Boracay in November Day 3: Boracay Crown Regency Hotel Activities

It was a rainy November when we went to Boracay.  There was actually a storm that time, so we already kinda expected a gloomy vacay. We were just lucky that we had one whole day of sun before all hell broke loose. Haha. On our 3rd day, it rained for hours and hours, but there was no need to fret or pout! Boracay Crown Regency got us all covered! We had so much activities lined up that we didn't even notice the time & the weather. The hotel is definitely an expert in staycations!  Here's our Day 3 photodiary starting with some outfit shots. ;)

Photos by Tracy Ayson

 Wow Them romper, Forever 21 sunnies & gladiator sandals

Disclaimer: Don't judge my swimsuit photos pls. Matinding pangangailangan lang. Lol! But the photos doesn't even do justice sa swimsuit! So nice. :) Haha. 

Koi Swimwear printed swimsuit

 Love the spine like design!

Veloci watch, Cesa tattoo stickers, Courier bag

Love my Koi swimwear coz of the quality, print and style. Fits perfectly too. It's a piece you could use over & over again. :) And super cute my romper noh with the pom-poms at the bottom. Hehe! This Courier bag (same online shop where I got my wicked hoodie) is also perfect for the beach (fits a lot of things). Going back...

...here are more photos from Day 3!
Started our tour at the convenience store inside the hotel! It has almost everything and it's open 24/7. Talk about convenience talaga noh? 

 Let's checkout muna their convention center all their function rooms!

Boracay Hall 

 Sibuyan Hall - it's one of the most spacious halls there!

Tabon Hall - the largest hall because it has an outdoor area pa:) Perfect for weddings or BU? Haha.

 It stopped raining for 10 minutes. Love the pool!

Next stop, Oceanarium!

 Boracay Crown Regency's Oceanarium houses the world's largest pearl: The Pearl of the King! It was discovered in Palawan, weighs 9 kilos and measures 18" in diameter. 

Discovery Tunnel has aquariums with different species from the ocean.

 nagenjoy si Ana. Hehe.

 entrance to the main tunnel!

And then...
 ...mermaids and mermen!

baby sharks!!!

You can also chill in the Oceanbar over good food & drinks while watching schools of fish or sharks or mermaids or the King!:)

This is the longest underwater tunnel in the country! Contains 1.4 liters of water, 12.4 meters wide & 28 meters long. :) 

 mermaid bubble hearts!

 And here's the pearl!!! You can't even carry this underwater. So heavy daw. Hehe.

 kyots hehe

 they also have a private videoke room!

We also visited their Fifties Cafe!

too bad, it only opens at night hihi. But this would be a great tambayan! Love this! My kind of bar.

 you can also play billiards over a nice bottle of beer;)

 Cute interiors!

 Bar area!

 everything screams 50s!

sana naka 50s costume ako noh? haha

We then checked out their chinese resto...
 Shabu-Shabu Station

We planned to go to Station 2 for lunch but....
... it was raining cats & dogs & cows & goats! Hay.

We then decided to just stay in the hotel, take outfit photos and called MCDO for delivery. Hehe. We all met up again after an hour so we could all try out the different activities inside Crown Regency! 
 The Wave Pool!

 Ana & Seph were the only brave souls who tried it. ;)

 Fortress under my towel bilang basa na sa ulan haha.

We also had the chance to be mermaids for a day!!! So fun!

It would be my favorite activity that day! It's actually pretty easy if you know how to swim. It's uncomfortable at first coz of the fins, you won't be able to move your feet freely. But it's fun when you get the hang of it!:)

We also tried their Reef Walking...

We had to a briefing and undergo breathing exercises to stabilize ourselves before descending .

It's actually super hard that I backed out. I felt like I had to gasp for air every time and that I can't seem to normalize my breathing. No thanks, Marlboro. Boo. Ana, Tracy and I were supposed to go together but it was especially hard for the 1st person who had to wait underneath for 5-8 minutes underwater. The very kind & awesome kuyas could only assist 1 person to descend at a time. So proud of Ana for going solo and touring the whole aquarium! Also super proud of our favorite lovebirds Seph & Trice who only took a minute to stabilize and then go go na. So kyots. :)

 Seph waited patiently for Trice and welcomed her with open arms. Kayo na talaga sweet che! Haha.

 Dinocument talaga namin their love story underwater. Inggiteraaa. Haha! You could feed gigantic fish and also touch the King pearl!

We finished at around 6pm, so we headed back to our rooms muna to bathe & then meet for dinner after. But before that, we had fun muna and took advantage of the huge slide sa pool!!! Naka 6 rounds ata kami and we were like kids sa saya. Haha. We were screaming and laughing and we were the only ones in the pool coz it was raining super hard. So much fun. 

So Gerry Robinson's friend Grayson invited us for some drinks at the newly opened Station 4 Beach Bar. Don't get confused! It's just called Station 4 but it's located inside Tibraz at Station 1. Haha.

 it's just small but super cozy!

 Ordered this Strawberry Colada and it was heaven. I could finish 5 glasses of this ata! Well actually, winner naman all their drinks. Also tried out their mojito. Love. 

 may pinaglalaban si Liwag hehe!

 Look who joined us! Hello Mr. Guison. Hehe

Thanks again Gray for the amazing drinks and for the tambay. We love you!!! Can't wait to see you again soon. :)

David & Tin wanted to tugs-tugs so we headed to EPIC to conclude our night! Haha. 
 Thanks Tim Yap for accommodating us:)

And that ends my Boracay in November posts!!! Thank you again to Boracay Crown Regency for being our home for a few days and AirAsia for taking us there. Thank you also Ms. Ana for making this happen. And lastly, thanks to my blogger loves for being awesome & amazing and for making this trip super fun and worthwhile! Love you all!:)

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