Halloween weekend at CWC Camarines Sur

It was my first time to go out of town last Halloween or All Souls Day. I usually spend it with my family and childhood friends at my grandmother's house in Cubao. I somehow felt guilty to have missed out on our family thing, but who would say no to 2 days in an unfamiliar place with some of your best friends and an exciting itinerary. Riiiight??? Hehe. So we were transported to Camarines Sur, specifically the CWC Wakeboard Complex, via coach or deluxe bus and didn't really mind the 7-10 hours of travel time 'coz I mostly spent it eating, sleeping and catching up with mah seatmate and gf Ana! Here are stories through photos!:)

Some photos from Ana & Tracy
hello sleepy head! hehehe!

 Stopover at Pares King in Camarines Norte. Bought breakfast coz we were starviiiing.

After almost 10 hours on the road.... 
Hello pretty cabins of CWC!!!

 And this was our home for 2 days:) We asked the PR if we could just stay in one cabin 'coz we clingy like thuuuut.

Here are the other types of accommodation they offer...
 Cabana - P1,800/night

 Container/Trailer - P1,200

 Small Wood Cabin - P1,850 (2 persons), P2,350 (3 persons)

 Dwell - P2,250

You could check out the complete list of room and prices 

 I really loved our red door! Haha. Weird ko lang.

Let me take you on a quickie (hehe) cabin tour...

 Paul's area na di rin niya tinulugan lol


 So kyot the bathroom but smells kinda funny sometimes. Result of the wood getting wet. Hehe.

 Mirror selfie pa more

 Claiming of beds. Haha.

Ana's little black corner

So we settled in, took a bath, more more catch up and chika and then we went outside for our super late lunch...
we so hungryyy

Before going back to our cabin, we walked along the wakeboard area/shore, nagwala like kids (lol), took more photos & videos and watched the professional wakeboarders do their thing...
 Last day of the Philippine Cable Wakeboarding Nationals! 

We were also doing our thing, teasing each other and goofing around when...

Sasagasaan tayo ni Kuyaaaa! It was a little awkward haha! But fine, good job, galeng.

Back to the cabin again to rest and chika!
Happy campers

It rained the whole afternoon so we were not able to take outfit photos or explore the place na. Mejo blessing in disguise coz I really wanted to chill & rest lang out of exhaustion from the byahe. We took a nap and then went out again at around 9pm for the Halloween Party!!!

We didn't bring bonggang costumes because we thought it would be wala wala lang. But, no!!! Best in effort the people who participated! There was a P100,000 prize kasi for best in costume. Sana nagtahi nako dun noh? Haha.

 We were given wristbands for the VIP area

 Lakas maka Justin Bieber in Manila concert the crowd. Sitting pretty lang hehe. 

Here's the life of the party, Cher!:)

We all danced to the beat of Divine Smith!
 My new favorite DJ bilang crush ko sha since forever. Sssh. Haha

In Daniel Padilla's words: Kinilig ang tumbong ko. Omg can't stop laughing now. Hahaha.

The dancing crowd

 Thank you Ana for bringing our horns para may costume lang hehe! We are nautical devil, zombie devil, slutty devil and dead mouse Tracy! Lolz.


And then suddenly, the music stopped. FLASH MOB!!!
 Pambansang zombie flash mob song, THRILLER. Hehe.

 amazing fireworks

 may pinaglalaban sila hehe


hi buddy

We left the party at around 1am (we are oooold haha) and decided to call it a night. But before that, lamon muna by ordering room service! The food was okay and grabe, mini heart attack the price of their bottled water. P30 or P40 ata the smallest one. But, no to dehydration! So buy pa more. 

Tracy and I decided to skip breakfast the next day and just woke up for lunch. Got my energy back! Bawi sa sleep.
 Good morning!

selfie selfie

 Pool at the clubhouse

Our first activity...  Inflatables!

 Enjoyed our dip here! Learning experience din when Paul jumped off the iceberg and lost his GoPro! He go it back, don't worry, but it's a long and weird story!

 Akyat pa more! only Paul succeeded! Naks, fit. Hehe.


Afterwards, time to learn to wakeboard! Joke lang, I passed. Felt under the weather that day. I think super constipated lang ako. Lol.

Group pic!

Watched a little muna sa pro area...

 may feeling. hahaha!

So we boarded a multicab/service that took us to the beginners area...
 Stretching daw muna..

 push mo lang yan loves!

 The mini wakeboarding pond hehe! This sport looked easy if you're watching the pros but it was super hard pala! Took them 3+ turns before they were able to stand or make it halfway. 

 Panggap pa more. Haha. Thanks Vina for my photos! hehe.

The kids trying it out! 

Thanks Tracy for lending me your CESA rashguard!

Overall, it was a pretty amazing trip even if mejo bitin and even if there were some minor glitches. Major kilig pa when Divine took the 6-hour bus ride home with us! Hihi. I wish our time was longer though so we could discover the place more. Buuut, it gave us a reason to go back again--soon!!! Will wakeboard na talaga. Haha. Thanks you Camsur government, Gov. Migz Villafuerte, Echochannels, Aicha & JM for bringing us here! 'Til next time!:)

For more infos about Camsur and CWC, click here: 

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