Seattle's Best Dream Journal & FILED Doodle Planner 2015

2015 is literally just around the corner. It's always nice to start the year with dreams, plans, goals db?;) Honestly, I am really not a planner kinda girl. It's not because I lack planning skills, but saving things in my phone or just writing it all down in a cute, tiny notebook has always, effectively covered my bases. I also have this whiteboard in my apartment where I write my monthly sched or things to do. I like it that way. Hehe. While everyone's gone cray over Starbucks planner (you know that time when they're the only popular planner in Manila), I've always found myself giving away my stickers. Haha. There are exceptions, though! I really liked the travel planner Wrangler gifted me last year that I kept it. I used it a few times too. :) Anyway, here are 2 planners you all would LOVE. Battle of the planners na this year and these 2 are tough contenders! Haha. Let me dissect them for you...

Let's start with Seattle's Best Dream Journal 2015!
Comes in 4 colors

 Love the classy leather cover. Got the green one! 

know their branches and also get a free SBC playlist CD!

 free mousepad! or pwede na din coaster hehe.

  monthly calendar view

 free paper clips?


 free monthly coupons!

 free wi-fi passes:)

 cute stickers to decorate your journal with

what's your fave? Mine would always be their Big Breakfast Corned Beef Plate!

You can still complete your dream card until January 2015! Redemption is until March, 2015. You just need 18 stamps (8 holiday, 10 regular drinks) to get a free planner!:)

Here's FILED! Doodle Planner 2015 (which I'm keeping harhar)
 you can color the cover! so cute.:)

 Doodle, doodle! Comes with a pen slinger that has 6 pen slots:)

 Color according to your mood. So cute.

 you can draw, write or paste a photo

 Doodle for every month! Kyots.

 Calendar monthly view. Doodle and daydream on the opposite page!

 Love these pages! I already have a partial list in my mind. Hehe

Planning has never been this quirky & fun! This retails for P545. You may purchase from Powerbooks, Fully Booked, Bibliarch & Scribe:) 

If you're into typography & writing, get the Scribble planner! Same price:)

You could buy them online, just click here:

So, what's your favorite planner?:)

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  1. I have Filed's Scribble planner :) it inspires me to write down and create typographies of my fave quotes.



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