Tagaytay Weekend Escape: Farmer's Garden

My original plan to visit Taal Heritage Town went kaputz as soon as it started raining. I also found out that it's a long drive from Tagaytay, so we just decided to ditch it and revisit in the near future. I got sad for an hour but I got over it quickly. Nothing good pizza and chicken can't fix. Hehe. We ended up going to Sonyas Garden coz I couldn't go home without buying my favorite cheese hopia and my gugo aloe shampoo! Here are photos starting with some outfit photos!:)

Shana sweater, Zara jumper pants, Slang Barcelona bag, Call It Spring bracelet, Payless sneakers

This is my best "cool farmer" look. Heehee. I love my new jumper! Bought it on sale during Zara's End of Season sale (which I think is still ongoing) for just P900. Quite a steal noh? Been obsessing over jumper everything for weeks now. Pabagets lang. Haha. This sweater from Shana is also one of my favorites. I think it's pretty obvious why. More photos!

 Breakfast was set & free but it also took awhile before it was served. It's okay though.

 As usual, chose corned beef coz it's purefoods (oo na choosy nako haha). Nico chose tocino. We both had a problem with our stomachs that day so we weren't able to finish our meal. Huhubels. TMI ba.

  I love Sonya's Garden!

 may problema? hehe


 Wish I was an herb person, then i would buy one of each. or two. or three. 

 or a gardener. but i'm a plant killer. so no. huhu.

 dining area

 selfie daw with that bee. weird haha

 naaaks, unintentional blogger pose!

 tawang tawa

 welcome to my crib

  they have a new and separate store for bath products!

 love this store! i want a house like thiiiis.

Aaah, secret garden! I miss this place. I remember the super fun FITFLOP overnight event here. So much fun:) The place is breathtaking:)

i know, i know! but a girl gotta do what she has to do to take nice outfit photos hehe. Thanks Nico for being a sport kahit ayaw mo. Haha.

bread heaven

Since we had to let go of our Taal trip, I suggested we go to Kawit, Cavite instead to visit some old houses there including Emilio Aguinaldo's shrine. Sadly, most museums or historical sites are closed on Mondays. Malaaaas. Had late lunch at Carlo's Pizza nalang and then went home, which actually turned out to be the best decision or we would have spent hours in traffic.

 Finally! A view! it's not much but it's better than nothing.

 Pesto with kesong puti. Yum!

 perfect meal na sana if it weren't for the annoying flies that pestered us the whole time we were there.

It was still a great trip... as always:)

That's it pancit! Can't wait for my next trip. Planning another escape with Nico on my birthda but nothing's final yet! OMG, I'm turning another year older. I don't feel iiiit but it's happeniiiing. Such a curse and a blessing. You know.. birthdays. Will save the spilling of my feelings for later, now I've got a series to finish! Catching up on Suits since I can't leave the house for 2 days coz of the warts removal procedure I had yesterday. I shall post photos soon!:) Love you all!

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