Late Post: La Luz Weekend Getaway Photodiary

Time to eliminate backlogs!!! I'm stuck at home for 3 days now 'coz my face looks like a pack of sesame seeds burst and got glued on it. Day 3 after my warts got cauterized at YSA Skincare and I can't wait for my life to get back to normal hehe. Will share my experience very soon! :) Anyway, here's a long overdue post. I'm still seeing some friends heading to the beach during weekends, so I guess summer's not yet over! Well, it is, but it's forever summer naman in Pinas. Here are photos from my bro-in-law's birthday celeb at La Luz, Laiya, Batangas trip last June!:)

Ripples by Jenny polka dot highwaist bikini, Kamiseta headband, Fly shades

Please pardon my puson! Haha. Was suffering from constipation for days plus, these was taken after eating lunch. Lol.  This highwaist bikini from Ripples was a lifesaver. Hides my tummy and I love the whole retro feel!:) Lakas maka 50s. Here are more photos!

Here's our room!
Our room was just P6k! That's overnight and includes buffet meryenda, dinner and breakfast:) 

 Cleavaaaage! Haha. Unahan ko na asarin sarili ko. Lol.

 our chill spot!

I was desperately waiting for 3:30pm to come because I was starving. Finally, meryenda time!!!

There was no signal at this place (globe or smart, sorry), so we killed time by lying around, talking, listening to good music and drinking. Haha. It's actually nice (and peaceful haha) to be disconnected from the world sometimes.

And then it was time for dinner! 

 Dinner was great. Ate a lot. Haha.

Went to bed an hour after midnight after a few shots of Jack. Some of them stayed out til sunrise. I'm so manang na. Hahaha. Woke up early for breakfast!

 Shirt from Berry Tops! Thank yooou!:)

 naks haciendero
Finally took decent selfies, thanks to Cheska's bluetooth clicker! Haha. 

Thanks Miles for the relaxing trip! It was my first time at La Luz and I loved it. Would definitely go back. Never go hungry coz of all the buffets haha. Here's a map in case you need it!

 Click here for their site: http://www.laluzresort.com/index.html

Toodles! xo


  1. Ganda ng place! =)) And love the body..

  2. So enjoyable, I like the sea best and the sand, so comfortable.


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