sweater top, SHEINSIDE full skirt, Christian Siriano Payless bag, SM Parisian flats

 I'm so inlove with this skirt!!!

 ...and these shoes:)

I've been hoarding high collar (not necessarily turtlenecks) sweaters ever since it's legal enough to wear them in the pugon that this Manila and not die due to excessive sweating. Hehe. Love this one from H&M! Bought this during the Megamall opening. The skirt is such a winner noh? Love the print, the color, the style. So regal. Wore it with my pretty, new t-strap flats from SM Parisian. Yayamanin 101. Haha. Moving on...

Here are random photos from Christmas 'til New Year!
 my photog! thanks ha. Haha. 

Excited to spend 2015 (and more? haha) with you!

my favorite gals Chesca & Ging! 

 the art of firework arrangement 

 fireworks... and basketball. LOL.

 caught in a moment. haha.

 BFFS / Boyfriends hihi

 fireworks galore

 hello from 2/3 ng Pier 6th aka Barangay EDM. Hehe.

 5 minutes before midnight! Operation: ANACONDA.

But before lighting it up, OOTD muna! 


 ..and I got my NY's kiss! Woots. Haha. 

 hi cousins!

some of the boyzzz

..and the girls! Hiyee Joyce & Mommy Car! 

 may epal sa gilid haha

 DJ Catch & Kimmy

 haloo Bhang


 Tambays ng 6th avenue lol

 Happy New Year from us! At ako lang hindi naka ganyang shirt. Hehe.

 Went home a little past 5am and woke up 5pm the next day! Grabeee. Didn't even experience sunshine of January 1. Haha. Left 6pm and went to my parent's house. 

Also had an impromptu Christmas get together with the Laiya group at Linden Suites last December 27! So much fuuuun. These are the only photos we have. I didn't drink that much though coz walang beer. Haha.

 blogging while drinking. Haha.

usapang Tinder? haha

 Angyare???? Haha.

shot pa. haha

hi Pat. what's up? lol

 Marc gave this Upin doll to my bro-in-law Miles kasi kamukha daw niya. Haha!

 Taking care of Upin while blogging! Tita duties. Haha.

 Aftermath. Haha.

It was a party to remember! Haha. No, we didn't trash the place. Swerte the housekeeping coz my sister & cousin cleaned the whole place before we left. Haha! Apartment ko naman next pwede? Lol. Anyway, in fairness naman sa Linden I love how spacious their suites are. ;)

More gifts I got from amazing people last Christmas:)
 Thank you Nix!

 Thanks Ean & Primer family!:)

 Thanks Sheila & my YSA fam! :)

 Gave these super delicious coookies to clients and friends as Christmas gifts! Thank you Crumble MNL & Nadine for accepting my super rush orders!:)

 Thank you Dian & Elite Garments!:)

Thank you owners of our apartment! Hehe. 

 and this is the Saxoline luggage I'm planning to buy! So cuteeee.

How's 2015 treating you so far?:) 

P.S. Congratulations Roseliann Cleofas for winning my Timex x Silverworks giveaway!:)


  1. cheers to 2015!

    you look so stylish as usual Ms. Ais :)

  2. OMG!! Thank you so much Ms. Aisa :) Best gift ever! How can i claim the prize? :)


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