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Merry Christmas everyone!!! I hope you're all full, happy & drunk... in love! Haha. I am!:) Christmas will always be my favorite holiday (after New Year) because I get to eat A LOT of bilbil worthy home-cooked food by my gorgazzzz sister (I'm the only one in the family who could never, ever cook... I'm a wicked dishwasher though), we get to laze around watching movies while eating amazing home-cooked food, I get to blog while eating amazing home-cooked food and do it again the next day over re-heated amazing home-cooked food. Plus, it's the only time when it's permissible to wear the winning red & green combo & to go over your shopping budget because as you tell yourself "minsan lang naman ako magregalo". Yaaaas. Haha! But for serious, the main reason why I am all for this season is because it's also the time of endless reunions! It's always a bliss to be able to spend some quality time with people you love the most. Here's an outfit post from a few months back..bilang miss ko na magpost ng outfit shots. Haha. And some photos of how I spent & spending my favorite holiday! :)

 Mango top, Thrifted jacket, Zoo Shop pencil skirt

Zara bag, Forever 21 bracelet

Michael Antonio studded brogues

This is my take on the sexy vintage preppy grunge glam look. Pauso talaga. Basta yon! Haha. I seldom wear sexy, pencil cut skirts but this one I love! Love the print (so 60s) and the side slit. The maroon top is a favorite from Mango. One of my best buys because I wear it all the time. Haha. I have this weird attraction & obsession over maroon clothes. For some reason, feeling ko super bagay sha sa tan people like me. Taray ng tan. Haha. Anyway, pinilit ko din talaga the leather jacket because I was aiming for the preppy grungle look. Joke. Walang ganun. I just felt like wearing it. I really thought it matches my new brogues which I bought on super sale!!! From P3k to P900 nalang. Swerteee. Lol. 

Moving on, here are random events and photos from this season... 

So, the Boracay cuties (lolerz) had our very first Christmas party at Best Western Plus Antel Hotel!!! We were given their 2-bedroom suite which was jut perfect for us. It will probably fit up to 15 people at one time. :) Thank you Jeoff of Antel for accommodating us! 

Bought muna pang exchange gift from Beauty Bar. For Ana. Haha binuking ko pa din dito! Love you Anagoooon! I am officially the grinch who casually stole her Christmas in a grocery store just because I can't lie. Wahahaha. Seph created an online Kris Kringle account for us where we could see everyone's wishlists. So high tech! Haha. 

Before the "party", we had dinner muna at Hole In The Wall in Century Mall! I was having the worst stomach problem at that time, so I was really not in the mood to lamon. But, I was still able to taste a few dishes and THEY ARE AWESOME. Thank you Oya of HITW!:)


 Can't wait to go back soon when all the other shops are open na!:) https://www.facebook.com/HITWCentury

We then headed back to Antel to for our mini Christmas party!!!
 may nagenjoy mashado sa lighting ng Century Mall

 My secret santa, Lush Angel! Thanks for my new garment bag and accs for styling! Bilang martyr stylist, yan talaga nilagay ko sa wishlist.

 Had fun over the game Heads Up, more chika, drinks, etc!

The rest of us left at 3am 'coz we had commitments the next day. But, thank you so much again Antel! Will stay longer next time. ;)

Thank you gf Anagon for my watch holder!

Met up naman with St. Scho Marikina friends the next day...
 Dinner at Tiyo's & then more chika at Starbucks, Katipunan!

Guys, meet some of my HS friends!!! Love them to death. We all came from different barkadas but got together coz of basketball! Haha. They were all varsity players (except for Coach! of course haha) while Ela & I were from the cheering squad. I am a self proclaimed varsity groupie. Nagcut class pako one time & was charged with truancy just to watch their game in Ateneo! Wag tularan. Harhar. We may not see each other often but it always feels like home when we do. Walang pagbabago, mga laughtrip pa din! Haha. Highschool talaga was one of the best days of my life. ;) 

Finally had the time to do some Christmas shopping last Monday! 

