Boracay in November, Day 1: AirAsia

Finally on vacay mode!!! I can now work on backlogs and posts. Yeeey! Will work on my Boracay with the cuties (yan talaga Viber group name namin haha) post first. Here's what happened during our AirAsia flights. Story through photos... ;)

Our flight was at 9am so we were all at the airport na by 7am. So earlyyyy! For me. Haha. But being at the airport 2 hours before your flight is ideal for last minute adjustments. 

To avoid the queue at the check-in counter, AirAsia has put up 3 Self Check-In machines inside! Don't get intimidated by technology guysss. Hehe. It's actually super easy to use! 

You can key in the 6-digit booking reference number or scan the rectangular barcode on your itinerary. You will then get your boarding pass ahead of everyone! Cool huh? If you have baggages, just drop it at the AirAsia baggage counter. Do note however that guests with reduced mobility and those with special needs or group bookings of 10 or more guests under one booking number still need to use the counter. 

Watch this fun video for detailed instructions: 

After waiting for 30 minutes, we were ready for boarding! Yipeee. 
We were discouraged to take photos at the tarmac but I was still able to take a few. Sneaky. Hehe. 

Hello from us!

It was drizzling when we arrived at the Mactan airport, but the whole ride was so smooth and fast! The whole trip was not bumpy at all. I was able to nap peacefully. Haha. We even got there 20 minutes earlier than our ETA. Nice!!!:)

Fast forward to our flight back to Manila...

Check-in at the Kalibo airport was also a breeze. I love how they have direct flights to Singapore & Incheon from there! Tara? Hehe.

Hello again! Boarding was also on time.

In-flight Menu

You can also buy AirAsia souvenirs or memorabilias!

Convenient & hassle free, AirAsia offers mobile check-in and booking! Yaaas.

Their friendly steward selling food and drinks during the flight:)

I love reading in-flight magazines!

where to next???:)

chicks sa tabi ko o! Haha. My very artsy seatmates who love taking cloud shots. Haha love you Alyssa & Tracy

I was just getting ready for my mandatory airplane nap when I suddenly heard the captain announce landing in a few minutes. Nashock ako. Haha. No time to nap! Their flights are that fast! Seriously. Which is a good thing because I still had a lot of things to do in Manila that day. Yey. 

Thank you girls for being helpful & nice!:)

And thank you Capt. Rafael Burgos Misa & the beautiful Flight Officer Andrea Halaguena for the amazing flight & for taking photos with us!

Thank you AirAsia for finding ways to make everyone fly. Please continue providing budget friendly flights for everyone so people like me could continue to see the wonders of the world. :) Thank you also for a wonderful experience. 'Til next time!:)

P.S. AirAsia has ongoing promo fare deals!!! Check it out! Click links below to book & for news & updates;)

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