Labor Day Weekend at Punta Del Este

Catching up on blog posts this weekend! Have no work (no ASAP), so I'm gonna spend my free time blogging, bonding with my family and of course, lumovelife. Haha! I often work during weekends kaya lubusin na. I wanna go on a road trip! I have 1 million plans na I'm sure mga 2 pcs. lang matutuloy. Haha. I'll also be scouting for a new laptop tomorrow with my sister (my financer hihi) bilang you all know how my current one's naghihingalo na. Time to retire! 

Anyway, this one's another overdue post. Spent my labor day weekend at Punta Del Este, Puerto Galera, Mindoro with the fam! Booked an overnight stay via Deal Grocer. Sulit na din for P14k for 8 people and then P800 per person for every additional. It includes transfers, buffet dinner and breakfast, plus manangs and manongs to take care of the cooking and cleaning and everythaaaang. Here are photos from our family trip starting with my outfit!

Highfive Brands cropped top, From SG jumper, Zara plaid top, Avon sunglasses, Axis watch, Payless sneakers

My version of laid back cool. Pauso. Haha! Love this cropped statement top from Highfive Brands! So cute noh? Paired it with my denim jumper para not so mahalay. Since it's cold inside the bus, I also brought with me my favorite plaid top which I got on sale from Zara last year. That's all.

Here are more photos with kwentos! Plus, some tips on how to get there;)
We rode a bus (ALPS) going to Batangas Pier. Bus station is in Cubao, in front of Alimall and behind Shopwise!

 The boys!

We went there at around 10am. Wrong move. Haha! We waited for more than 30 minutes for the bus. I think we left Cubao na 11:30pm. I suggest you come early since they don't allow early reservations... first come, first served basis sila. Fare is at around P175 for a one way ticket per person. 

 Pagod ang lil bro. Haha!

We arrived at the Batangas port after almost 2 hours on the road. 

We walked inside and was greeted by Kuya Gerald who assisted us in getting boat tickets. Legit naman sha in fairness. No hassle na, he took care of us hanggang pagsakay ng boat. Taray ng customer service ni kuya. If you're going to Punta Del Este, buy tickets from Minolo Shipping Lines.;) It's at P250 each, one way.

Waiting area. Lakas maka airport, kulang lang ng 3 paligo. Haha.

Waiting for boarding. Almost everyone was headed to the White Beach. We, on the other hand, was headed to MUELLE (pronounced as mulye).  

 Our bangka, banca, banqa, banka! The Eagle-G! Naks.

 saya saya nila noh?

 The boat was not very comfortable. Super cramped...and hot! Muntik na din ako mag tantrums 'coz we waited pa for 20 minutes before the crew arrived and before we left! Imagine, it was super hot and I was 5 boat sways away from throwing up. 

 We arrived at Muelle after an hour and paid P50 each for the Environmental Fee

 Our service from the pier to PDE's Sarimanok Villa!

Too much feels daw, too much emotions sa ganda here. Haha!

 love the pool area, so maaliwalas!

 Glass all over, 360 degrees the view! Love it!

 One of the rooms outside which my sister obviously loved and occupied! Dibs daw sha eeeh

 The beds

 it's spacious!

 Room #2

 CR was okay

 Kathniel oh. Haha!

 Beautiful house

 Room #3: Inside the house with doors leading to pool area.

 Kitchen with 2 Manangs who took care of us during our stay! Thanks for feeding us po!:)


 Tambayan outside by the pool

 My cool cousin, Pat!

 Pacute nalang 'coz I suddenly got my period! Pag minamalas ka nga naman. Same thing happened to me in Boracay db. Wag na daw kasi ako mag bikini sabi ng secretary ni Lord haha.

happy kids

 Our free dinner-- Sinigang and Chicken barbecue! Yum.

laughtrip 24/7 

 Room #4: inside house with big CR:)

 ito ang tamaaaa...

 feeling artsy.

Went back to basics... sungka!!! Kamiss!

we so weird..always. 

The next day, we decided to explore the beach!
Mejo effort lang going down..lalo na going up! 

 Beach was private. Didn't swim na 'coz mejo mabato. 

 with my sis! 

 the serial photobomber while doing fake push-ups. Lol.

 sexyyy backkkk

Huli ka girl! #selfiehits

Lakas maka Game of Thrones this chair! Wtf am I holding? Coaster ata to eh. Haha.

 Game of Thrones din daw sha. Silip silip ng lupain. Lol.



Decided to take a dip for just an hour. Sayang naman kasi my new swimsuit from TRIANGL SWIMWEAR (straight from Australia!) if I won't be able to use and flaunt it! It's so pretty and amazing, it's now my new favorite. I really  love the material, neoprene, 'coz it dries easily! No hassle. And the fit! It's just perfect. It's super flattering sa body.

I love the neon orange bottom ha. In fairness, it worked sa color ko!:) Shop this pair and other designs too at http://international.triangl.com/

Before leaving, I decided to explore the other villa, Kasbah Remo. We were supposed to stay here (coz they had more rooms), but my Mom and Sis chose Sarimanok 'coz for them it's more "maaliwalas". This one's more spacious though!

 infinity-ish pool! 

 Room #1

 Room #2


 Room #3

 with huge bathroom!

 Room #4

 Room #5 

Wasn't able to stay longer because our service came na. It was an amazing vacation still!:) Shayla, the manager, was there all throughout our stay (she stayed in a separate area) and took good care of us! We were also able to say hi to the gracious owner. The place was so homey and the staff/management were all nice and wonderful. I would definitely go back and try naman Kasbah Remo next time! Great place, great service. Super worth it. Leaving was bittersweet!

 View from the window of our 3pm (last trip) boat. Sosyal.

Upon arrival at Batangas Pier, we headed straight to the bus terminal. Mejo hassle lang 'coz we had to wait again for 30 minutes for a Cubao bus.  

happy kahit hulas.

It was a super long ride home but kiber na. We were all on a high naman from this very memorable trip! Sa uulitin!:) 

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  1. Love your outfits, the swimsuit, and yer sexy bodeh!! Gawdddd <3

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  2. Sulit yung price with the view and the place you stayed in. And of course, the people you were with made it more priceless :)

  3. i really love your outfits here, even the swimsuit :)

    i enjoy reading your travel posts Ms. Ais, really informative and useful!
    i'll share this with my family :)

    czarina :)

  4. thanks sharing! good post!


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