Met up Ean for a brief gift giving (thank you Primer/Roxy) and Tracy came with him! Yeeey. They helped me shop for shoes na din! Haha.

 Had a hard time trimming down my choices! Loved everything!

Obviously...hehe. All 4 pairs for just P2.5k :)

And had dinner at Linguini Fini! Soooo good! :)

Left ahead of them coz I had to finish buying gifts for delivery the next day. I had so much fun shopping even if I had to rush everything! So hard shopping in a mall where the whole Philippine population ata is there. Ended up going to 2 places lang-- Powerbooks (where I bought my gift for K & Yael) and SM Home! Thank God for beautiful storage boxes that's super gift worthy! 

Would love to have a couple of these at home!

As a semi grown-up, matured woman (hindeeeee wahaha), I have learned to only buy gifts people can actually use or eat. I originally wanted to purchase a bunch of fresh linen spray from Beauty Bar (super effective to induce sleep), but no store pala in Mega (huhu) so I had to improvise. Happy with my purchases, though! :) It's pretty tricky to choose gifts for people who already have so much or have amazing taste! Kakapressure ng very light. Haha. If you're like me who loves giving pahabol gifts (coz it's never too late until the year ends!) and have a kikay sister, cousins or friends, no need to do buwis buhay shopping in the mall na! Just choose from Zalora's collection of skirts and I can guarantee you, there's something for each and every one of your girly loves. ;) 

Speaking of gifts, here are some I received!
 Cookies from Ms. Vina Morales & Ensaymadas from Ms. Zsa :) Thank you!

 A whole outfit from BOBSON! :) Thank you!

Creamsilk from Lissa! Is this from you Ms. Kahayon???:) 

Martini from my fave celeb couple, Karylle & Yael :) Thank you!

 Sodexo from GeislerMaclang. Thank you Jules! Thanks everyone:)

 Team Wang shirt from H&M Philippines! So kilig! Thanks Nikki & Dan. :)

 Care package from OISHI!!! Thank you!:)

Care bear from SM Supermalls! Buy a pair for P200 and make an orphan happy. :)

Going back to holiday shopping... Nico & I rewarded ourselves with an amazing dinner at BagOShrimps, after hours of walking, searching & standing. So happy they have a branch in Megamall na!:) It was our first time to try this resto and we highly recommend it!:)
 Our orders: Hot garlic butter shrimp & fried oysters! Yummers.

Okay, the PG in us went turbo mode and we finished everything under 30 minutes. Lol. Also bought a pair of gloves for P5 para less mess. Now I'm hungry again. Boo. 

 OOTD: Thrifted top, Wrangler jeans, SM Parisian oxfords

This is my lakas maka-Mikee Cojuangco look. Hashtag: Menswear Inspired. Hehe. Love the interiors too! Obvious naman kasi inavail ko ng bongga db. Haha. 

 Hey boy, it's chinito boy

One plastic of shrimp & corn is P500+. Not bad. It was just enough for Nico & me. Pwede pa tumatlo. Lol. 

Found this very suspicious, surprise package under my miniature Christmas tree in the apartment! What is the meaning of thiiiis....

 ... I opened this very weirdly wrapped gift na pala (update lang haha) and I loved what was inside! Nico gave me a new laptop sleeve bilang my old one's tattered na. Goodjob ka dito bebe boy! Thank youuuu! :)

Love from our family to yours:)

Okay, that's it for now. I can't control my eyelids anymore. The struggle is real and I can't seem to finish one freakin' sentence. Finding myself dozing off in between. Hihi. Anyway, will blog about my new planners next. Abangan!:) Again, MERRY CHRISTMAS guys! You are all my blessing. And happy birthday to the coolest boy in the universe. Love you so much, Jesus! Love you all. :)

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  1. I enjoyed reading this post Ms. Ais! i really like the outfits here and instax christmas tree ornaments!! so cute!

    Merry Christmas po :)



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