Boracay in November Day 2: Boracay Crown Regency

Hello guys! I'm currently holed up in a hotel room in Ortigas with my sister & some friends for our impromptu Christmas get together. Also using this time to work on backlogs. Finally sharing with you my version and some photos from our Boracay trip last month! You already know our AirAsia experience, here's the rest of it! Stories through photos starting with some outfit shots! Hihi.

 Cesa fringe swimsuit, Romwe shorts, Forever 21 hat

 Herschel tote bag

 Veloci watch, Cesa tattoo

 Koi gladiator sandals

Ang hirap ng lighting, that's all. Haha! The weather was super bipolar that time of the month. Super sunny one minute and then drizzling or raining the next. Haggard! Haha. Anyway, I really love this swimsuit from CESA! Love the print, the fit and the style. Also in love with my new leather sandals from KOI. In fair, bagay sha sa lahat just like the Veloci watch. The Herschel bag is super functional also coz it fits everything. Hihi. It could fit a 15-inch laptop too. Anyway...

..here are more photos from our 1st & 2nd day in Boracay!

welcome to Kalibo!

Upon arrival, we were welcomed by Kuya of Boracay Crown Regency. He ushered us to our assigned van. Yey!
 Ana the weather girl. hehe! Super accurate her weather app, galeng! Haha.

 Tin the hardworking girl. Bigyan ng jacket!

 our private van from Kalibo airport to the Caticlan port. The ride was super fast but suka levels. Lol. 

 Our private boat going to the island!

 busy lang guys? hehe! And kuya our bodyguard. Hehe!

hello from our banca

 chicks in the van! Haha! our service going to the hotel.:)

We were dropped off at the Boracay Crown Regency Resort & Convention Center. This is the bigger hotel at Boat Station 2, Main Road. They have a smaller hotel, beach front at Boat Station 3. Our hotel is more perfect for families because of the activities you could do in the hotel and the location (which is a little far from the beach activity area). ;)

 yung totoo, bat puro si seph asa pics ko? Haha


 turn over of our room keys. haha lahat documented? lol

 it was raining when we got there but that didn't stop us from feeling excited! Love the place!

 welcome to our area! mejo puzzle lang going here. crystal maze levels. but you'll get the hang of it!

Welcome to our room!

hello sexy roomie!

 mandatory CR selfie! haha


 glass shower

 tub! may time sabay kami naligo ni ana tig isang area lang kami haha!

 view from our balcony

 our cozy and spacious room

 semi OOTD: H&M shirt dress, Veloci watch & Chase jacket

 bedfie. hehe!

Beach essentials.. kasama talaga laptop. Haha.

After we've all settled in, showered and rested, we then headed out for our super late lunch. Haha! 
 model ng tricycle? haha

 hallooo girls

The girls decided to dine at Two Seasons for their award winning cheese pizza! Ordered rice though coz I was sooo famished. 

 Tapa meal. Yummer but quite pricey for almost P300 a plate.

 One of the best cheese pizzas I've ever tasted! Swear. Worth it for almost P500.

 busy pa din? Haha

We ended up spending almost 4 hours just eating and talking! It's always fun chatting with this group. No pretentions talaga, all realness:)

 Love this! May wedding sa Seawind that time. So nice. :)

We dropped by Jonah's for our milkshake fix. Ordered their regular milkshake lang. My kind of drink! :)

There was a dinner buffet but I didn't avail na because I was still full from our late lunch & the milkshake. Opted to just rest and stay in our room. 

the super mysterious writing on Tracy & Tin's glass window

So Tracy suddenly went to our room and I immediately assumed something was bothering her. Turned out tama ako haha! She then narrated how she saw that "YO" written on their balcony door. She asked her roomie Tin Liwag if she did that and she was clueless. So the million dollar question was, SINO????? We all ended up drinking in their room and trying to think of possible explanations. Gumive up din kami. Haha. Creepy!

The next morning...
 headed down just in time for breakfast!

 my breakfast plate! There was not much to choose from na when we got there but I was super happy na with my danggit. Hehe.

Stayed in our room for a few hours to work on stuff before heading out again for lunch! 
 sunny Boracay... finally!

Decided to eat lunch at SMOKE! :)
 Sa sobrang gutom wala kaming pic ng food! Haha. 

We all wanted to shoot, chill and take advantage of the weather, so we all agreed to spend the rest of the afternoon at SPIDER HOUSE!

 Love this side of the island

 excuse me poooo!

 ano toooo. pabili ng braaaa. 

 si kuya marunong umemote!

 I want to try Nami Resto next time!

 bloggers being bloggers

 into the spider cave!!!

 spider house na monkey house pa! 

 the hotness that is Alyssa Lapid. Love you bae! Hehe.

 love you girlys!

 kaddict their mojito! and hello to Alyssa's Triangl swimwear

 The Boracay Cuties! Haha. Funneh. Super chill this place. We love.

 with mah gf Anagon

we are Cesa girls!:) Love you Chaley!

After Spider House, headed back to the hotel to freshen up for our seaside buffet dinner at Crown Regency Beach Resort! Yipee.
 Thank God it stopped raining na!


So what's for dinner?


 Halooo Tracy

 favorite! dami ko nakain neto haha.

 and this... hehe. 

 live entertainment!

haggarda lang ako. haha.

Merry Christmas!

We were still a little hungry when we left, so we headed straight to Tibraz (my favorite crepe place) for some late night snacks & drinks!:)

 wala naaaa. hehe.

Had fun watching their firedancers! Performance level!
 lalo na this bebe barbie. lakas maka beyonce and lady gaga!

 group photo!

We were still bitin when we left Tibraz (yung totoo andaming requirements? haha), so we decided to tambay pa more infront of the new mall-ish place at Station 1 or 2 ba yun, to chat, drink... and eat balut!

balut sponsors pleassse. willing kami. haha joke.

It was a pretty awesome night! We were all tired and sleepy but super sulit. :) Will post Day 3 next!:) For now, inom muna ako ha. Haha. Merry Christmas pa more! Love you all. :)

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