The SM Store's Doll Glam Event

This was one event I did not want to miss because one, I am a makeup noob who's ironically obsessed with beauty products. Two, ganaps like this make me discover brands and products I would not otherwise use. Three, I am secretly (or not) kikay. Four, Tricia Gosingtian & Alodia Gosiengfao together on one stage for a doll glam makeup showdown! So rain and all, I got out and braved EDSA just to be there. The doll glam challenge was nearing it's end when I got there, but I was just in time to catch the highlight of the event. Here are photos...

 Beautiful host Nicole Andersson interviewing guests. Galing maghost!:)

 Tricia and Alodia busy transforming their  makeover models

live mannequins

 Alodia being interviewed by Nicole

 Last 57 seconds before the challenge comes to an end

Time's up! Here's Tricia and her model!:) So pretty!

 They both went for natural doll glam with an emphasis on the eyes. 

 love both their looks...and outfits!:)

 Selfie time!

So nice seeing Tricia & Alodia, real life dolls & pioneers in their respective fields, together on stage! 

Slipped out to check out the booths! The place was packed so I wasn't able to try out their free makeovers, but I saw a lot of people enjoying! :)

free makeover, hair color and nail art! bongga.










NYX - my personal fave!

 people swear by their eye products! haven't tried this yet. soon!
 it was nice seeing you dolls! with Rhea, Ana and Bestie :)

Thank you SM Beauty Store for these! :) (photo from Ana)

Drop by the nearest SM Store for your makeup & beauty haul! While we're at it, maybe you could also tell me your favorite beauty products and maybe some beauty tips? Share!:) Labyoooo!

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